Holland NU looking for new Dutch speaking members

Discussion in 'Afterworld' started by madseend, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. Holland NU is looking for new dutch speaking members .

    As a society actively operating in PE now known as EU our roots go back a few years allready. After playing a couple of years some of us found gaming fun was heavily decreased by the return rate in EU. Most of you probably know if you played it. We started to look for other games and Afterworld seemed the right one. Now it's become seemingly more promissing..

    Some of us started to play and play, oh yeah and play some more . We created our own Holland Nu in Afterworld and started skilling like madmen. A good society starts out with well skilled players working together to get better and better and that's where our strengths are revealed. Help's only one question away at all times and exchanging goods to eachother's benefit only natural.

    We don't have the numbers over quallity attitude and quallity isn't nescessarilly about skills. Being one of ours starts with respect and activity, the rest comes after that. We welcome whoever speaks dutch no matter origin, religion, male or female. However being 18+ is our rule!

    So if you want a nice fun, active and skilled society, most Belgium and Dutch, who will help you contact me here or just one off our members ingame.
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