Kyanite Lookout

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  1. this place is on top of the mountain here.

    126007, 86934

  2. May i say something.. as I am visiting NI for a bit.. and doing TP runs mainly on foot. I noticed that if a new player comes on. and is doing a tp run to get this tp .. one the mobs on the base of this mountain (or i should say plateau) they will most likely die and have to get back to the that revival that is closest which is Serpentine Village; this would mean that if they try again they will never get to the tp .. and those like me who can fight off the mob but have no vehicle (the Sleipnir or the Quad) can't get to the tp. I suggest that you make a path way up or a area at the bottom that has a televater, or have a revival at the top .. agian if you have the tp and would like to start killing the mobs .. well that avatar has to jump down (this means taking dmg - if no vehicle is had)

    so i hope you see what im stating .. this tp needs a change :)

    thx for your time.
  3. There is another TP right near the base of that area(a little south by the lake) so no need for a path. I think someone just thought it would be clever to make the land area management totem poles hard to get to. From an average Jo player standpoint this TP is just useless, neither a problem nor a benefit. For a land owner though it would serve some small benefit as they can just TP right to their LA management, although as of yet no-one owns those LA's
  4. red


    you can get up there with a teleport chip, as well.
  5. well i was looking at the point of view as a new player.. who has nothing but the cloths on their back.. so no MF no vehicles.. and if they need to get that TP to complete there map so that they have all TPs .. they are unable to get there on there own :(
  6. I remember as a new player there were some tp's that were a pain in the butt to get. I don't think making them all easy for a new player would be the way to go. Let them know from the start that some things will take a bit of doing to accomplish.
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