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    Yes there was an island I went to and tried to work through some of the missions at but quickly gave up as so often I was killed by underground insect. They were too hard to hit even when they were above ground even. Seemed MA put no extra reward to these mobs for the fact that they were so hard to hit too which seemed daft.

    Thanks for the info on the feffoid trader. Shame it wasn't more exciting than ammo but it's still a nice example of the care/love that used to be in the game (and as you say, a different stack size can make a difference to smaller players) to add these little bits of depth to the world.
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    100% LOVE how all the posts of YOU calling me a [MODERATED] on here when i said gz on the Jackpot... Mods ON HERE deleted all those posts. Ill say this and leave it here. Your a [MODERATED] and a cry baby. Always have been always will be. You DID win the jackpot. I was wrong on 1 thing. I said (on a deleted by mod post that you won 21k). Opps i was out by 2k.

    I came here for the big EMW reveal. Now that i know mods ON HERE also delete posts adios.

    Oh 3-4 years from now you will be crying again [MODERATED]. Especially if you dont get your money.

    I genuinely thought THIS forum would never delete posts. Guess was wrong. Last post from me Mods delete my account please.

    Oh and masheridiot. Try killing more mobs in a game than actual forum posts?.

    Akbar. = your a [MODERATED]. As per my now deleted by Admin on here post you 1st denied wnning jackpot. And now?. Your biggest [MODERATED] and a simple [MODERATED].

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  3. When those old (payed) users throw up...

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    I have absolutely no clue what you're talking about. I have not deleted any of your posts, and to the best of my knowledge I'm the only semi-active mod on the forum. I have checked the thread where I saw you lobbing insults, and do not see any evidence of other mods deleting your posts either.

    I even went as far as to check the Moderator Log, which shows such events. There's nothing there:


    The picture is not cropped, these are the latest events. I blurred out IP addresses, though. If there had been a soft-delete in the thread, I'd have easily seen that, as those just are hidden from regular users, but mods and admins can see them. There are none. I even went as far as to check if the Moderator Log would register a hard-delete (as in: remove permanently from the database), and that does get logged:


    The same applies to hard-deleting a post:


    In other words, I cannot see proof that any of your accussations are backed by facts, and I went out of my way to try and find proof of any wrong-doing. You're welcome to prove me wrong. Until then, feel free to shut the fuck up and make sure that next time you accuse someone or the entire admin-staff of something you have some form of proof to back up your statement.

    Edit: I'm assuming that you are referring to this particular post:

    Which is quite clearly still up, and hasn't been altered in any way, shape, or form.

    Or perhaps this one, which is also still up and unaltered:

    I'll await your mea culpa...
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  5. How could I say it better ?...

    I dont know what Jackpot you talk about since it seems to be an obsession for you, may be have a look at this...
    Now, about who is a retard, find the answer alone, read the above post by NotAdmin will help to figure out...
    And please stay away from my threads.

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