Landing Platforms and televators for pilots..(Fort Ithaca/PA)

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by Ben Coyote, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Ben Coyote

    Ben Coyote The Blind Sniper

    Well I've been up in a Slepinir Mk I as of late and i've been testing some of the possibilities of what could be when it comes to aircraft ideas..

    and this includes things like VTOL Landing pads, as well as other things..

    But first let's get down to the brass tacks. Fort Ithaca. This is a prime area to house a lot of slepinirs. A lot.

    I actually landed on one of the platforms this last week, and found out there's enough room for at least a dozen (if not more) slepinirs, to land on..

    and thus you have plenty of parking space..

    The problem though with this area, is that while you have 4 large landing areas to choose from, you really have no way (once you land) to access the ground below, and the only way down, is to jump.. (Of course now with the falling damage implemented, you die once you hit ground)..

    So the simple solution is this: A televator, (or even televators), so that you can access the ground. Now Athena spaceport has these devices in place and how hard would it be to put one or two or even three or for televators around the edges of the pads or even 4 in the center? Not that hard at all..

    Now also with the advent of the New PA area, there's one thing seriously lacking for all the slepinir pilots, and that is of course Landing space.. (Granted ther's one landing pad outside the main entrance to PA's core, but still a lot of pilots vie for that one pad.. and most often times they have to land some wehre else.. (like on the docks..)
    So for PA I suggest landing pads scattered around the core of the city.. away from obstructions and big enough to land a slepinir on (Much like those found out at swamp camp or Nos Loull or even Orthos West Mound.

    But the idea doesn't stop there.. Why not put landing pads (1-2 of them) around certain TP's... Like Fort Pandora, and to make them ore challenging, place foliage, like varying syzes of plants ) around the platform, and make each approach to said pads, yunique and challenging..

    In short give the aircraft pilots a skillful challenge at doing stuf like that..

    But what are you thoughts on this idea?

    Benjamin "Ben" Coyote, a.k.a."The Blind Sniper"
  2. Well, until changes are made in the vehicle substems, simply pocket your VTOL on landing and / or ignore other aircraft on the tarmac since collisions do not occur between vehicles.

    Televators at Ft Ithaca would be nice though.
  3. Ben Coyote

    Ben Coyote The Blind Sniper

    Right and in fact I did put the suggestion in for FPC to do taht.. (Also I will state that the new Televators look very nice, and in fact when they redo the apartment complexes and stuff like taht, (I thinnk we'll see these televators being put into the buildings ..

    Now as for the Ithaca Platforms, I think even simple railings are good enough to help keep folks from falling off the sides (However if they jump? That's their own business.. Frankly even a set of stairs you can run down would be nice..

    But anyway I submitted the suggestion today...l Let's see what the folks at FPC/ MA do with it..
  4. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    I like the idea of the televators at Fort Ithaca, and I don't think we need to go crazy with multiple ones on a single landing platform, even given the size of them, but they would certainly come in handy and perhaps increase activity in this city.

    I also like the idea of landing pads sprinkled around various locations on the planet, but ... I think multiple landing pads around Port Atlantis would take away from the aesthetic not to mention increase lag. There's already a nice landing area atop the Port Atlantis Mall with not only a televator, but a teleporter as well, so dual efficiency which I thought was quite handy.

    Perhaps create some sort of larger (raised) landing pad like those at Fort Ithaca with a televator just off the main city complex that would blend in with its decor? It would probably be best not to have multiple landing pads directly around the core of the city since it produces more lag, and would be nice to leave the city looking clean like it is now. Maybe construct an offshore platform as a landing pad with a televator where people would then need to use their boats or hovercraft to get to shore. Granted, not everyone will have a boat, but I think it would create a new element to the resort feel of the environment.

    Just throwing ideas out there too. :bigsmile:
  5. Neuromancer

    Neuromancer Brainstormers Official Brain Glue

    There are televators on the high Athena landing pads, but they are inoperative at the moment.

    It would be nice to see some landing pad etiquette as well. Some people just park the jets and leave them there
  6. The televators in Athena work and it is cool to fly there. Just a big FPS drain due to no optimized area :-(
  7. Neuromancer

    Neuromancer Brainstormers Official Brain Glue

    I'll have to go back there .

    Genesis rooftops need to be reworked. At the moment you sink right through them. Landing pads on apartment rooftops would be great as well.
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