Is here a place of free speech?

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by helena, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. :-) it was meant to be a funny insult to an old friend. never quite work and was stuck with it. New forum new name :-)
  2. Wistrel

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    Sometimes people talk of problems on PCF but what confuses me is that when I go there all I see are

    1. Pages of selling threads
    2. One thread on the last VU

    As far as I can tell, in many ways it is "quieter" than here. Save for the trade threads of course
  3. It is, we have recently been having a bit of a war over there - but got bored :-)
  4. Mega

    Mega Chaotic Good

    Sorry to hear what happened to you helena, both the auction thing and to add insult to injury what happened on the forum shortly afterwards.

    I've got a little holiday from that forum too as I'm sure you've noticed, but I dont regret a single word of any post that got me the ban.

    Even when my ban is lifted, that forum is basically broken with someone who last cracked a joke in 1983 in charge. Maybe I'll just post BUY and SELL threads, that seems to be its primary purpose of late.

  5. Everybody speaks about Buy and Sell threads here. Strange... I don't see any Buy/Sell threads (unless I specifically search for em).
    PCF changed opening page defaults long ago (over a year now, I think?), so that Buy and Sell threads are ignored when searching for new posts.
    Sooo... What should I do? Maybe change it back so I can whine with everybody else in a big friendly chorus?


    (Or maybe I should explain how to use basic forum features?)
  6. I think you might have misread or misunderstood, it was said that PCF mostly has buy/sell threads,..

    This forum is doing much better in providing a discussion platform for EU participants, than that other place...
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  7. I'm coming here too :p EF gone completely too shit, only problem is EF has much more people trading.. So can't cut it off completely.. Likely more and more people will have enough of the mods and trading here will be just as busy!
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  8. Amber Knightley

    Amber Knightley I see dead people.

    I have yet to spot the revolution!
    But welcome over here :)
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  9. FatherJack

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    What the fuck over
  10. Pretty hard to misunderstand something so obvious.
    Default page opens up with NO Buy/Sell threads. This means everybody who bitches in here about it has taken the trouble to specifically search for those threads, and then come in here hoping... that trouble shared is trouble halved, perhaps? :biggrin:

    Sure. The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...
    How I see it, there's only a handful of true entropiaplanetarians here (ppl who have been here since the start and have remained loyal to this forum through thin and thick). Too few to keep the forum alive. What's really holding this forum up is the hate for the other forum. It's not better here, it's not more active either - it's just a place for all the losers who got their ass kicked over there and are not mature enough to take it like a man. Or a woman (damn this sexist language! ... sry)

    If there will be something else besides "being against" and "drag it down" it might have a chance.
    If this won't happen, however, it will be nothing more than a safe haven for all the ppl who have serious problems with authority, all the forum ghosts who never play the game or are just too old and grumpy for anything but endless bitching.
    Well, sucking up all the bad seeds is a thankworthy job on it's own. Keep it up. :boxer:
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  11. Your "When I go there" sounds like once in a few days or once a week maybe? And you can see ONE new thread (not counting selling or buying)?
    I visit PCF several times a day and I still see FIVE to FIFTEEN new threads / threads with new posts (not counting buying or selling!).

    So.. Are u sure we talkin' about the same forum? :headscratch:
  12. truth is, since planets were introduced and it caused all of the planets to have their own forum, most of the forums have died down a lot.
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  13. I look at other forums and I haven't been banned from any - so not running anywhere. The moderation on PCF is absolutely pathetic - in the correct sense of the word. Most of us are adults and don't have to put up with that kind of crap. Fifth if you enjoy it then open wide :-)
  14. Ans Mega - we need to start recommending EPF to the rest of Kaos. We are a big soc and can bring a number of members over to the adult place :-)
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  15. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Well, the reasons why EntropiaPlanets is what it is are diverse.

    EntropiaPlanets always had the "issue" that a lot of people are visiting and reading but only a few are actually posting. Considering visits EP has about half of what PCF has but still about double as many as PAF has. Related to this, a really concerning development is the fact that PCF nowadays is ranking a lot lower than EP did ~2 years ago...

    Considering the nature of forums the network effect is probably strong. Unfortunately the number of likes & replies you can get seems to outweigh any other "feature" for most people.

    Related to that, and how @Fifth correctly assessed, some people come to EP to do what they cannot do at other places: criticizing, incl. the fact that some forms of criticism are not allowed at other places. It's a dilemma, free speech is a principle that EP will not drop, and it's a fault of those other places that they don't allow it, and as a result they export to EP what are exclusively their self-made and partially complete idiotic issues.

    That said, I wish more people would also come to EP to post "positive" content: events they organize, "fan art", adventures, guides, opinions, comments, ...

    Is EP better? Yes, I believe it is. It is not as active, certainly, and fandom is not as strong but activity is what a community needs to bring. A website can only try to set a good base for activity and I think that's what we have done. And if you disagree, just let us know, and we'll try to improve.

    But seriously, the fact alone that content on EP is published under a free license (same as wikipedia) and not one greedy bastard is claiming ownership of community-created content just to sell it for as much profit as possible and get it paid with money the very same community has deposited, that alone for me is reason enough to be here and not somewhere else.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2016
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  16. You're making no sense what so ever, I've not had my "arse kicked" or been banned, but it's clear as day that the moderation on ef is killing the forum.

    What's the default page? Whenever I go there, I just click New Posts, and sure as hell there are much more trading than anything else.. I've never "specifically" selected anything, I assume the same goes for others..
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  17. 1. Wrong.
    Default page open with all new posts also buy/sell ones.
    All who don't know how to query forum excluding undesired results have special settings page witch will do it for you and remember settings.
    I suppose you used it when was first time introduced.
    New Control Panel Option - Filter New Posts

    It is now (once again) possible to exclude individual forums from appearing in the New Posts search results.

    Full details available here: New User Control Panel Option: Exclude Forums from New Posts

    2. Your post seem very hostile calling all people here:
    - "losers who got their ass kicked",
    - "not mature enough",
    - "being against",
    - "drag it down",
    - "ppl who have serious problems with authority",
    - "the forum ghosts who never play",
    - "just too old and grumpy",
    - "grumpy for anything but endless bitching",
    - "bad seeds".

    Do you have complex of superiority?
    A lot of insults said in hateful way and about "sucking up all the bad seeds" - do you realize that you are here too?
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  18. Your post actually shows signs of the same emotional response just like the mods there have, when someone talks about the negative side of their doings.. You also use the same "negative provocation" with calling people losers and not mature enough.

    You and a couple of fellas' from PCF do it again and again and really enjoy calling just about anyone - random people who speak out the truth and which you know are right about something but you can't use a legit argument to try and "win" because there is none - all sorts of bad names, as Dan listed above. Seems as if you are "protecting" something, which you hold precious,...

    I have a GREAT sixth sense IRL, which seems to arise in all situations...

    I am now trying to think of a legit reason for your emotional response and - far - none has come to mind. This would give me a great indication of something "not being right here". What are your interests here? Trying to start an argument? Trying to bring that low-life mindset a couple of you have on PCF here?

    I ask you to go to your beloved forum and enjoy all the "freedom" you perceive to have there (or actually do, also - maybe it has something to do with your emotional response to the recent activity here).

    Noone asked for your opinion - but - free speech is appreciated here, so I encourage you to give ALL the opinions you have - I just hold 0 value to them, which is what your opinion is worth to me on this particular matter.
  19. Great response - not argumentative but factual.
  20. Hahaha that was good! :D
    Well. In my book hostility that's carefully masked behind apparent politeness and political correctness is the worst kind ever. Now go frak yourself shcizo.
    I definitely prefer ppl who speak their mind openly and can take opinions from others without running away crying like babies.

    Do u have problem with that? Well, that's your problem then.
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