Hispidus Maturity Change ?

Discussion in 'Deathifier' started by LightStar, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. LightStar

    LightStar LightStar

    Will there be any change in the Maturity on the Hispidus in the future ?
    Only young ones now ... and it's pain hunting them with only 1 dna and respawn when they die in a few shots ..

    Also as they have dropped UL melee weapons resently it would be nice to see a maturity raise and see if it is possible to grab some more nice UL items off them.

    And if you still got the Phasm LA, i would be nice to make a test with some big ones to !
  2. No plans to change either maturity - Hisp were set up high, then mid, for a while some time ago and the result wasn't very good. So those are now locked at young.

    As for Phasm is there any reason beyond just testing it out for changing their maturity?

    - Deathifier
  3. LightStar

    LightStar LightStar

    To bad about the Hisp. The last maturity change on the Hispidus if i remember correctly was set to max (stalkers). At that time i think there wasn't enough avtars who could take them down easily. Now we have L wepaons, L armours, tiering etc, more medium skilled hunters then before. There should be alot more hunters to take them down.
    Although stalkers might be though, but medium Hisp like Domi-Alpha i don't think there will be any problem for the medium class hunters to bring down.

    The Phasm, i don't think i have killed anything above Old in my EU existence (started nov 2005). If you look at Scipulors for example, there is a break between Guardian & Domi on the L items drop Young-Guard HL8 and Domi - Above HL11 as well as some armour drops. So it might be interesting to see if Phasm could drop som interesting items in higher maturity.
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