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  1. We still don't know how it will work, only that it will need crystals and it's "something we have to figure out by ourselves" as ND is quoted to have said.

    I find it very interesting though, that no-one has spoken about the implications of that. We can't take back to the past our modern weapons "as not to disrupt history". So... need for new skills. Clubber skills, dagger and sword skills... Melee combat gets a bigger value, and the first signs of a well thought out economy already shine:

    In order to go and hunt in ancient Greece, we'll need NI's weapons, some looted, some obviously soon to come crafted, sustaining the planet's economy without funds going to other planets.

    New players starting here will be way more prepared for the challenges, having skilled from the beginning in melee skills. Things will be even more interesting if they add a club on the TT...

    Negative things that i can see if it really works like this, is low calypso player retention. But keeping in mind that MA wants every planet sustainable without "leaching" from other partners incomes, and having as a given the approach to Facebook type users and the advertising, maybe we shouldn't really care.

  2. Lee

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    Agree completely, it has been said over and over that Next Island is not aiming for the existing Calypso player base. They can come and play of course, but each planet partner has as a part of the agreement to market and find it's own players, and Next Island's owner has described the players he is looking for. Those are casual gamers, or super casual gamers, the people who play second life, farmville, and women gamers etc have all been mentioned. I've noticed that part of the issues lately are that NI isn't really communicating very much with Calypso players, they get angry about that sure, not really even much going on here for now, but then for now the people on next island mostly are calypso players in the beta stage of the planet aren't they? However, NI is very active on social networks, regular and frequent links and info etc, they are looking for that audience. If those who play from calypso are interested, they will learn about NI news on FB or Twitter more than anywhere else right now, they have a social networking manager who is also an admin here, but I don't expect to see much here until they go all out in the pr blitz (not what has been so far, which is still a lot) and the game officially fully opens in January. It is a new ball game, and there will be more playing fields coming online in the next year as well. I'm enjoying NI as it is now, growing, and yes, we can if we want to make the economy work here and be independant of Calypso or any other planet, as it should be and will have to be in future I think.

    ...and yes, I for one need to get to work on those melee skills that I neglected on Calypso ;)
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    I like the fact melee will get a bigger role since its been my main profession for long periods, closing 10k in longblade :). However If I cant bring my armor and sword (UL Niflheim & Chronicle armor) I wont go there, since there no potential benefit for me to invest in new gear on another planet when I alread have UL gear that I can use on many other places. I understand the balancing problem if gears could be brought but still the bottomline is it will make the new places unattractive to potential hardcore players (which also acts as free markering for the new mobs etc when discovering new items and filling up the Hall of Fame lists)
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    Mice, none of us will really know until time travel is opened I guess, but my speculation from all I've seen now and read is that it will only be certain time travel destinations where some equip won't be 'usable' or 'effective'. For example, if you go back in time your high powered rifle may not function, as it was not invented back then. You can maybe take all of your gear with you and use maybe armour etc, just not some weapons in that particular zone. Clearly once there there will be missions and ways of getting gear that is specific to that zone (as it was mentioned you can then go back and show off what you got at the Time Travelers Bar lol). Then again, if you go to a 'future' destination, you may be able to use most of your gear, yet maybe it won't be as efficient as what you can get there. We are already getting weapon drops that seem to relate to specific time areas, and they say they can't be used in on 'this planet'. I've also found crystals that I can't put on the ground 'on this planet' so maybe that is my return ticket home from some other time area. Just thoughts, but to me it makes for a lot of exploration and discovery, and a few mysteries, which is bringing back the fun to the game :)

    For now however, you can come over and bring all of your gear and use it all everywhere on the planet as normal, but yes, the mobs are a bit different so you may not need the uber armour quite so much for example, at least not yet.
  5. Lets not forget that the implications stated above are only active for certain time periods - Next Island (current time period) is perfectly in tune with everything from Calypso, in weapons, tools and equipment.

    You might not be able to bring your UL Niflheim (i envy you btw) in the past, but even in that case you'll still have a distinct advantage over almost everyone else, since you'll be one of the select few that will be able to take down the big mobs, even if that means you'll have to use some (L) items. And that doesn't feel like a bad thing in my opinion...
  6. Conversely the opposite may also be true. What if you go back in time , and find the UBER (UL) sword, only to find that it wont work on Calypso, because Calypso was not part of NI's Greek past ( or something like that).

    This potentially gives us a whole new world of items - uber and noob -maybe some can be used elsewhere, some may only be able to be used in certain time periods, others only on NI and related time periods.

    Potentially you could have an uber mammoth hunter that a puny Exa can kill every time.
    I doubt that all armours and weapons will work in all "worlds and times", so If you want to hunt with the big boys in ancient Greece, better get some appropriate gear and skills - 97 laser rifle skill just aint going to do it for you in a melee world.
    This could be a great leveler - just cos you are uber in one place doesnt mean you are better than the greenest noob in another.

    Im really looking forward to seeing how things DO work with time travel, and gear/skills, and the economic stimulation it will naturally spawn.
  7. They did say that you'll be able to bring items from the past to show off to your friends. I guess that means they'd be working here too, but that's obviously just a guess :)

    Looking forward too :D

    [Edit] Listening to a commentary by ND at gamingbolt, "All the things by all the periods in history can find their way here (present time) and there will be a market for all those items"
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