How to unlock Blueprint Comprehension.

Discussion in 'Professions and Skills' started by itto, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. To unlock BC is all Crafters first goal!
    Here is a little tips on how to do that:

    until you have unlocked the BC skill i suggest you stay on crafting Mech, Elec or Metal but focus on one of them!
    BC is effecting all kind of Crafting and as long as you havn't got it, you haven't got much of a chance succeeding in crafting
  2. i might add:

    Keeping the slider on quantity will give you a better overall chance of success, but less skills and initial QR increases will be smaller.
    If you take the slider all the way to Quality, your sucess rate drops, but you will get more items per success.
    So, if your more worried about skills rather than return, put the slider on Quality.
    Then you'll get more per success and every once in awhile, will get much more than you should. If your worried about return, stick to quantity, as you'll get more items, but skill gains probably won't be as much.

    I usually switch from Quantity to Quality when I reach 0.90 QR on a Bp
  3. Having a hard time with this

    Yup - Have tried this out but I don't think I'm doing it right.
    After about 300 PED of material I've reached only 85 on Manu Mech. :(

    I must admit I haven't put the slider past half way for fear of losing a huge amount of return - should I just go for it on 'Quality' and see what happens?
  4. Well my first question has to be: What are you trying to Craft?
    and second where do you buy your material ? :-k

    300 is not much for crafting im afraid! But if they are spent wisely you will build up some skills while you spend them :)
  5. There must be more secrects about skillgaining at the crafters site.
    Last time i did the 10k dampers test and gained only 79MME , curios the engeneering gain was 2 more than MME.
    so there must be more avatar related secrets to gain skills.

    The slider test gives no hint what to do right.
    At condition the ROI was << 10% and no difference in skillgain to notice.
    At quantity the ROI was most between 60 and 90%.

    The BP QR gained from 66 to 71 at this test .

    So it may be its very different from ppl to ppl .
  6. I've gained 215 in Manu Mech after 12k clicks and have pretty much broken even PEDwise. I go 2000 oil/lyst at a time and those have a TT value of 100 PEDs and that is about what I get in filters and residue each round with the slider set at Quantity.

    I could sell those resources for nore than 100 PED but then I wouldnt be getting any skills gain.
  7. Well Secrets and Secrets ;)
    You will gain Electrics, Mechanics from Scanning Robots
    And Crafting is most likely depending on some other skills too, like intelligence

    As i dont know your current level of skill its hard to tell if you should expect getting more skills from doing dampers
    But if you notice that the BP no longer gives you the amount of skills you used to get you might gotten to skilled for that BP and its time to move up
  8. Im not quite sure i follow you here..
    Do you say that efter put in 2k of lyst & oil you get about that value back in Filters and Residue ? ...well if thats the case i would be dancing if i were you :D

    The crafter career is extremely long (start to sounds like a mantra now) and 12k of clicks is just a drop in the Misisippi River (i run 1-2k clicks every day and have so done for months and im still nowhere near getting skilled)

    So my advice to you (and Stratos) either you get yourself some scanners and go scan Robots and try to hook up with miners and co-buy large quantitys of material to keep prices low.
    else let go of crafting for now until you have more skills and have your business running abit smoother
  9. Yes, I start with 2000 each oil and lyst (TT value of 100 PEDS). I usually end up with a few oils left over but the PED ammount of filters and residue I end up with are as follows: 125, 96, 106, 110, 105, 99, and 102.
  10. Well I would say thats good, it gives you an avg return on 6% profit \\:D/
    In general the return is in between 80-120% (not counting Hof's and items that might have high market values)

    So as long as you get resonable amounts of skills from crafting filters, stay on them
    But you will see that the skills will fade off as your Engineer skill improves, usually when Eng reaches 3-400 you dont get much skills anymore
    Then then most crafters switch to lvl3 Std Dampers (also lyst & Oil) to continue skilling.

    When you reach the lever "QualifiedConstructor" (Mech+MMech/2=1k) you will unlock the Blueprint Comprehension skill after that you can craft anthing you like with some resonable CoS
    I assure you that skill makes a difference!
  11. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Thanks for sharing this info Itto.
    It is great to see that the skills do make a difference as you gain them. Makes the future ingame seem more and more interesting :-) ( and profitable ;-) )
  12. I would be very careful with the word "profitable" here :rotfl:
  13. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Hopefully potentially profitable then. hehehe
  14. Itto - I've been cratfing mainly filters, and whatever other lvl 1 BP's I have had the material available for.

    Mainly getting materials from my partner who has been starting out mining and hit a few middling lyst and oil deposits.

    I tried a few K clicks on 'Quality' and I admit things were better, I had a nice return of 850 on one click and generally skills seem to have risen a little quicker.

    I'm going to stick with it for a while with filters, I'm up to about 75 QR now so I probably left it far too long before sliding up.

    I'll let you guys know how I got on!

  15. Looking forward to hear more about that Phunk
  16. My Manu Mech just hit 700 so hopefully I'm half-way there!
  17. Interesting,

    I have a real life friend who plays PE (he is the one who got me to try it out).

    He has been complaining about not getting enough engineering skills from crafting filters, and from reading this topic it sounds like the issue is that he is at the place where he needs to move to the dampers.

    Is it acceptable for me to tell him that, even though he is in a different society?

    I won't if you say I can't, but I believe it would make him much happier with the game.
  18. LOL, this is not secret information. Please feel free to share it with your friends.

    I changed to dampers with a Manu Mech of 500. I would suggest a little higher than that as my succress rate then was very bad for a while.
  19. OfCourse you can Raven ;)
  20. Ok thanks :)
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