January 2008 - NOTM Diary

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  1. Part 3 - List of Items I currently own - (Please keep in mind, that I have not deposited yet, and I have only been playing since December- I did this by making great contacts, demonstrated honesty, borrowed items, returned and/or paid off anything that I owed to anyone. My main money maker is Resaling though. However, I am a hired man willing to die for a few PEDs.)

    1A-3 Justifier Mk.II185.00 PED CARRIED
    2Abrer Laser Sight1110.00 PEDCARRIED
    3Advanced Leather Extractor40.04 PEDSTORAGE
    4Advanced Mineral Extractor80.08 PEDSTORAGE
    5Advanced Stone Extractor990.99 PEDSTORAGE
    6Allophyl Skin20.60 PEDSTORAGE
    7Animal Adrenal Oil10.20 PEDSTORAGE
    8Animal Hide5525.52 PEDSTORAGE
    9Argonaut Skull11.06 PEDSTORAGE
    10Armor Plating Mark.2A14.90 PEDCARRIED
    11Armor Plating Mark.2A14.90 PEDCARRIED
    12Armor Plating Mark.2A14.90 PEDCARRIED
    13Armor Plating Mark.2A14.90 PEDCARRIED
    14Armor Plating Mark.2A14.90 PEDCARRIED
    15Armor Plating Mark.2A14.90 PEDCARRIED
    16Armor Plating Mark.2A14.90 PEDCARRIED
    17Attachments (Vol. I)11.00 PEDSTORAGE
    18Basic Bearings Blueprint10.01 PEDComponent (Vol. I) (43)
    19Basic Cloth Extractor120.12 PEDSTORAGE
    20Basic Filters Blueprint10.10 PEDComponent (Vol. I) (43)
    21Basic Gem Extractor40.04 PEDSTORAGE
    22Basic Leather Extractor1731.73 PEDSTORAGE
    23Basic Mineral Extractor200.20 PEDSTORAGE
    24Basic Relays Blueprint10.01 PEDComponent (Vol. I) (43)
    25Basic Screws Blueprint10.01 PEDComponent (Vol. I) (43)
    26Basic Sheet Metal160.62 PEDSTORAGE
    27Basic Sheet Metal Blueprint10.01 PEDComponent (Vol. I) (43)
    28Basic Stone Extractor480.48 PEDSTORAGE
    29Basic Strategic Combat Processor10.04 PEDSTORAGE
    30Basic Target Assessment Unit300.60 PEDAUCTION
    31Basic Tube Blueprint10.01 PEDComponent (Vol. I) (43)
    32Basic Wood Extractor90.09 PEDSTORAGE
    33Belkar Stone3827.64 PEDSTORAGE
    34Berycled Claw10.12 PEDSTORAGE
    35Berycled Skin10.30 PEDSTORAGE
    36Blausariam Stone1967.84 PEDSTORAGE
    37Brukite90.00 PEDSTORAGE
    38Caldorite Stone7412.58 PEDSTORAGE
    39Caudatergus Skin20.50 PEDSTORAGE
    40Colonist Standard Issue Jumper (M)11.00 PEDCARRIED
    41Colonist Standard Issue Slacks (M)11.00 PEDCARRIED
    42Combibo Skin10.23 PEDSTORAGE
    43Component (Vol. I)11.00 PEDSTORAGE
    44Dacascos Precision Scope1120.00 PEDCARRIED
    45Daikiba Skull11.80 PEDSTORAGE
    46Daikiba Tusk14.00 PEDAUCTION
    47Daikiba Wool51.60 PEDSTORAGE
    48Emik S30 (L)12.28 PEDAUCTION
    49Emik S30 (L)12.73 PEDAUCTION
    50EnMatAmp MA-101 Light (L) Blueprint10.01 PEDAttachments (Vol. I) (17)
    51Enhanced Cloth Extractor70.07 PEDSTORAGE
    52Exarosaur Skin111.10 PEDSTORAGE
    53Exarosaur Skull13.51 PEDSTORAGE
    54Exarosaur Tooth182.16 PEDSTORAGE
    55Exarosaur Wool718.52 PEDAUCTION
    56Exarosaur Wool111.32 PEDCARRIED
    57Explosive Projectiles110.11 PEDSTORAGE
    58Explosive Projectiles7207.20 PEDAUCTION
    59Explosive Projectiles2252.25 PEDAUCTION
    60Explosive Projectiles2202.20 PEDAUCTION
    61Faucervix Skin20.40 PEDSTORAGE
    62Fine Hide51.25 PEDSTORAGE
    63Fine Wool93.60 PEDSTORAGE
    64First Wave Colonist Beret (M)11.00 PEDCARRIED
    65Foul Bone80.24 PEDSTORAGE
    66Ghost Arm Guards (M)145.00 PEDCARRIED
    67Ghost Face Mask (M)148.00 PEDCARRIED
    68Ghost Foot Guards (M)146.00 PEDCARRIED
    69Ghost Gloves (M)146.00 PEDCARRIED
    70Ghost Harness (M)174.00 PEDCARRIED
    71Ghost Shin Guards (M)144.00 PEDCARRIED
    72Ghost Thigh Guards (M)145.00 PEDCARRIED
    73Gnome Arm Guards (M)14.00 PEDSTORAGE
    74Gnome Foot Guards (M)13.29 PEDSTORAGE
    75Gnome Gloves (M)13.80 PEDSTORAGE
    76Gnome Shin Guards (M)10.49 PEDSTORAGE
    77Goblin Shin Guards (F)11.26 PEDAUCTION
    78Hair Gel131.69 PEDSTORAGE
    79Hair Spray50.30 PEDSTORAGE
    80Inferior Cloth Extractor500.50 PEDSTORAGE
    81Iron Stone81.04 PEDSTORAGE
    82Iron Stone7810.14 PEDSTORAGE
    83Iron Stone91.17 PEDAUCTION
    84Isis CB5 (L)10.95 PEDAUCTION
    85Kobold Arm Guards (M)118.30 PEDSTORAGE
    86Kobold Face Guard (M)117.50 PEDSTORAGE
    87Kobold Foot Guards (M)116.50 PEDSTORAGE
    88Kobold Gloves (M)116.50 PEDSTORAGE
    89Kobold Harness (M)122.60 PEDSTORAGE
    90Kobold Shin Guards (M)121.20 PEDSTORAGE
    91Kobold Thigh Guards (M)120.20 PEDSTORAGE
    92LifeScanner-II112.86 PEDCARRIED
    93Lysterium Stone959195.91 PEDAUCTION
    94Lysterium Stone269926.99 PEDSTORAGE
    95Medium Heal Chip18.75 PEDAUCTION
    96Mind Essence10.01 PEDSTORAGE
    97Molisk Tooth1221.22 PEDAUCTION
    98Narcanisum Stone161.28 PEDSTORAGE
    99NeoPsion Aa Mindforce Implant121.99 PEDCARRIED
    100Odenfield Ventricle System117.00 PEDSTORAGE
    101Omegaton A101118.00 PEDCARRIED
    102Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-1812.82 PEDAUCTION
    103Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-28140.00 PEDCARRIED
    104OreAmp OA-101 Light (L) Blueprint10.03 PEDAttachments (Vol. I) (17)
    105Paint Can (Blue)20.10 PEDSTORAGE
    106Paint Can (Brown)1007.00 PEDAUCTION
    107Paint Can (Brown)40.28 PEDSTORAGE
    108Paint Can (Green)996.93 PEDSTORAGE
    109Paint Can (Olive)10.05 PEDSTORAGE
    110Paint Can (Orange)360.36 PEDSTORAGE
    111Paint Can (Purple)70.42 PEDSTORAGE
    112Paint Can (Steel Blue)211.26 PEDSTORAGE
    113Paint Can (Turqoise)221.76 PEDSTORAGE
    114Papplon140.00 PEDSTORAGE
    115Pixie Arm Guards (M)12.10 PEDSTORAGE
    116Pixie Face Guard (F)10.29 PEDAUCTION
    117Pixie Face Guard (M)11.45 PEDSTORAGE
    118Pixie Foot Guards (M)11.90 PEDSTORAGE
    119Pixie Gloves (M)11.90 PEDSTORAGE
    120Pixie Harness (M)12.90 PEDSTORAGE
    121Pixie Shin Guards (M)11.95 PEDSTORAGE
    122Pixie Thigh Guards (M)12.10 PEDSTORAGE
    123Predator Helmet (L) Blueprint (L)10.03 PEDAUCTION
    124Sabakuma Skin20.22 PEDSTORAGE
    125Shogun Arm Guards (M)14.52 PEDSTORAGE
    126Shogun Face Guard (M)110.82 PEDSTORAGE
    127Shogun Foot Guards (M)15.15 PEDSTORAGE
    128Shogun Gloves (M)13.87 PEDSTORAGE
    129Shogun Harness (M)19.26 PEDSTORAGE
    130Shogun Shin Guards (M)18.32 PEDSTORAGE
    131Shogun Thigh Guards (M)115.70 PEDSTORAGE
    132Short Firn Board122.16 PEDAUCTION
    133Short Firn Board244.32 PEDSTORAGE
    134Short Midastree Board50.20 PEDSTORAGE
    135Snablesnot Skin240.96 PEDAUCTION
    136Snablesnot Skin251.00 PEDSTORAGE
    137Snarksnot Skin10.06 PEDSTORAGE
    138Soft Hide101.00 PEDSTORAGE
    139Sollomate Opalo13.80 PEDCARRIED
    140Stinktree Board51.55 PEDSTORAGE
    141Strong Cloth Extractor40.04 PEDSTORAGE
    142Thin Wool82.00 PEDSTORAGE
    143Tripudion Skin10.30 PEDSTORAGE
    144Vibrant Sweat37390.03 PEDSTORAGE
    145Vindicator Face Guard (M)16.01 PEDAUCTION
    146Wool91.80 PEDSTORAGE
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  2. Here are the first five of my final scans from January 31st

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  3. Here are the last two images of my final scan from January 31st

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  4. Final Entry 1 of 2.... If I'm not too late

    Sorry about posting at the last minute. Hope it's not too late. Kinda got caught up in a soc hunt.... :tumbleweed:
    Anyway, managed to throw most of my inventory into the pictures as well :D.

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  5. Final Entry 2......

    and some more pics....

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  6. Got lvl 10 Laser Sniper tonight.
    Unlocked new skill - Marksmentship!

    Attempted to help Canada tonight doing the WoF. We didnt get one single global in those 3 hours. Each of us used about 5k to 10 k ammo. I guess MA doesnt want Canada to win. lol

    I helped Eve collect 18 more TPs also.

    :Beer:Pass the beer please. I need a rest after such a run. lol
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  7. Thanks to all our participants in this month's competition - I am now closing the diary thread.
    Judging will now commence and the quiz drawn up pretty soonish... watch the results thread for more info!
    Good luck to you all!
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