increasing skills in team hunts

Discussion in 'Adopt a Newbie Foundation' started by aka_fr0st, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. hello everyone

    i was wondering if anyone does this: go on team hunts with peps to help them incease their skills; of course the loot would go to the one that brings the gear and ammo. i think it should be quite fun and helpful for peps that want to have a nice experience with this game.

    i personaly hunted 90% of the time alone with my expenses so far but it would be nice to join someone who would be like a mentor.

  2. Quite often you will find joining any team hunts would be great for the experience.
    skilling up is what one wants to do.
    You yourself could go to say neas and shout out that you are doing a hunt on , lets say Ambus, and anyone would like to join your team. that woudl be step one.

    Now as for the gear and ammo most ppl bring there own (provided if you stated in teh shout out what can be used - Opalo/cb5 hunts are great even for low lvl new players) but as for someone providing the gear ammo.. that would be a matter for those involved in a team hunt that is say like a society (as i know my own soc leader has provided that and yes we all would return the gear and left over ammo along with all loot ) but then we could trust him and he trusted us.

    I would say do Opalo/CB5 hunts for it is far more ECO and is wonderful in Teams. you can pretty much take down anything with 12 ppl in a team then.

    I wish you luck in all that you do in game. SKILL skill SKILL
  3. forgot to say i'm past the newbie period if i can say that (almost maxed cb19) so i was looking for peps that would hunt bigger mobs but can't quite take them down alone. that's where i'd go along. i'd get skills and they'd get whatever the loot is. maybe even be a fapper for them. anything that will get me more skillz. coz i'm still far away form using UL weps and the costs for hunting are quite high where i'm at now
  4. i've also tried looking for peps for free fapping services but no luck so far :(
  5. I'm glad to see you are interested in UL weapons. Certain UL weapons are maxed at lower levels than 100, such as the CB19. These weapons cost a ton but are a great investment in my opinion! Check out limited weapons to see what you are maxed/almost maxed on and see if there is an unlimited version of it.
  6. too bad i kinda checked all of them and nothing that i can afford sadly enough :(
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