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  1. [video=youtube;nfftN8X3ig0][/video]

    First I like to say I am thrilled to see more communication from David about NI, I just wished that this information/video was posted by NI themselves.

    I love that he mentions the social aspects that he sees for it and I would like to see more in that area. He mentioned Caroline’s comedy club, and he vision there. Which will be interesting to see how that all plays out. I would like to see an actually club with dancing and social interaction, not one that is just and Service Center.

    LOL at not hunting other players. And I actually like that we are not there to kill each other off, I think it causes a lot of tension between players if your out hunting/;mining and some a-hole comes out and shoots you, which is totally different from a PVP area where you are there to dual with each other. Like the one near CND bank. I think the bigger area south (can’t think of the name) should be removed and PVP left only to smaller areas.

    And funny how he compares it to a casino and slot machines, it’s a very good example of how EU is, even though MA denies that.

    As far as the gameplay that he mentions I think some new activities should be implemented if they want to retain new players that come in. Cause sweating and collecting fruit and dung are boring as hell!. More social interaction, more interaction period, more activities that doesn’t cost peds. A game is supposed to be entertaining, not always cost a fortune to play.

    I like what he sees for the future and I just hope that happens, but seems that its not all up to him.
    Hmmm at the guy who bought CND creating something on NI, Please don’t turn NI into PC! Or as a comment that was posted on David’s FB wall they might need to put in a Asylum with padded walls so we can throw ourselves against and act like the papoos! LOL first straight jacket crafted! :)

    I am glad that David fought with MA to get the time travel so you couldn’t take anything back from the present. And I think that all related stuff that is crafted/looted remain on Next Island like they have done for Greece, if it’s not related it shouldn’t be allowed on another planet. Ex: I wouldn’t want to see people running around on PC/RT in togas, or coconut bras and grass skirts. I think it will take away from the experience that we will have on NI. And the same for any other planet with their stuff. Of course because we have nothing in NI now we have to use the stuff from other planets. But on that same note I think anything looted in ancient times should also remain there, I don’t want to see togas or horse and carriages on the island.

    WOOT a Womans Nation!!! Bye bye boys! LOL!!
    Ancient Greek Olympics!
    LOL no virtual sex! Hahaha Yeah we could do without that.

    Yep, I have a alternative personality :)

    I don’t agree with David about opening the doors before things were all fixed and certiainly not advertising it. I could tell from Dousa’s experience that she and the group she went in with were not impressed and 1st impressions are key! Will they go back in and try it out later when its more newcomer friendly? Who knows.

    I now have a better understanding of what he wants next island to become, I just wish it wouldn't take so long. :)

  2. thanks for finding this Softy :)
  3. Still couldn't bring myself to watch all of hit(I really dislike staring at SL, and the sound quality was terrible ;) ). I have to disagree about you not wanting items to be moved from one planet to another. This is supposed to be a universe, so items should be able to move just like avatars can. Our clothing can be sold for a premium on other planets. Say my idea of Shark Armour is implemented, it would be identical to Shogun in stats but could be sold at a premium on other planets for cosmetic purposes(especially if it looks anything like I imagine).
    Before we had one planet and all trading took place there. Now we have multiple planets and the economy is going to become more based on what you can export for a premium.
  4. oh boy, marco beerman is gonna cry when he reads that
    (yeah yeah, i know his name isnt beerman, but it's close enough)
  5. You don't have to agree with my statements :) I am just letting my feelings known. And by items, I am referring to those specific to each planet, or era. Each of us will not agree on how things are done, and in the end its only what the PP wants that will count :)
  6. Well of coarse, and I was just adding my opinion to bunch.
    This is why I like NIlife. This would have been an argument on PCF :)
  7. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I certainly hope that items can be traded from planet to planet. I want to travel, I want to explore. There needs to be some overlap (trade) of the planets or each player is stuck on one planet with out LARGE amounts of ped to dedicate to each planet they want to play on.
    The beauty of the system is that I can currently play 5 different games using the same avatar (caly, cp, foma, rt, ni.) If stuff couldn't be traded/sold between planets then really I wouldn't be able to play on all of them without putting alot more ped into the game. Each planet should contain their own self sustaining economy, ABSOLUTELY! but it should still be a piece of the universal puzzle.

    Please don't alienate me from NI just because I spend more time on its sister planet :)

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  8. I guess it all depends on who is responding :)

    I hope no one thinks I am saying nothing between planets should be traded. I am just saying planet specific items shouldn't be. Like the example I made in the OP.
  9. good interview I found it interesting

  10. Okay was going to just leave this alone but the debater in me has to pipe up. :)
    Problem with not exporting planet specific content is that we have already been importing Planet content, mostly from Calypso. The down side to this is when I import something from Calypso I have to charge above MU to cover my travel costs, thus people on NI have to pay more for those items then they should have. Now if NI has content that will sell at a premium on other planets then I can sell there at a premium, cover my travel cost and then pick up any items from that planet that would be desired on NI. Bring those items back to NI and since my travel costs have already been covered I can sell these items at a better MU.
  11. Your point is understood :) I think it takes away from the atmosphere of NI or any other planet to have certain items elsewhere. And I will leave it at that :)
  12. Calin

    Calin Due for an Ultra-Uber Loot.

    I don't so much mind the items from one place getting to another, but I would like to have more seperation than we do. I'd like planet specific items to be not available on other planets through auction carrying an item to another place isn't so bad. I'd also like globals to stay local to the planet of origin.

  13. Or an option to filter where you want to see globals from.
  14. Soloman

    Soloman The Replacement Archon

    So, was this his big announcement?
  15. Calin

    Calin Due for an Ultra-Uber Loot.

    I'm gonna guess that it isn't, especially because this interview is, what.., a couple weeks old.

    I think the big announcement will be big. If it's what I'm hoping/thinking it is then most people will probably like it.

    Ofc, I could be wrong. NI may be a time travel planet, but I can't see the future. :)
  16. or an option to turn off both globals AND hofs.
    telling everyone when someone wins big is 100% casino style
  17. The interview was nice yes but made before the last update (with the missions). I am quit happy to see more exposure towards the whole platform. David also mentoined he likes the whole platform including other planets and not just his. The footage was also cool to see and almost made me pack my thing and jump to NI . Only I know the prices for time travel which are holding me back big time.

    Hopefully april will change this
  18. i hate to say it i see time travel items being stuick in that time period as a fail because i never stay in the same place and like to go around showing off what i had accumulated else-where. For me i dont see NI getting anywhere even with the time travel ideas that had kept my interest for so long have now actually faded seeing what is happening. Ill stick to Arkadia and hope they got there ideas straightened out at first because so much about his ideas i just dont see making a game any fun. So hope all goes well for the world and that something will be done to make it someone better.
  19. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    This is why you guys are awesome... You can say what you think and hear what other people think without devolving into YOUR MOM!!!!one!!!
  20. Meg, your mom is so............

    LOL jk :)
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