Is there any record of Neverdie's purchase of the asteroid?

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  1. Just occurred to me the other day, that if Neverdie won the asteroid auction back in 2005 at a cost of $100,000 then 1,000,000 PEDs must have been deducted from his PED account, but is or was there any record of this transaction in the auction?
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    Nope. In fact, if I recall correctly, as the auction expired, the entire game went down. I also am not sure the deal happened with the actual auction, or whether it was done through a bank transfer or something like that.
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  3. I think more like this. It was not a game bid war. I think McCormick gave info about it...
  4. Thank you. Seems very suspect to me that the game went down before the auction had actually finished. This way nobody would have seen the final bid or bids, or would have known who had won the asteroid until well after the auction had expired. One of the main reasons I brought this up, is because (and as I understand it) one can't have more than a certain amount in one's ped balance, certainly not 1 million peds!
  5. You mean this didn't take place via the in-game auction? Surely people in-game were bidding on the asteroid!? This is what I've heard anyway...
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    Our Wiki also has some info, including that the 100k was buyout, and that other parties were also in the process of bank transfers to MindArk. My guess is the bank transfer is just a quicker way to put the money on your PEDcard (or just agreeing with MA to not convert it into PED, but to use it for the buyout. The latter could mean the servers were taken down to remove the deed from auction).
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  7. Yep, quoting directly from that EP's wiki page, 100k US$ was indeed the buyout, so this means that 1 million peds must have been in his ped balance. Another thing that gets me is the part I've made bold.

    The public auction offering the Space Resort started Friday 21st of October at a staring price of 1 PED, and with a buyout price of 1,000,000 PED. The response to the news of the Space Resort was immediate – just during the weekend eight parties approached MindArk expressing serious interest in purchasing it. Just three days after the launch, the buyout price was met by Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs, before the competition.

    Maybe I'm misreading this, but if the buyout price was met before the competition (the in-game auction), how could this also have been three days after the launch?
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  8. I get the impression my post above has been misunderstood. I wasn't suggesting that the EP wiki page on this was wrong in any way - sorry if I gave this impression, but that the official MA news that it's based on doesn't make sense.:dunno:
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