In Memory of some Legendary People !

Discussion in 'Akbar Creative' started by Akbar, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. I must say,
    A Video that I truely LOVE :)
    A MUST.

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  2. Ya, I love this one too ! :O

    Anyway, just today, some psycho youtuber contacted me about the "Mary Jane" Incident...and threatened me, to vote down all of my videos, because he claimed, it was all bullshit, regarding the Mary Jane incident...then he voted down all my videos, with his multiple youtube accounts and called me a liar...because he was sure, I wasnt the original uploader of the Mary Jane video...while it is indeed my creation, which I explained to him.

    I dont even know this low level player, but out of nowhere, after 1 year... he kept saying, that he just started to "collect infos on this case, hence knowing it was all bullshit"...and that people should subscribe to his channel and wait for the "full, objective video".


    "Captain Present" and "SenseiRaichuss" are just 2 of his accounts...

    His EU avatar is "Raichuss Logi Wrightley" and he enjoys posting 2 hour teamhunt videos, while talking to himself, right after voting all of my videos down.
    After I got informed about his "recent" upload...I wanted to check out, who and what this guy is about. Whatever...I missed nothing...

    He was truly pissed, because I didnt care at all, about his troll attempts...anyway, I couldnt care less...but this troll gave his best today and he tried hard, to entertain me. Gratz, troll, you entertained me well today ! x'D


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  3. There is
    There are
    And there will always be

    And no need to go in Entropia Universe only to notice that !

    Ak said :).
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  4. Sometimes, but only sometimes, I really really wonder, what exactly went wrong in their brains, at the moment of starting such "conversations". This isnt just the ordinary troll...this isnt just an feels like, as if hes dead serious. x'D
    Problem is, there is nothing more behind this story. It was a mistake by MaryJane and it hurt.
    And such things keep happpenin inside of Entropia Universe. Case closed.

    Im not a psychatrist, but if he seeks for attention (or professional help), the comment sections of my videos, truly arent the right place.
    I mean, there are no other people around, but me. x'D

    I dont think he just wanted to do somekind of confrontation (trolling) "just for fun"...again I believe this guy could be dead serious...with whatever he is trying to achieve...and thats where I once again wonder, what the heck is going on in his brain.

    I know, I know, I could have just blocked and ignored him, but sometimes there is this, "I want to understand these actions of that human" feeling. What exactly was the reason for his postings and actions.

    And why do I have this feeling, that there never will be a "full objective video" about this case ?
    I mean, this guy wrote "you admitted this was from another user"...another user...its the main actor of this clip we were talking was a remittance work...MaryJane asked me to make his text become a video...ah, whatever.

    "Try and upload your own content in the future, OK?" wtf ? Either this guy is mentally disturbed³, or he has top secret informations, that MaryJane is a scammer and wants to take over the world...
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    oooh interested to see where this will go.
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  8. A Video I did at crystal Palace
    Today be in peace and take 1 screenshot all 10 seconds in the purpose of such video is IMPOSSIBLE,
    with the crazy ninja respawns EXPLOIT that mindark dramatically increased lately.
    And after that's Mind Dark WHO DARE to writte rules about cheats and accuse the players...
    And worse, WHO DARE to lock people's account UNFAIRLY.
    Biggest joke ever.

    Me and my Great Friend MindStar at Cyrene
    I did this video to honnor her, who was a very close friend.
    I hope all is ok for you.

    Notice that my avatar face was different,
    as for the 3rd or 4th time Mind Dark gave us the possibility to modify things.
    And which was bringing its packs of bugs as usual...​
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  9. NotAdmin

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    Mindstar is alive and kicking, as far as I know. She's involved in the new Monria.
  10. Tass

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    Off-topic but thanks for the reminder to never contribute anything for free to a commercial operation run by dicks.
  11. I was "paied" by 711 with 50 000 EFD on EF when I did the bestiray (which was sellable for peds).
    And I had over 140 000 EFD when 711 stole all people on EF and stopped it.

    Scam people seem to be the main religion in Entropia Universe and their crew.
  12. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Ah, bad, maybe Toulanforum is still accepting them ;)
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  13. Well, when you see 711 there, tell him to give me back the EFD he robbed me lol.

  14. Hey, where did this discussion originally start....that 711'die made all those forums for the PPs ?
    What an epic discovery, ty 4 sharing !³³ :'D
  15. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Well, it's originally a thread in honor of some legendary people and I'm very sorry for derailing it to discussing lowlife but there's a story that goes like this:

    A Jordanian company was about to launch their product targeting the Arabian market on platform of a Swedish company. And so they were looking for someone to build and run their community sites. They appened to have a great relationship with a multi-national team specialized in building and running state-of-the-art community sites in the specific niche. Also that multi-national team happened to actively promote the product of the Jordanian company already. So it might have been a logic move to have that multi-national team build something really cool almost for free. But the Swedish company running the platform the Jordian company was about to launch their product on said: "No, no, no! There's a cybersquatter, porn guy, notorious liar and rulebreaker from the US who can build and run a low-fi community site for you, with old obsolete resources wasting software vulvernerable to spam and his rates will be totally overpriced! Let him do it". The Jordanian company was impressed and followed the recommendation of the Swedish company. And that is how the cheap yet overpriced new yet low-fi copy-pasta community site of a Jordanian company launching a product targeting the Arabian market ended up sharing hosting resources with the cybersquatter porn guy's other domains like (not kidding) and many others even worse. And everyone was happily pondering how a company's Swedish business excellence once more took a stand against cronyism to achieve the best possible outcome for their Jordanian friends.
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  16. The Contributors section in the Calypso Explorer Map (Continued) thread refers specifically to people who contacted me with information regarding missing or incorrect mob spawns that led to changes being made to the map.
  17. @Darkaruki

    Its not about you, or your your work.
    Its about the forum "owner" and MindArk's methods in general.

    But you seem to be around long enough, to be aware of the Mindbuster scam and Jasons court trials and
    how Mindark treats its "valued patrons" aka. playerbase and planet partners...since a decade now. Or what about the biggest mess, aka. Kunrad Solo Reez ? Explosive Crafting destroyed the game and many peoples reallife...but who cares, as long as the money flows. :D

    And just because everyone else is doing it as know...

    A new (messed up) camera system wont solve anything in the near future, but lead to more questions and problems.
    Youll SEE. ;)

    Sorry akbar, but you know, this is Entropia ! x'D
  18. The post I quoted was in direct reply to a quoted post by Akbar stating that he did not his name in the Contributors list of that thread.
  19. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Sorry, this really wasn't directed at you, it was more of a general statement. I was a contributor to PCF for many years, I stopped when I found out that the owner was one of the biggest assholes around. That's actually one of the reasons why I'm here on EntropiaPlanets. I just wish people in general would care much more about what exactly they contribute to and what they promote and who's profiting from their contributions. But I personally gave up trying to convince anyone to contribute more to platforms that would achieve better results on the long run and in operations genuinely interested in community. 99.9% of people don't care, and I almost don't care anymore that people don't care. I just wish you and more people like you would have shown up on this site when I was still passionate about the EU community and I was spending most of my free time improving it :)
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