Items worth over 500 000 PED stolen

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  1. In july 2009, the avatars Spin Rep Pitt, Qing-jao Rei Fei-tzu, Litano Sacklitch Makero and Black Hawk Hawk had lent several items to the avatar Richy Rilort Lort. These items are estimated to be worth over 500 000 PED.

    These items included :

    1 A-3 Justifier Mk.III Improved1 EWE EP-40 Mercenary Modified1 Hedoc M-4501*Marber Tango-Type Plasma [...]

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  2. CycoKick

    CycoKick Notorius cK

    :(:dunno::( Terrible
  3. I mentioned this on ER back in July :yay:

    My personal opinion about all this is that this is what happens when you let thrash in.

    It sucks for the parties involved but I think alot of anger is directed the wrong way, I personally dont think Sumah is involved more than tops a co-accomplice. We all heard how broke Rilort is all the time
  4. Also, when i teamed with Rilort in PVP4.. He would say "Fizzle" now and again.. Now this new ava appears with last name "Fizzle" ;)

    Not to mention Sacklitch and Rilort are RL frends, and also convinently Sacks IMKIII was also scammed, yet no sales thread for this.

    Could all be a coincidence, but if anyone is to assume Rilort is in on this, then you would also assume Sacklitch is..

    Oh and apparently Sumah's avatar was bought by Rilort ages ago.. (Heard about this, months before the scam)

    I'm sure Rilort and Sacklitch are inoccent, but circumstantial evidence may say otherwise.

    I guess the Police will get to the bottom of this one.. and maybe we'll find out the truth.

    P.S I have no opinion on this matter, just saying what i know :p
  5. Yeah I been told Sack n Rilort always been RL friends but when this happened they say they never were. Stories change... :handjob:
  6. Spin Rep Pitt is a special friend of mine, and I am not pleased about this. In fact Spin is the guy who raised me to a serious in game social level. Moreover he acompanied me to Meet ND at Nymphtown for the virtual Police Idea presentation during a private fashion show.

    Now that the laws are changed regarding virtual items etc. My hope is that the Police get to the bottom of this soon.

    Spin is a very nice guy behind the bad-ass CK attatude of his. ye players are shitlless of him and walk circles around him in Twins. But to abuse his kindness and good faith is just not on man. In my noobdays he helped me plenty of times being stuck on outposts I couldnt get out off. Just a PM and he would be there to help in a flash. Most commendable.

    As a man of Integrity also, I can vouch for him without hessitation. The same goes for all my friends whom I had the great pleasure of encountering.
  7. lol well standing in twin ring all day long with a tesla sword isnt gona do anyone any favours.

  8. Chopper

    Chopper Sanctuary

    Outstanding news service!:cheer:
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