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  1. I am stuck,, would like some idea of what to do. I have completed monkey missions, have time crystals, have Orpheus cave on tp list but tp doesnt show up for ancient greece. I even see the talk to IO option on quest checked, finding cave isnt though I have it. How do I get to ancient greece ?
  2. red


    if you spoke to io, she'll revel the location of the orpheus cave. it'll show up on you map as a location, but not as a teleporter location.

    once you enter the cave, you will find the time travel platform. it does operate as a teleporter and will take three crystals as payment for use. remember, though, you'll have to talk to the keeper of the keys to get three crystals so you can return to next island.

    I can't remember if the keeper is on the NI or greece side of the portal. just keep an eye out for him.
  3. Tom


    Well I do recall, probably 3-4 months ago when Ancient Greece (AG) was introduced, the keeper of the keys is located on the Greece side of the portal. On the Greece side you arrive within a cave area. Walk down the steps and you'll see a non-player-character (NPC) man off to the side. Walk over, begin a conversation with him and he will eventually grant you the three crystals for your return trip.

    Good luck in Ancient Greece, Redster! It's a beautiful series of islands. Once out of the cave, get to know the area around Thebes--including the Market area.

    Just remembered - if you are looking to defend/fight in AG, make sure your sword level is at least 2. The skill level is required to weld the swords/weapons available at the Thebes market, which you must buy. High decay rate too, so have some PED for repairs.

    Strength and Honor!
  4. :) I am skilling towards 2,, have 2 axe 2.0's but I can not find IO,, any idea where she is ?
  5. all the npc needed are in crystal center you have to re talk to some of them more than once including the guy at the starting tp with the monkey ^.^
  6. Have you read through Arthur’s Island Tours: Part Three

    It's virtually a walk through of the missions and part 3 covers getting the time crystals through to operating the portal in Orpheus's cave to travel to Ancient Greece, including finding Io.

    You need to get each stage of the mission, so even though you have found Orpheus' cave, if Io hasn't given you the mission to find the cave, you can't use the time portal there.
  7. Hello,

    so I talked to Mary and got some achievements already.

    I just can't find any mission which gives proof about bravery.

    Does anyone know where to find it please?

  8. aia


    One thing to check is to change the "planet" (scrolldown above the map) from Next Island to Ancient Greece. There, on the ancient greece map, Orpheus Cave should show up and you select that TP. At least before I was pretty sure that the teleporter worked even if you hadn't completed the missions (but you would need to get the crystals to travel some other way).

    One good thing is that recently teleporters are changed so once registered, you can to to Orpheus Cave from any other TP on NI, and from Orpeus Cave back "to civilisation".
    On Ancient Greece you can now teleport to the "revival caves" from a normal teleporter, which is nice if you want to load off at a storage. Also the TP at Thebe Marketplace is moved closer to the actual marketplace.
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