I recently came to NI...

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by Wiskey-Girl, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. I recently visited Next Island and the scenerie is amazing but noticed that a lot of the free equipment in Arrivals Ally is not active the NPC's are there with titles but that's it anyway a Soc mate told me they might have took them out idk but I plan to come back soon good job DEV team its beautiful ....
  2. Do you start with stepping on the new-arrival platform (green teleport-like thing that gives the settler suit) in the backyard of crystal center? Not sure but maybe other starting NPCs don't talk before that.
  3. I was already on NI when the Arrival Alley NPCs were put in and I don't remember having to step on the arrivals portal to activate them. Since its been nearly a year since NI has had an active Dev team though, there's been nobody to check they work after each update, so they may be broken. Hope not.
  4. well ill stop by again later I hope they can get it up and running again I really want to explore NI some more......
  5. theres a bunch of npc's from a test server that accidently got put in game and none of them have any dialog.

    The npc's in arival alley do not all seem to be working anymore but the missions seem to still be doable

    some of the old free items seem to have been removed as some ppl I helped on NI did not get some items
  6. ok ty for the info kitten one of my soc mates thought it was something like that:)
  7. what is really interesting is the line of NPC's a few of them are from a time destination which did not make it into game yet. You can even see the new clothes on them that were being designed :o

    Ancient China
  8. damn so really, is the planet being updated at all? I do hope to visit Next Island. I'd hate to think of it as totally desolate though. Is there any Next Island population that started there and were raised there?
  9. Yes, I'm an NI native and I'm still there, but I'm not on much atm - both those will probably change when Toulan is released.

    Unfortunately I've seen no sign of development since the staff were let go in July 2012. There are downloads but they're probably just to keep NI up to date with the overall EU development. :(
  10. that's fairly disappointing. Who owns the planet? I heard Neverdie is/was involved.
  11. As I understand it, Neverdie studios were brought in to build NI and AG, but it's owned by NextIsland LLC, which is owned by David Post.
  12. excellent, thanks for the info, Sylver ^^b
  13. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Wow people are still there, I agree its a lovely place. I thought it was great. I feel sorry for any settlers there though, it must feel like a ghost town now...
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