Is here a place of free speech?

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    Does seem to be a lot of new people here all of a sudden. And there was me thinking people didn't do forums any more!
  2. It's interesting that there is no official comment from mods or 711 in that thread that I could see.
    As I remember 711 posted at some point stating that the deal never went through and he retained ownership of both the old Entropia Forum and the 'cloned' PCF version.
    I could have that completely wrong though.

    As many people seem to believe it is an official forum owned by MA it would be interesting to know for sure. I am sure there are many players who were banned for reasons that I doubt would have been officially approved of by MA.


    From this it appears that MA owns the domain but the forum and databases are still owned by 711/Neomaven
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  3. The deal that never went through was with SEE Digital Studio, which was part of the whole deal about how the planet calypso land deeds came in to being as SEE digital only paid half of what they were to pay to Mindark for calypso, I think?!?.... The update on whois info for pcf shows 2011 or so?... so not sure? The Mindark financial report on the deal is for 2014, so who knows. Only thing that is for sure is that pcf is currently way overmoderated, and if Mindark does own pcf, they really should get those mods out of there and get their own in, but if they are no better than the support team, I'd not expect any improvements...

    more on the topic is over at pcf thread...
  4. One more time serica is showing her low behaviour and feeding personnal hate, no other comment than, pathetic.
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    All I can say is if for some reason you do not agree with what I do here let me know.

    (so I can kick you out :biggrin:)
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    I believe you are correct. SEE Was supposed to take over (Calypso), but that deal didn't work out, because "stuff". I'm unfortunately not at liberty do disclose what I know, but the financial reports should be able to give you some form of a clue . When the Calypso deal (which would have included PCF) fell through, 711 took back ownership.

    Then there's the recent financial report stating MA paid towards PCF ownership. I have no clue on what that means, but can and will share that the planet partners I talked to back in the days were already uncomfortable with EF transforming into PCF. It was generally viewed as a major case of favouritism for Calpyso, as none of the other PPs ever even received an offer. As far as I'm concerned, it's the so-manieth case of MA purposely shitting on their partners, and part of why I don't understand new companies keep signing with these clowns. Then again, the latest bunch of partners definitely seems to be on the very low end of the spectrum.
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  7. Oh no you tease.:screaming:
  8. We are here !
  9. fell free to join in - and not once every two years:beerchug:
  10. Neverdie introduced SEE to MA back in the days. ND did work on RockTropia, NextIsland, Planet MJ and Planet Hollywood Monsters.
    The development actually went pretty far on "Michael Jackson" and "Hollywood Monsters" (complete worlds, maps, enemies...check forum or youtube)

    So, here is the short story about why it failed :

    SEE Virtual Studios and MA set up a contract, to be able to actually buy Planet Calypso (
    6 million $)
    With this contract SEE also took over all Calypso (FPC team) employees (not MA employees!) in january of 2011 !

    SEE only payed the 1st of 6 installments â 1 million $.
    Then, because of swedish law, MA got Calypso back and

    "sold" it to its own playerbase instead. (60.000 CLDs = 6 mio. Dollars, for actually selling nothing)

    Clever, hu ? ;p

    Ofc MA then "got rid" of SEE, which was still mainly Team Calypso...this way many of the creative people got automatically fired and given no offer to start at MA again. Jan Eric Haldo Welter Timkrans felt betrayed at this point.

    The reason why SEE stopped paying ? Ask Neverdie or Support. ;D
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  11. Now lets head for the forum story :

    MindBuster, former owner of "Entropia Forum" back in the days, sold his forum to "Neomaven/Vixen 711 Jason Peterson" in August 2006.

    While 711 already was the owner of "entropia forum", MindBuster kept begging the community for donations, because of "server fees".
    Remember, 711 already owned the forum. The community was quite angry back then when this mess hit the daylight. ;p

    The forum had 31.857 users by the end of 2010.

    Then, when 711 bought the forum, between 2010 and 2011, entropia forum split up into "Entropia Forum (2571 users)" and "Planet Calypso Forum (32.000 users)".

    Feel free to check my data here :

    Then, out of nowhere, MinDark "purchases" Planet Calypso Forum for 201.880 SEK, about 22.000 $ at that time,
    according to their "annual report 2014".

    "In addition the Group has invested in the intangible asset Planet Calypso Forum for the amount of 201 880 SEK."

    Noone knows if 711 kept the rights of the user-database or sold it as know its shady, when MA is involved...and 711... x'D

    Domain owner of PCF is David (William) Simmonds.
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    You're missing a quite important part of the story. Ma did not just get Calypso back.
  13. For sure this wasnt just a "hand shake" deal and ND was about to get "fired" as well...

    ...add a court and some lawyers to the mess and/or feel free to add, what you cant say. ;)
  14. Perhaps it's time for an in-depth editorial article like this one from way back on the topic...?!?...
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    Nope. Check the financial reports ;)
  16. I also never understood why MA created these "$$$$$$-stunts" announcements now and then and never headed towards real (mass) advertising.

    I know now. The current, highly addicted playerbase (consisting of many rich fooks), are spending enough $ to make the investors and shareholders "happy".

    MA does not need milllions of users, that would truly fuck up economy btw. and they simply cant handle millions of users.
    If you understood that, you can fully ignore the remaining fanboys out there, that still claim that MindArk is trying to (mass) advertise since 2004, but use excuses like :

    -they are a small team
    -they dont have the money
    -they dont make enough money
    -please forgive them but it will come
  17. I need to leave into reallife, but we'll meet again. ;)

    Which report, which page, which paragraph ? xD
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    I really cannot recall. But MA at some point made a significant payment to SEE, that was entered into their books.
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    There is about a 20 million SEK difference in operating cost between 2011 - 2012 - 2013 (where 2012 was 20 million higher then 2011 and 2013, so that could mean that there was 20 million SEK payed to SEE. Which is ~2.4 Million US dollar.
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