Is here a place of free speech?

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by helena, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. Woot, taco's here:cheer:

    Also being husked is based on killing a husk which had no loot.
    It's mostly reserved for posts where talks about shooting oneself in the foot or having a a stroke of ill luck come his way :wise:

    So if you say you don't mind being husked; make sure MA doesn't hear you...
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  2. Just found out - its bad. Its all to do with the husk no looter
  3. Mega

    Mega Chaotic Good

    I'd phrase it as:

    "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely"

    Hi Taco! :bandit:
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  4. The Duchess of Malfi - one of my favourites:thumbsup:
  5. Amber Knightley

    Amber Knightley I see dead people.

    The funny part is that Taco has been here all along, long before the revolution :ninja:
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  6. "The revolution will not be televised"
    come on Mega and no googling :headbang:
  7. Couldn't have written it any better, you are absolutely spot on.
  8. FatherJack

    FatherJack El Diablo

    Why have you been banned on PCF? I'd never thought I would see the day....
  9. welcome bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the bet forum troll is here !:=) BANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
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  10. Mega

    Mega Chaotic Good

    As the thread has been erased from history (as have just about all the interesting threads worth reading on PCF)
    I created a thread in the correct forum section (offtopic) about "Seven Ways to Spot a Psychopath"

    3 minutes later, 1 month ban arrived. I didnt even use any names.

    Sadly no trace exists of that post. Wait..... what's this I've found?

    Is that worth a 1 month ban? Read it and make your own mind up.

    If you wondered why PCF is all BUYING and SELLING threads, its because that individual is on a deleting spree every day.

    Threads, posts and those posts she leaves in place, they tend to have <removed> sections in them.
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  11. Great job saving it :) Oh how that must have pissed her off!

    I have a bunch of rants and threads I will never see again because I never saved them :sad1:
  12. Hehe, I made the account here around the time of my second or third ban on PCF....I forgot which one...At the time I planned on staying here, but then Serica came around and I just couldn't stop myself from continuing to post on PCF. But since I feel I have sufficiently pushed the limits over there long enough and nothing has changed, I will be trying to recruit people I know to get over here to do their posting. It feels so much better already!

    Thanks, everyone, for the great welcome though. Keep telling people about it, and lets see how dead we can make PCF!!!
  13. As far as saving goes, back in ancient days I did screen prints and videos of the stuff I figured would get deleted...

    Nowadays, I just use internet archive's way back machine. Just search for the url you want saved. It won't show up if no one saved it yet, so it'll give you an option to save the url... Wish I'd started archiving with way back machine many, many years ago since it's been around a LOOOONG time.

    I do that on pcf threads that I think will get deleted or edited a LOT...

    Check out THE LIST on my blog for more than a few examples.
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  14. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Something completely different... XenForo is currently the top forum software with the most state-of-the-art features, just quickly mentioning one her: while you can always upload files to the media gallery and embed these in posts the easiest way of quickly adding a file from your HD to a post is simply dragging and dropping it to the reply box :)
  15. Sionkiewicz

    Sionkiewicz One of those Americans

    I had a funny feeling we would get a flood of people.. :dancinggirls:

    Welcome, :beerchug:
  16. FatherJack

    FatherJack El Diablo

    I seem to have delurked at the correct time
  17. pcf mods at it again...

    Didn't take a screen shot, but on page 42 of the thread over at between post 412 and 413 my posting from this morning got deleted without any notification or message explaining why, with "Reason 3.2/2.14 - off topic"

    The post that I had there before it deleted explained that post 374, was really a neco post as it was posted over 4 months prior to post #375 over there... post 374 was dated 6/15/2015 and post #375 was dated 2/9/2016...

    If Mindark is going to remove explosives based on a request from the community, perhaps they should consider when those requests to remove them came about... instead of lumping a bunch of request over the course of year, possibly eventually more than one year in to one big bucket. It's highly likely that some of the folks that made that request when they first came out changed their mind over time, etc. Might be time to create a petition somewhere asking that the explosives not be removed, but why would anyone want to create a thread or petition asking that a feature that is already in game stay in game, and who would sign it since most folks using those bps aren't visiting forums anyways as they are happily clicking away on their bp? Doubt it'll do any good, but since Mindark owns pcf, I guess I'll send a support case...
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  18. I wasn't aware that Mindark owned PCF now. When did that happen?
  19. Amber Knightley

    Amber Knightley I see dead people.

  20. i ve been banned one month too without any explanations. Its not a big deal if it was only the work of a "psychopath" but what is unbelievable is it is an official forum and 711 cover that bullshit.
    The eason i got is rule x.x "giving real world information about member" which i never ever did. I searched all the reasons possible and the only post i had posted with a real world relation was "Is there any entropia player living close to valadolid?". That is 1 month ban, can you just fucking believe it? I think even in North Korea that wont even be moded
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