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Discussion in 'Entropia Community' started by RAZER, Dec 22, 2011.

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    indeed Ewok, I usually gt bored of a game pretty fast and some how I got stuck on this one.
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    Part of the reason I asked was cause I remember fondly the CND drops. There were SO many people coming in for those few days MA were dropping them at atlas haven and all over. What was interesting though was that generally they were in small numbers and so they formed these sorta small self help groups, forming gangs and trying to do TP runs together, helping each other out and sharing information. It meant people had this instant sense of camaraderie and its the social aspect/interaction with others + making friends which I think is the sticking point of MMOGs, the thing that makes them different from other games.

    I've never seen anything like that happen in game since or before. A real air of exploration and adventure about everyone. The existing players could help out too by running round helping folks do TP runs or navigate or just passing out information. I really do have fond memories of that time.

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    I think you are going slightly over the top there to say it doesn't even slightly resemble the old planet. It does and there is always the old adage "Project Entropia is Dynamic" ,-) I would say though, even if they couldn't put back in some of the "old charm" initially, they have had plenty of time to do it now. I guess the failed planet sale doesn't help. I really hope someone can pick it up eventually. I know I'll be shot for saying this but I'd actually not mind seeing ND in charge. haha I just like the guys imagination. Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't want him to have Calypso over RT but if he had BOTH that would be ok. He could put the wacky weird imaginative stuff on RT and restore Calypso to its scifi roots. I wouldn't mind seeing MArco back really as I'd like to hope he still has some love for the place and its story (they did do quite a comprehensive re-write for example not that long back) 0 ho hum... who knows what Calypso's story holds for the future.... all I hope is that it is SOMETHING!

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    oh yeh - I may have got my directions wrong. I remember hills but yeh... haha yeh I remember the guys fapping with diripi's.

    Someone once said "armour is a crutch" and that one should skill in fapping. have to say this never really appealed to me till these later years. Mainly cause theres a nice progression path now thanks to UL Faps.

    Still want MA to do physics right so we can play football with the FAP's... they should SO do it. Would be a world first and very newsworthy especially with football being such a big thing worldwide

  5. Hi,

    Yes, this was when I came down, materializing in old Atlas Haven. Absolutely crazy, you'd find sweating groups all over the continent, there was so many newcomers that they spawned in close to any town. And found each other while exploring, and got help by seasoned players.

    It was possible back then to sweat mobs that couldn't reach you, it just was necessary that the mob didn't get "stuck" - as soon as it couldn't move anymore it would die quickly. So some sweat groups was far away from any revival, every suitable spot for safe sweating was used, and doing TP runs you would find some groups of green dots in the most remote locations - and as soon as you'd enter radar, you'd get hailed, cheered and invited to join the fun.

    This was an awesome age, and this was what caught me for this game. The feeling of comradeship, friendliness, adventure all over the place. I've never seen anything like this after. Well, nothing lives forever :/
    The most similar I have seen until now is the feeling on Arkadia.

    Well, I cannot help to see it this way, at least for Eudoria. There's nothing left, it's a completely new map, just with the same mobs and town names, randomly attached to certain areas. And some very few elements from before, like the Zychion ruins.

    I cannot help but thinking that they just forgot to assign the task to recreate the map when working on the CE2, and then, finally, had the computer generate a random map that they printed out, attached it to an office wall, and then threw darts:
    "Next dart, Zychion!", "Next dart, Atrax spawn!", "Next dart, PA!" ...

    I'd not mind if they just wouldn't care about anymore. This train has left the station, IMHO. They'd better - well, what? This:
    Finding a new planet partner, independent of MA, for Calypso, would be the most beneficial possibility for the game, IMHO.
    But I doubt they even think of - Calypso shares anybody?

    Oh oh, sparsely dressed mission NPC's, Atrox with boobs, CAPS ALL OVER THE PLACE and such? ;-))))

    Have a good time!

    Edit: A typo - Eeeeekkkkk!!!!
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    hehe I like the response! I'm glad also I wasn't the only one who thought the time of the CND drops was great. I really liked you post.

    Also LOVE the idea of the map being done by throwing darts! Maybe the Coastline was done blindfolded and after spinning round several times too ;)

    Agreed that someone needs to pick up Calypso. I don't mind ND and his boob girls too much. Its so blatant it becomes funny. I don't think he'd do that with Calypso though certainly as long as he still had RT to be imaginative with. Think he'd respect the scifi story
  7. Hi,

    Nor do I, I even hold my thumbs for him & RT. Nobody forces me to go to there.

    My best wishes to RT not only because another PP crashing would hurt EU beyond repair, more because I see RT as very important for the whole EU - it shall collect & hold all these booby fanatical juveniles, and thus save the other EU from the pain to endure those ...

    Let 'em have their fun there, so they'd not bother me here ;-)))

    Disclaimer: I no way I mean to diss any RT inhabitant! I'm very sure all of you are serious, honorable Entropians, and it's just "these others", these few testosterone loaded brats that I talked about :)

    To be honest, in my book he has hurt itself too much already. ND was once iconic for PE/ EU, but meanwhile has ways too many corpses in his basement to get accepted. This wouldn't do any good, IMHO.
    He has lost his integrity, he has shown to be not-this-good as a planet partner, he should concentrate on his remaining RT, and do his best to keep this alive & kicking, IMHO.

    As PP for Caly he'd meet a lot of refusal and mistrust, alone this would hurt Calypso, and thus EU. Would I be MA, I'd think of broadening the land deed thingie and sell Caly fully to the players with an extended share system - there was a proposal about this already, some time ago.

    But it should be made clear that Calypso then is again just 1 planet among others - the current situation where Caly is handled by the platform provider is the worst possibility ever, even ND as Caly PP would be better. IMHO, again.

    Have a good time!

    PS: OMG, IMHO overload ...
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