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  1. Please allow me to introduce myself, Iâ??m a man of wealth and taste....

    Hi and welcome to my blog.
    As this is my first entry I found it suitable to introduce myself

    Well my name is Ogami Itto (一刀 Ogami Ittō) and my title is â??Kogi Kaishakuninâ? (Shōgun's executioner) and that could have been my entire presentation BUT I have a feeling that many of you still donâ??t speak Japanese and maybe wonder â??and what the heck does that meanâ?

    So I will try to sort that part out first
    My name translates into Lone Wolf in English, the name I took when I renounced my human form and decided to walk this earth as a wolf

    My title is harder to translate but I will give it a try, a Kaishakunin (介錯人) is a appointed second whose duty is to behead one who has committed seppuku at the moment of agony.
    For example, a warlord who is defeated in battle and has chosen to commit seppuku might be appointed a second so that he may die respectably, as opposed to a samurai who has been ordered to die for some crime, or for having disgraced his clan through dishonorable deeds.
    Itâ??s an appointment who carries great honor and should only be given men committed to Bushido
    And I was appointed to the Shogun.

    So now you all thinking, what on earth made a man like that choose to walk the earth as a wolf, well the answer is easy, I was betrayed.
    Itâ??s said that men with great reputation make powerful enemies and so I did.
    I was set up by the Yagu clan for a crime I didnâ??t commit in order for them to seize my post as Shoguns loyal retainer. Knowing they never would succeed in an open battle with me they ruined my reputation, spreading the rumour that I wished for my Masters death.

    Now, disgraced and repudiated by my Master, I had to face the alternatives. Committing seppuku in a last try to reclaim my name and honor or to seek revenge!
    I choose the later, to walk â??Road to Meifumadoâ? - the road to hell

    But all that was along time ago, actually several hundred years ago, nevertheless my quest still remains the same but my ways have in some way changed
    I still carries my katana but have adopted modern firearms, I have changed my ancient Oyoroi to a modern armor all to face the new challenges presented to me on the place you call Calypso.
    But still and most of all, Iâ??m still Ogami Itto - Kogi Kaishakunin
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  2. Seems to me you didn't choose your name overnight...
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