Items that drop rarely from NI Mobs

Discussion in 'Skills & professions' started by Dr -M-, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Just looted a pair of Gnome Arm Guards (M) from a Village Boar Young (10hp)

    Relative to the mob its a nice loot.

    Post your unique, rare item drops from mobs that you wouldnt expect. Will be interesting to see what turns up.

    Gnome Harness (M) from a Bucaneer Skeleton Surgeon (10hp)
    Kobold Arm Guards (F) from a Village Boar Young (10hp)
  2. Got Pixie parts from Papoo's earlier.

    Not so sure that they are rare drops, more that they got introduced in the loot pool after this update.

    Give me the vat of chocolate :D
  3. hunter face mask from chimeras
  4. Hunter and Paladin thigh guards from Island Sharks. These had not dropped for a long time on Calypso and they rarely appeared in auction. I'm sure mu will plunge.
  5. HUNTER THIGHS! Ive been looking for a male version of these for a very very very long time!
  6. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    Agree that these lower end armour bits are not going to be rare, they seem to be dropping from all sorts. Gloves can be found on Drake Kings (kind of a waste of ammo frankly) and footguards I found on Portal Guardians.
  7. Don't forget to post your loots on entropedia!
  8. Kobald and gnome gloves from Ice drakes

    Update: and pixie gloves.
    And paladin gloves
    And Shogun gloves
    and Knight gloves
  9. great I always wanted a hunter armor
  10. Drake King:
    Gloves in the style of.....

    Gremlin, Paladin, pixie, Gnome, Knight, and Shogun.

  11. So ND is able to drop a LOT things that are rare on Calpyso... does this mean, that we get Tiger armor for all now? Or better: Angel!
  12. I was really hoping that the village boars would loot a DOA actually :). ND doesn't control how often something drops, MA controls that
  13. Island Shark: Thighs - Pixie, Gnome, Kobold, Shogun, Knight, Paladin, Hunter, Gremlin Shinguards - Pixie, Gnome, Kobold, Shogun, Knight, Paladin, Hunter, Gremlin Harness - Knight

    Looted all these at least once M/F this afternoon.
  14. Empty Skill Implant - Island Shark
  15. Pixi SHin from Island Shark (rare)
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