I feel like a rich Excentric Entropian Distant Uncle has just died

Discussion in 'Professions and Skills' started by TotalTwist, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. TotalTwist

    TotalTwist News Reporter

    Well, today I was going through my mailbox today, disoreiented, cold and hungry with actually no decent emails what so ever. A few youtube messages, a few mysapce, facebook.... Those sort of things. When low and behold I get the fancy to check the 130 some emails in my spam box. What do I find? A few emails from Entropia!

    Some were for the support cases I filed and that is odd as I normally do not have spam filters on for mail from MA. So I go through some more and find a very dusty old email. It was covered in Christmas wrapping paper and wreeked of gingerbread cookies. As I blew off the dusty, the title revealed a mundane topic.

    "Message from Entropia Support"

    It still perked my interest and so I opened it. At first I thought it was just them telling me that they were planning for the big VU change and what not, but OH NO! There was more.

    The email reads as follows


    In a Version Update scheduled for release next week, the new Deer mall in New Oxford will be opened. In this mall, we have reserved a shop for you as a replacement for the old shop you had in Thorkell's Tomb that we repurchased in February 2007. The new shop that we have reserved for you is Deer Mall Floor 1, Shop 5.

    When the mall is available, take a moment to explore the mall and the reserved shop. If you wish to accept the new shop, please make sure that you have a PED amount available on your PED Card that covers the purchase price of your old shop. The purchase price of your old shop was xxxx PED.

    When the purchase price PEDs are available, get back to us and we will subtract the amount from your PED Card and transfer the Estate Deed of the new shop to your inventory. The shop will then belong to you and you may start using it.

    If you do not wish to accept the shop, please note that the previous repurchase offer in regards to the Thorkell's Tomb shop will be forfeited.
    Please contact us in a Support Case with your final decision before February 1st, 2010.

    We wish you a nice weekend.

    Kind regards,
    Entropia Universe Support

    :lolup: I have been waiting I think 3 years for this. I think I bought this shop originally back when Sob won the "He-Man" competition. That was in 2007.

    I am so glad I looked through my freaking spam box before February. However I cannot for the life of me remember the site that had all the names of the people who bought one of these shops. However if you guys are reading this... CHECK YOUR SPAM!
  2. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    wow ... MA pulled out their ... heh ... pencils .. anyway, good to see a reply FINALY! And GOOD YOU POST THIS. Damn ... :lolup:
  3. TotalTwist

    TotalTwist News Reporter

    I know! I have everything ready and now am just waiting for them to pop out the deed for me.

    Does anyone know the people who bought the shops? They should be told.
  4. TotalTwist

    TotalTwist News Reporter

  5. Moonfish

    Moonfish Ice Cream for crow

    It leaves me dry

    Its a mess......

    I didn't realize till just after Christmas what they were doing - I was under the illusion they were fixing it all until I took a closer look at what they were doing.

    I was offered zero peds for my 20-30K shop - the shop was the cheapest shop 20ped a month with the highest item points 180 others had 150 or so,

    The shop was the best valued shop in the game - 20ped a month was huge and was loved...

    I looked deeper at what MA was doing and it was bordering on criminal.

    I've been mad as hell and well quite frankly astonished at the way they do things - I would never deposit or trust these people again. After my skam of the hanger I managed to find my face and get over it - possibly loosing $10,000 at todays value - but now they want the rest of what I have. I am completely fucked off and Eu will be forgotten and never mentioned in RL again.......

    I'm getting out of this casino.. Will post my inventory later.

    I wish you all well on your journey, This is not a game - its a constant support nightmare - no fun and far too expensive....
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  6. Why am I not surprised?


    * HUGGLES *


    I was not quite so smacked by the whole shop thing except for the downtime -.- My new shop is quite fab except for the item count
  7. Moonfish

    Moonfish Ice Cream for crow

    What a sinking mess & why....

    Havernt MA replaced your original small shop with a large shop - and the opposit to me and possibly others - so you get a positive - but others get a negative.

    Now i see the rents have gone up - you will have to pay 100 a month for 150 points - but I get a small shop with 180 points and pay 50p a month.:deal:

    These people really dont know what there doing - imagin 5-10 other planets with problems - They carnt even replace a simple thing such as this.

    Looks to me that marco has to ask MA all the time to do things - FPC doesnt have any staff - its just another desk on the same office floor.

    Will other planets have to ask MA everytime they need to make a decision and will support have to cope with an every incressing number of support tickets from different planets with different problems. God help us all...

    Marco apparently sold Buzz a Million ped Space station + 4 LA's - thats 2 million ped right, + merry mayhem - so they should be able to balance there books now - selling Virtual things worth 1 cent for $300,000 is quite an achievement - But they muddle and conspire to not give us or pay us for the estates we had - and now we find they have put up the rents all laid out in advance - the support new the rent but it was forgotten to be told to the estate owners - who own the property and paid real $ for.

    What a mess this is and all for one reason - to take or reduce the value or the money we have in the game. They are trying to decay us + charge more at the same time. Why else would they concoct a mess from a simple thing.

  8. TotalTwist

    TotalTwist News Reporter

    :banghead:I honestly think the Shop owners at NO need a Union. We need to actually band together and not let them do this.

    I am tired of being dicked around about this one shop!
  9. when I found out about that from that forum post I just about pop my top then I remember my health and had to go away from computer to cool off. I furious about this treatment
  10. I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!

    Reply from support
  11. TotalTwist

    TotalTwist News Reporter


    They still havent replied to me though :/
  12. I have had no reply either yet - They said they would reply on monday.

    Nice Kitten, I'm pleased for you - You have 1 large shop now... in place of your small one. This is such a mess, The shop offered to me is a small shop with a large shop stats.

    Max guests: 50
    Item points: 180
    Fee: 20

    So they just swapped the shops about - large shops are now small and small shops large - what the hell is the point in all this.

    I had that shop for 4 years - we did events in the caves, we had parties, we were residents, paying the rent and looking to a future - Now, for no particular reason they mess it up and then make it all complicated, creating a negative atmosphere, poor reputation, frustration, unnessarry turn around decisions, what a stupid waste of time.

    I'm also sick of whining on about it - but people wouldn't find out what's going on if we didn't - The rent thing was altered, looks to me because someone noticed - as it was policy that the rent was higher.

    Please keep checking the thread below, it is hoped they will eventually put all to right - I havernt had any of my problems addressed yet - its all been, yes were looking into it.

    The items points - shouldn't of been a mess
    The rent shouldn't of been a mess
    Allocating small shops to players with large shops - is not just.
    The trade back idea works well for the tomb shops as they were never sold or traded - but for the other shops this doesn't fit.
    The length of time the Tomb shops were missing is terrible, I didn't realize your plight, 3 years is ridiculous - that level of frustration must of been extremely unpleasant.

    rant over
  13. I only have one shop? I used to have a booth which was traded for the shop.

    Only bad part so far is I am all alone upstairs O.o the only other claimed shops up there are both own by lady hawke and I dont remember her two shops ever being opened just sit on investments I think.
  14. Moonfish

    Moonfish Ice Cream for crow

    Good Luck

    Are Sorry Kitten,

    Was for some reason getting you & Trance mixed up - I amend my post....

    Good Luck
  15. hello neighbours, just to drop by and saay hello, my shop just open, is on the second floor shop # 12, :wave:
  16. Good Luck

    No worries ^.^ I think I got a bigger one because of how long we had the shop and keep it active but who knows how they did those picking I have no clue.

    and hihi back 2nd floor neighbor XD
  17. TotalTwist

    TotalTwist News Reporter

    I am not entirely certain why they are doing this to us to be honest. 3 years. 3 years and the best they can do is a back handed upgrade that was never asked for.

    They are penalising active shopowners. These people are trying to use these shops and yet the current decisions are driving people out of these malls. They are actually inviting resellers to buy these shops and hold them until someone who really wants to buy them, does. Only then to find the shops are not sustainable really. The majority of shops in game are run for fun, and not for profit. Its sad really to see people then have to close the shops down because they cannot afford the rent every month. Then try to sell the shops themselves for a profit or to atleast break even... starting a sad unending cycle of poor EU economy and empty mall shops.

    I would rather prefer my stats to go back to what they originally were. I accept MA's only compensation for my loyal waiting and depositing TWICE for the same shop, is a better location. This all just makes me sad and not ashamed to say cry out of feeling just defeat.
  18. I am so very disappointed in mindark for doing this to thorkel shop owners. And I even felt guilty for having my shop work out so super well.

    * huggles to twister *

    I really want this mall to be a great success with many happy shops with their nice items in and out of the way place like it is.

    hopefully this cost is fixed or something MAJOR happens in oxford to make it a center for new players and old to make it worth all this.

    Feeling sad over this

  19. Ozi

    Ozi Planet Arkadia - CEO

    So sorry to hear of everyone being messed around like this. I hope to hear that things work out fairly for everyone. I think well populated malls are such a cool part of Entropia. One of the first things many noobs do is go wandering around the malls. I remember going through the tomb shops in my first week, buying a few bits of pixie armour. It all added to the sense of wonderment that EU was a world of possibilities.

    I still think the Auction system should be limited so not all items are sold there (increasing usefulness of shops) and I'd like to see shop owners have the ability to bundle items into packages (ie armour sets, weapon and amp combo's, clothing sets etc) which would add alot more value to shops.

    I'm still positive for the future....but I hate seeing people treated unfairly like this.
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  20. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    definately, for me this is one crucial factor that kills the pretence of a real economy, as there the "state" effectivly kills any possible competition in trading. Auction should be limit to stackable materials, or only allow 1 ped SB on items. As it is the auction is a giant, access anywhere shop and shops serve little purpose.
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