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  1. Woke up with a pounding headache and an empty PED card...Damn, must've been a good party.

    Been a nomad gamer, dabbling in probably half a dozen games right now trying to find a home (EVE, APB Reloaded, AO, SC2, BF3). Heard about the citizen deeds going out so I re-patched EU and decided to see what's up.

    Saddened to see the PayByCash option had packed bags and left EU. The Ultimate Game Card was my favorite option, using it without a credit card to deposit small but useable amounts into the game. I fear EU has lost a paying customer. I will somehow continue to manage however with the remaining funds at my disposal.

    In light of both lack of funds and cluttered apartment space, I packed the Hair Stylist Chair and placed it on auction. I really didn't want to do that, however 3 things gave me the conclusion:

    1. Haircutting is Expensive
    2. The vast majority of the people who customize their avatars at creation are happy with their looks and refuse to change.
    3. During the VU 9.0+ era each avatar were given several sessions to change their hair with the full range of hair options inthe game at no cost.
    4. Standing outside a busy city for hours on end advertising newbie hair stylist looking for business whilst being drowned by several other sellers of goods ('BALK 110% LYST 105%!!! BEST PRICES!!' I've been gone for only a few months yet have no idea what these people are saying.) Long story short only business to find is a newbie trying to sell me hair gel. Oiy.)
    5. To get what people want you need somewhere around 2k hair stylist points.
    So long story short, killing the haircutting skills. Not worth my time or effort.

    Thankfully the mining profession is still an active activity. It's about the only semi-profitable thing left on the board at the moment, using the Finder best for my skills and using enhancers to dig deeper into Calypso's soil.

    Granted, the open areas are still a gamble (you swear after your 5-6th No Resource Found there's some magical miner in front of you, taking all your hits away regardless of which direction you run. Come on, admit thought that at least once.) FOMA...oh FOMA, what stories we have.

    Sooooooooooooooooo...where was I now. Ah yes, the headache (not FOMA-related).

    The noise...the lights...Atlas Haven at night was a sight, quite different from the daytime most see. Walking through downtown sounded like a casino, people gathering around tables, eating and drinking to the sound of rock and karaoke. Been gone for several, the scene had change quite a bit. Few places boarded up, new ones develop, and the usual faces in the crowd were no longer present, replaced by newer and younger faces. All eager to get into the action, to make some noise, to leave their mark on society. I could've told them it was too late to go back, but they wouldn't have it.

    I walked over the to the bartender. Thankfully, Lynn was still here. Always nice to have a friendly face in the mix. "Haven't seen you in a while hun" She said as I took a seat. "The usual?"

    "Yeah" I replied. The usual being sparkling melchi with a shot of shooting star. Perfect for a night like this. As I took a swig I looked up to see a newly built Jet fly across the Moonlight filled night. Billions of stars away from Earth, away from my family, all because of this new planet mining expedition. Sure, living here was an experience only I could've seen, but I do miss them. Too busy with memories I slammed down the drink instead of taking little swigs, the only way to drink this without passing out on the spot. Felt like my head hit the wall as everyone around me seemed to start shouting everything. Lynn took the glass, filled it with something else then gave it back to me. I drank it quick and felt my vision correct itself slowly and the sounds around me dimmed down to normal chatter. At least she had my back, if nothing else.

    Too bad there wasn't a drink to cure the headache part.

  2. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO miss you my dear virtual son, and incredibly happy to not only see you here at this forum, but also that you have graced us with a blog entry. Your blogs have always been amazing, and this one is no exception. I hope after Cyrene launches that you will have an opportunity to visit and catch up.

    I hope your presence remains, and that you give us more.

    Love you much, and HUGS!!
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