High Stakes Saturday!

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    Highest Single Loot Wins

    Guaranteed prizes regardless of how many people enter.
    1st place: 200ped + Bonus
    2nd place: 100ped + Bonus
    3rd place: 100ped + Bonus
    Most Globals: 0ped + Bonus

    For every registration beyond the first 6 (so starting on the 7th participant not counting myself) 100% of ticket fees will be added to the bonus.
    For each ticket beyond 6,
    40ped will be added to 1st place
    10ped will be added to 2nd place
    10ped will be added to 3rd place
    40ped will be added to Most Globals

    As an additional Bonus 75ped will be added IF the person who gets Most Globals also wins 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

    Example 1:
    10 people register
    7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th registrations add a total of 400ped to the Bonus and payout looks like this,
    1st place = 360ped
    2nd place = 140ped
    3rd place = 140ped
    Most Globals = 160ped
    (if 1st place also got most globals then 75ped added would be 360+160+75 = 595ped)

    Example 2:
    15 people register
    That would be 900ped added to the bonus and pay out would look like this,
    1st place = 560ped
    2nd place = 190ped
    3rd place = 190ped
    Most Globals = 360ped
    (if 1st place also got most globals then 75ped added would be 560+360+75 = 995ped)

    Ticket price: 100ped
    Saturday April 19th 20:00 - 22:00MA Time
    Sunday April 20th 02:00 - 04:00MA Time

    Events take place on OLA39 South West of Aukmul TP
    Atrox/Atrax up to Alpha
    Hunt-able in any low-mid lvl armor so definitely not exclusive to high skills, anyone can participate. (shogun, gremlin, Viceroy, Jarhead, etc..)

    (if you prefer less risk in your gaming, please see my other thread, http://www.entropiaplanets.com/threads/daily-events-for-europe-and-america.11515/ )
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    Just under 3hrs till the first High Stakes event!
    Tell your friends, tell your soc [​IMG] the more that come the bigger the prizes!
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