Is Entropia a dead end?

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Viperstrike, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. You make me doubt what i think but still i think I am right.
    In the end if you have deposit 1000 ped and stay always on the moon, as soon you lost all your money it means 35% ended up at the moon owner and 65% at MA.
    So 350 ped for the moon manager and 650 ped for MA.
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    Correct, and there are a couple of ways to look at that.

    1. You should never spend all your ped down to 0, that is not intelligent game play.
    a. A smart player budgets x amount for loss, x amount for upgrades, and x amount to cycle.
    2. Any and all money we put into a game should be for entertainment purpose and as such in a way belongs to the devs anyways.
    3. The game is getting the money anyways, it doesn't matter to the player how that is split up between MA, PPs, Land Owners, other players, etc...

    Basically 100% of any money I put into a subscription or cash shop game goes to the devs, I am not sure why it should be different here other than that we have the opportunity to try and get some back. (which is what drives alot of people to try and succeed at this complex and difficult game)

  3. 1. Stop playing or scavenge peds from? Sweating?

    2. True and very true!

    3. It matters very much to the players i think and my feelings are that the model is just not really that profitable for players.
  4. narfi

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    1. you can play at near break even at any level you choose as long as you do the research and are willing to work at it. I have several very successful disciples that can attest to that.

    2. :D

    3. If 2 is true, they you are contradicting yourself with 3.

    We aren't here to profit, we are here to have fun, and that fun is from competing at what I consider one of the most competitive games around. (not in terms of reflexes, or physical strength, but in terms of strategy, pattern recognition, social aptitude, and economics.
  5. I not contradicting myself, but because i agree on 2. I consider the 3. to be way of course with that ideology in the game.
  6. For the player it don't matter much how the revenue is divided. If the moon manger gets 350 ped and MA gets 650 ped, or MA gets all of the 1000 ped, it's all the same for the player.
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  7. Well to be maybe more clear about my point why it is R.C.E wise a bad game and their for a dead end.
    Simple because you can retrieve the in game currency back to real life makes the amount of P.E.D that can potentially return to the players shrink with every cost that comes along with development and maintenance of a very big company in this case.

    That presses on the amount of fun you could have over a longer period of time. That was my initial point and reply on this topic. You can agree with me or not but it seems a fact to me.
  8. Tass

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    I have to disagree a little bit that it doesn't matter to the player how revenues are split. It for sure doesn't matter much but in an abstract way it does matter.

    In case of the moon MindArk give away future revenues from one of their assets for quickly cashing in 150k $. It is the same with CLDs, giving away a share of long term sustainable revenues for quick cash.

    These operations can be compared to loans, instead of paying interest of X % to a bank they are paying X % to the deed holders/investors. From a non-deed holder/non investor but pure player perspective it does matter whether MA pays high rates (=more deposited PEDs needed to pay them) or low rates (=less deposited PEDs needed).

    In EU players are actually not only paying the revenues of MA and planet partner companies but also the renvenues of investors and land owners. If everything would only go to MA & PP companies there would be certainly more money available for development = better game = more value for money.

  9. My guess is that you do not want to know what MindArk spend and took as profit to their own capital. As I am not part of their company, so I can not give exact numbers but what I see happen in R.C.E model from MindArk is that they bake a cake with our money, give us all a seat in order to start eat that cake, and start join them self also with eating the cake in order to further develop and maintain the project platform.

    Entropia his currency (our loot pools) gets eaten away by not only our fellow players, something I could appreciate, but also by MindArk, something less efficient in my personal opinion.
    It causes a need from the developers that would not have impacted returns on the player base and would thus offer a much more steady economy, more players, more game time, more more more... :)

    So again, the RCE model Entropia Universe offers seems not that smart as it looks after some deeper consideration. The rest of the game is great but it looses his potential in a big sense and offers a dead end, what was the initial question in this topic.

  10. Yes, I can agree with you, in the longer term it better MA get's the revenue instead of a 3rd part big investor.

  11. I don't understand what your solution would be? MA must have revenues and that revenue must mostly come from the players. If I understand you correct, you don't like MA taking money from the "loot pools" (decay/fees). So the only other solution would be a fixed monthly subscription fee for every player, would that be better?

  12. They are obviously to late to turn into another direction, as with many of their game mechanics.
    Mind-Ark does control the P.E.D supply into the game by only giving it out when people deposit.
    At the same time they use the real money and their for also the P.E.D as they are connected. This is a fail as the available P.E.D will shrink when they use the real money. It forces MindArk to set up a loosing formula towards players.

    It would be better to just allow people to re-trade P.E.D or any other valuable in the platform also outside the platform. This would have created a player based real cash economy if you want to give it a name.

    But anyway... It is just my opinion why Entropia is a dead end...
  13. So the amount of PED/TT value would never decrease inside the game, only increase/decrease with deposits/withdrawals? And if not MA get payed by fixed subscriptions fees, the only solution would be to have non-fixed exchange rate between the PED/US dollar. That's it if the withdrawals are starting do get bigger than the deposits the PED will decrease to a value lower than 0.10 USD. It could also have a lower exchange rate for withdrawals, maybe you only get 70% of the USD value when you are making withdrawals. Because at some point MA must take money from the players/economy.
  14. Clearly you not understand my point of view or just not want to understand it.

    Either way, have fun as Entropia is a great game, with a dead end economy as soon you understand the process that takes place.

  15. oh? so what is your point? Please tell me.
  16. Lets first start with the question the OP had.

    Is Entropia a dead end?

    My opinion is that it is a economic dead end due to how this R.C.E works. The points I write out seem very clear to me why this R.C.E formula is not that good for players in the universe. That was my point. Why i think it is bad you can read in the replies i made.
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    I know for myself I do not understand what it is your trying to say. Sorry. Can you summarize in point form? My apologies for not understanding, but I thought it better to ask then to try and guess. ;)
  18. Their is asked if Entropia is a dead end.

    I try to explain again why this game is a dead end from a players perspective.

    Everyone buying P.E.D from MindArk. Everyone could also retrieve their P.E.D in MindArk his R.C.E model. MindArk also taking this same money for development cost, maintenance cost and profit for them self as being a company that wants to make profit.
    Because they depend on the money that is backed by our P.E.D they have to create a loosing formula in order to not come short on P.E.D in the past, present and future for possible withdraws.

    This makes the economy go bankrupt if people decide to just play and not pay anymore, as MindArk will need our money or P.E.D to continue and survive.

    The less is deposited by the community, the faster you will loose your P.E.D as MindArk will always cover their own cost before compensating yours.

    Maybe it is just not easy to understand because the truth can be sometimes hard to accept when you believe already so long in this system.
    1. People depoit and start game.
    2. Mind Ark needs secure that deposit.
    3. People play and loose money.
    4. MindArk can now owns that money.
    5. People deposit again.
    6. MindArk still needs money.
    7. You start to loose peds all the time.
    8. You deposit again
    9. MindArk wants to secure that money again.
    10. You loose again peds.
    11. MindArk secured the deposit again.
    12. People get tired of loosing.
    13. MindArk make post all will become better... lol
    14. People deposit again... Mayhem event ect ect, more crap :)
    15. People lost big time P.E.D but have a awesome Mayhem helmet worth 270TT...
    16. MindArk has secured the peds again them self...
    Something like this? This crap continues now already for many years.
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  19. Tass

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    There's certainly truth in it.

    And seperating the game economy from developer revenues is actually the classic model that gets more and more replaced by item shops and microtransaction models.

    But the question is, if you don't want the microtransactions in form of decay, fees, ammo consumption, etc. what would be the alternative for MA and PPs to earn money?
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