Is Entropia a dead end?

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Viperstrike, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. Allow people to sell P.E.D or others valuables outside the platform. MindArk could still make P.E.D enough by selling apartments, land-area's, hangers and so on.
    And of course they could just as land-owners take a few % tax on land-area still under their control.

    Not many games or none offer yet a similar platform like Entropia with the difference they allow people to sell outside the platform and leave the economy intact but a new era is coming soon i hope. :matrix:
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    But why would anyone buy land areas from MA if you don't want investors to be able to get money from players. You don't want them to get 35% of the moon profit. Why would someone give 150 000 USD $$ if you don't alow him to make proffit.

  3. Guess you not understand my point of view.

    Anyway have fun!
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  4. Yes, I have earlier have responded to you some alternatives, how would MA get revenues from the players? Of course it would be better for the players if it was a "free game" and MA did not take any of the players money, but you don't seriously think that MA would make this for free? Any income from advertisements will never be enough to finance the development. So what is your solution?

    Edit: Oh.. just so your are linking to a game project of your own, maybe that can explain why you are trashing on EU.....
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  5. MindArk does control how many PED comes into the platform by allow people to buy it from them. This is and should be their main income.

    As soon MA has sold the PED they belong to the platform they created for us.
    MindArk could just put a tax on their own in-game area's just as land-owners do also.
    All peds gained this way MindArk could they see as extra profit just as first time sales on apartments, land-area's, shops, hangers, ect ect.

    All P.E.D people spend should flow back in the platform and it would be possible to put up a very exciting economy for everyone, set out a real profitable formula for skilled and economic playing avatars and still have the luck factor.

    It is just not fair and wise to take both the money aka deposits and after also take so much P.E.D from regular players with their current platform approach.
    They have to as they have the withdraw system but without the withdraw system and simply allow people to sell outside the platform would make MindArk a much better platform partner for players and investors because of the symbiotic relation that would be created.

    The more I try to explain my point the more i discover it is just to hard because of the complexity it would cause for the current Entropia Universe. Guess everyone will have to wait till a living example will be developed. :grouphug:

  6. As you say yourself, the only way something like this can work is if you can't withdraw peds/money from the game, but in that case the game stops to be a RCE, because the peds are just an other ordinary game currency. The only way to earn real money is to sell items between players outside the game, systems like other mmorg games already have.

  7. Sorry but R.C.E is not defined to any standards as far I know.
    But this is a typical thought I had myself also when i discovered Entropia Universe many years ago. Also not really sure if other games offer a similar platform and officially allow people to sell outside the game. Most games including Entropia Universe have guidelines that are against outside platform trading.

    But the question was "Is Entropia a dead end" and this was my idea why it is a dead end. Besides this set-back and the flying brooms :bduh: Entropia Universe has been and is a great experience for many including me!
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    Specificly applicable to this situation and the Entropia Universe is definition 2a

    if you exchange matter and energy for money and PED it would read,

    It is my belief that the Entropia Universe was designed (and named) to be an exercise in monetary Entropy.

    If this belief is true then the universe is working as designed.
    They intentionally designed the game to decay the existing energy (PED) so that if left unattended it would reach an inert state. (no remaining PED)

    This is all they do now.
    MA owns the land (all of it) and takes a % tax on all activities that takes place on their land. (all of it)

    I think we have started to go in circles now though.

  9. That would pretty much imply the dead end I trying to point out. :kos:
  10. narfi

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    That is the cool thing about it though,

    For 10 years an experiment on Entropy has survived always decaying, and yet still it is here and thriving.

    We can hate it and we can love it, but in the end, that is what is special about it, and what draws a lot of us to it.

    Since the beginning people have said it was dead or dying, and in truth it has been, that is the whole point. Yet against impossible odds, it remains. (and imo will for years to come)
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  11. Nor Alien

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    If you go to the website linked and click on gallery, you should watch the first vid. It resembles EU VERY closely!!! O.o I know that some things will crossover in games but the resemblance is almost dead on!

    Maybe a form of flattery? :)
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  12. :stayontopic:
    It will gets his own place to talk about.​
  13. I thought this was from last year, shame to see it's still going.

    I never have any problems having fun, nothing to say in that respect.
  14. Last year you had much more to say...

    Guess this last quote is all that is need to understand why this is a dead end!
  15. I got no game and think you based your opinion on nothing.
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