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  1. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Burger is hiding again. :search:

    An easy one this time, I am sure you will find me without much effort. :D

    Erach, Phoenix and Stratos, as previous winners please relax for this one - let's see who else can find me. If for some bizarre reason nobody finds me, then I'll open it up to you three. :o

    VU8.11 allows for higher resolutions in EU. I set my monitor to max resolution, zoomed out and took some screenshots.

    Attached is a screenshot, with a grid. Post the square you think I am standing in, example A-1.

    First correct post here wins a LifeScannerII. This is my scanner of choice, for scanning mobs to view how tough they are, or humans to view their stats, or learn what type of clothing, armour or weapons they are displaying. A good range and reasonable decay make it a useful little scanner.

    Only ONE answer per person please.

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  2. Really nice picture :)
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  3. can't be anywhere else but in b7
    I'm sorry for replying that fast ;)

    are these images 'native', or did you somehow edit them? (except for those lines)
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  4. Doh! too slow. I thought I saw you at b7 too.
    I will say D-2 as you might be hiding behind that tree!
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  5. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    The images are simply screenshots, with the grid overlaid on them, and resized/cropped down to a smaller picture and filesize suitable to post here. There is no trickery in them, and I try not to hide behind anything like trees etc. The choice of clothes colours and being zoomed out to maximum view hopefully keeps me hidden for a little while. Of course this is mostly just a fun contest, the avatar is usually clearly seen after a little bit of scrutiny.

    Congratulations Dolera for the correct answer B-7. :ok:

    I've sent you a message regarding meeting times to collect your LifeScannerII.

    Thankyou and +rep from me to all those who posted here. ;-)

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  6. thanks for the scanner, and a +rep for these nice puzzles!

    Ah, you make the screenshots at a way higher resolution. That explains why your ava is so small :)
    Seems that max zoom is determined by your avatar height in pixels.
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