Just another day in the fields

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    Just another day in the fields


    Derid looked up at the sun and only the face mask of his Settler armor protected his eyes against the burning rays and after a few moments he returned his focus to the VSE Mk1. The Ambulimax spread it attacks around the group that was working the sweat from it under the normal dangers of the struggling colonists who did not have a wealthy family or corporation paying their way. He saw many faces he recognized, hard working and struggling sweaters that day after day worked their VSE Mk1 to try to earn some PEDs to get them out of this struggle for daily survival.

    He nodded thanks to the FAP wielding and well dressed man who healed up his latest wounds after another focused attack from the Ambulimax. At least some people deserved his respect he thought for himself, they came without calling and helped the struggling colonist to better work conditions with some healing, words of advice and from time to time bought the hard earned vibrant sweat that brought all these souls to this Ambulimax infested area.

    “One day, one day I will be the one helping others here, just wait and see…” He humbled for himself.

    “What was that?” A fellow sweater looked curiously at him.

    “Nothing, just mumbling loud about my enjoyment of this glamorous work we do.” He grinned at the sweater next to him that grinned back.

    “It’s a fricking party is it not, can’t wait for tomorrow!” The other sweater silenced and the smile disappeared from his lips as he focused on his VSE Mk1 again.

    Derid returned to his thoughts and he knew that he could make it out of here. Not everyone who was successful in this new world had rich families who paid their ways, some had gotten up there by hard work and using their brains. If they could, why could he not he thought for probably the millionth time. He returned to his work with new energy and focus and listened with a half ear on the society channel. At least he had managed to get into a good society, good people with standards he thought for himself as yet another Ambulimax was dry and the classic headless chicken race started with new colonists running all over the place ending up with 3-4, if you were lucky, more Ambulimax crashing into the group from all directions. He stopped listening on the threats, the claims of who knows who and how good colonist some people were. Ironic he thought for himself, if you are so good, why the heck are you here slaving with the rest of us?

    The day was long and he returned to the storage terminal to drop off the gains for the day. Another two thousand vibrant sweat was added to the over 300K he already had in there. He looked at the picture of a girl that he carried in a pocket in his armor.

    “I will make it good for us princess, I will.”

    There was no option of giving up, this was all he had. He took some time and did his regular inventory calculation and registered the numbers whilst he checked the prices of the different items he had managed to scavenge together during his initial years here to see if the marked had changed some. He had started a little collection and was hoping that one day he would be able to profit on things he was collecting.

    The incoming message flashed and he responded. Ah, kind Serica looking in on me as usual he thought when his worried society leader enquired about his day and as usual had some thoughts and items for him to acquire at TT price if he wanted them. He was always interested in items for TT, maybe one day he would be able to sell them for a tiny profit somewhere and he cherished the care his society showed him. They were light years ahead of him in gains in this world and still they have accepted him into the society. Probably for comical relief as he usually told them, but he was happy being there, they were good people and he would make their investment into him with knowledge and time worth it.

    He closed down the storage and went out to the teleporter and left for Port Atlantis like he did most evenings. After walking around some he found a comfortable place to sit and relax, he listened to the discussions and picked up some worthwhile information here and there. He saw some people he knew and threw out a hello here and there, an enquire if all was good and how was the hunting and most reported the same sad old news that the return was tough but hopefully they would strike that big one soon, or even just profit.

    The night came and he returned to his temporary sleep arrangements to get up early tomorrow for another day in the fields. He would try to do some walking tomorrow, maybe a few stone finds could give him some extra morale for another day of sweating.
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  2. nice story...well done!!!:clap:

    critic talk: that story is depressing:cry1:
    a newbie's life story on calypso is depressing enough as it is, but to see it in words like this it goes right down to the heart (the keyboard is mightier than the sword) !
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  3. Derid

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    It's not depressing, its facts! :)

    But a young colonists life is tough on Calypso, but with hard work and dedication you maybe one day can rise above and leave the sweating behind you. Live in one of those fancy apartments with a sea view and a Quad parked on the roof.

    Derid :)
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    Hey I really like this! Its fine that its just a story of every day life. I like that and always interested in a Reality spin on the ways and woes of life on Calypso. ITs the closest any of us are likely to get to colonising/living on a frontier planet so yeh nice to sometime think about what it would be like if it were real. Hope there are more stories where this one came from
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