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Discussion in 'PostModerna' started by NotAdmin, Jan 7, 2012.

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    Alan Morgan and his team have been working further to turn Planet PostModerna into reality. The latest to come out is a presentation intended for investors (to raise the neccessary capital we presume), but it also features some new conceptual artwork we figured you might enjoy.

    The presentation can be found here:
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    everytime I see anything from postmoderna i see lots of hard work and a really interesting project developing - and wonder why they insist on targeting the EU platform. looking today, they have a nice website, they are recruiting for a range of positions, the guy obviously has a long term veiw and can lead it. if you are going to piggy back on EU though, what the niche with in EU? i dont see that, and i think investors will ask the same, why arent you growing this project from garage to commercial on your own terms? why not go the extra yard and create a competitor, one which might open up a wider market by refining the business model (imo merging the RCE with paid for items is the way to go).
  4. Hi all,

    I thought I would check in.

    I will address what aridash has said since it comes up pretty frequently.

    You are right on many levels. We have thought about going indie because of the pure potential of what Postmoderna is all about but, the cost of building what already exists within the Entropia platform (eg. economic model, game, and the whole foundation) would add $6million (US) or more to the development budget and add years to the timeline. So...needless to say, option 1 is the general plan: integrate with EU. It's really about leverage! Option 2, has always been "starting from scratch."

    Trust me when I say that a lot (and I mean "a lot") of people have and are still saying we should be going down the Option 2 path. Most feedback in that area has been based on what we are trying to do--both on the entertainment and the educational side of what a Virtual World truly can be.

    I am going to ride out this investor wave a bit and see where we end up. The investors will always win of course. I do like playing Entropia and hope it works out with Mindark and EU. Just know that if we go the EU route, Postmoderna will be unlike anything you have played. Some people will like it and some will say, "What the...!"

    Again and as always, thanks for the support, your prayers and for keeping an eye on the project.

    -- A
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