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    Hi, just wanted to tell for any player who thought buying a house or shop here on Next Island.

    Do not do it ... yet!

    It is impossible to put a few things / furniture in them
    for about six months it worked but now something has happened in the game.

    Have been in contact with support since several months back but nothing happens, and now support case closed!

    Boring with a support dialogue with the hope that the matter be forgotten or. It becomes a bit difficult to want to invest any ped in the game where things do not work or support do not do anything about it.

    It's frustrating not being able to do something about it and have a emty house, so Meg can you help to check this support case?

    I have also checked up all the houses around Crystal Bay and no house works.
    And if you already have things in your house do not pick out anything you can not put it back.

    My support case:

    History for support case 197148:

    2011-09-26 16:40 You wrote:


    I hava a etate in Next Island, Crystal Resort Beach Lodge 2F. Estate area 550.

    I can not place anything inside the display area now.I could do it earlier.

    The info at the estate is.

    Item point indors / max 0 / 150
    Item point display area 0 / 0
    Item point in additional area 0 / 16

    Sr. Torzman
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