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  1. I know that DNA fragments is needed to grow mobs on a land area, but what else is needed, if anything? Also, does the whole process have to be repeated on a regular basis with more DNA, etc, or is it a one-off thing?
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  2. I think fertilizer is required as well but not being one of this select group I cannot be sure.
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    I read on somewhere that you need fertilizer
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  4. What are the responsibilities and expenses associated with land ownership. Is there a contract between MA and the land/estate owner? According to my interpretation of the EULA, all ownership of everything resides solely with MA. Obviously, this being true, then the land owner has no equity position whatsoever. Where might I find more credible information on these and related subjects?
    It would be helpful to see some information from those who have "invested" in these virtual properties.
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  5. Once a DNA is added it stays there, so no need of repeating that process. But as Chela mentioned, Energized Fertilizer needs to be added on a regular basis. More info about how much is needed can be found in this tutorial made by the land owner Jos Bernz Bernz.

    Fubar: I believe there are no physical contracts between MA and the land owners, quite sure it works just like with owning an appartment or shop; an ingame deed in your inventory. The person holding the deed owns the LA, and when the deed is traded to another player so is the ownership of the LA.
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  6. UnaAlconbury, thank you for your response. The link to the tutorial by Jos Bernz Bernz was helpful. It answered some questions about landowner/mob management that I had not thought to ask.
    Are there tutorials available from landowners concerning the management of mining resources on the land areas?
    Would any landowners care to comment about their land management/ownership experiences in general?
    The expenditure of 'real-world' dollars to acquire these virtual properties is not insignificant. Before I write the check, I expect to have done my 'due diligence' to have a much better understanding of the relevent issues than I now have.
    Thanks for the forum. There does not seem to be any other place to go to communicate with the people who are playing the game on this level.
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  7. You are welcome, Fubar.

    I am quite sure the land owners can't decide which mining resources can be found on their LA. Only thing they can adjust (apart from setting the taxes ofc ;)) is which and how many mobs should appear.

    I suggest you PM a land owner (Bernz for example, through the link I posted) to get a better picture of land ownership in general.
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  8. Thanks to all, sorry for late reply... So, the DNA requirement is a one-off then, although I suppose this has to be repeated for each type of mob a land owner wants to generate (?), and the main on-going cost is the fertilizer, hence fertilizer stations? Incidentally, I've got stuck in these places a few times, before MA kindly put gun towers everywhere - phew:rolleyes:

    So, it seems to me then, that somehow acquiring land ownership, is only the beginning of the financial outlay battle, whatever the actual agreement with MA is. When I posed this question, it was with the likes of CND in mind (just going to extremes here) that has I believe 20 biodomes, so the running costs must be very high just on the fertilizer requirement alone. Surely, if it wasn't for the advertising revenue that the owner of CND accumulates, this greatest of all EU ventures would never have got off the ground - hunting and or mining taxes alone would never have done it. But what happens to leser land owners that do not have the additional benefit of advertising revenue? I just don't see how the majority of land owners make any real profit...
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  9. Nexus7:
    Yes it has to be repeated for each type of mob you want to have on your land. You can also add more than one DNA of the same mob, which would increase the quantity available for that mob. I think up to 6 DNA's can be added (perhaps more for some) in total and those can be combined however you like, you can ofc have 6 Molisk DNA if you want. If all of them are put to max spawn you would have one helluva Molisk spawn :D

    You are absolutely right about that a lot more money is needed after the initial purchase of the land itself. We already mentioned the costs of fertilizers that need to be added on a regular basis, and getting a DNA of a good mob that people would like to come hunt will of course not be cheap either.

    I share your thoughts about the majority of the land owners probably does not make much money from it. I think you will need an attractive mob that is not available in so many other places to get the people interested. For example, why would they hunt on your taxed land if they can hunt the same mob untaxed elsewhere? An LA does not run by itself, hard work is definitely needed first to get the hands of a good DNA, and then also to promote and maintain it all. Like with everything else, nothing comes for free.

    Are you sure ND wouldn't have made it without the advertising revenue..? Or you are simply guessing? I believe it can very well be so that he has made it back from tax income alone, he does have some unique mobs up there and I am sure he makes a lot from the miners. It sure is a popular place for mining.
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  10. " Are you sure ND wouldn't have made it without the advertising revenue..? Or you are simply guessing? I believe it can very well be so that he has made it back from tax income alone, he does have some unique mobs up there and I am sure he makes a lot from the miners. It sure is a popular place for mining."

    I was partly guessing, as I have never owned a land area myself, but I was also going by my own hunting experiences on CND. In general, loot successes have been fairly much the same as for anywhere else that I've hunted in EU, which is about 30% of mobs killed, so if this is common for all participants, then I assume that advertising revenue does greatly help.

    I totally agree with the your other points on land ownership in general, which more or less mirrors my own take on what is involved with owning a land area ;)
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