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Discussion in 'Adopt a Newbie Foundation' started by shadowraider, Jun 6, 2010.

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  1. See this is what I was getting at.

    Obviously a hint was being dropped because rather than actually listen to what I was saying and acknowledge that this guy was trying to politically screw over a society, folks hopped on a bandwagon of "Magyar shut up." You said so yourself right there. :whistle: This forum started playing a game of "ignore the elephant in the room" because they had no idea how to react to a newbie spreading obvious falsehoods after being removed from a society. Unfortunately it was my role to bring ANF foundation back down to reality with regard to human behavior and levels of decency, and ANF's role to carry on business as usual despite the obviously large animal sitting in on their meeting.


    Im not going to expound into any more detail because its pointless. You may consider this my last post on the subject. But if you want to respond feel free. I dont need the last word, as Narfi insinuated and you jumped onto support of. I view a forum as a discussion where ideas are traded back and forth. Its unfortunate that the ideas are only valid if they are party line. If the party doesnt agree the opposition must be an "egotist." Its a popularity contest.

    Sorry but Im not interested in the popularity contest. Im interested in the truth, and getting the job done. I am a person who evokes strong reactions, both positive and negative from people. I'm not a middle-of-the-road personality, and understanding that I left the popularity contests back in High School.

    I would also like to say I bowed out of the ANF foundation for the same reason: That my personality as a leader was simply an ill fit for the foundations greater goals.

    I'll leave it at that. Its up to you whether you'd like to add ridicule to the reasons why I stayed gone.
  2. SoulPT

    SoulPT SoulReaver

    I think this is getting a bit out of proportions...

    This was started as a user complaint and as such, and the fact the complaint was against your guild, you had the right to respond and tell us your side of the story.

    Since both sides were told and there was no way to tell who was right or wrong, i suggest the thread be closed as this issue will have no better resolution than the current one.

    Remember... This is just a game. It's supposed to be fun.

  3. I read every single post in this thread, and i didn't have the impression that people were trying to tell you to "shut up" - imo it is pretty obvious what happened, but i will for sure not pick a side publically.

    And i have a simple reason to do so:
    There is nothing to be gained in a public "name & shame" spree, actually, this all hurts the ANF. Something that has helped a lot of people will all of a sudden become target for mudslinging, and seriously, i doubt neither of you intended that initially.

    The entire topic is something that doesn't need to be dragged to public, it is usually better to sort things like that out behind closed doors, or, if you can't get things sorted out, remain silent about it - there is no "elephant in the room", this is all your personal stuff, and that you feel the need to discuss that all in public is sad, even when you got kinda forced to do this, because you felt the urge to rectify what shadowraider posted.

    As it looks atm, you are both doing yourself a major disservice, if you can't be in the same soc, fine, but a miffed reaction over something that has been (alledgedly) "hinted" and a defaming spree on EP... both aint the very most mature thing to deal with PERSONAL problems.
  4. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    I agree with Wizzszz that no one is trying to ignore any of the issues stated here - from either side. I honestly do believe we have tried to be very diplomatic and not judgefull. Of course one or both part might have hoped we would have jumped on their side of the field, but in this case it's not gonna happen. No one else than you really knows what happened - and as I said earlier; the grand of problem is in the eye of the beholder.

    While I understand it is frustrating for a newbie to be thrown out from a society, I also understand it is frustrating for the society to see a thread like this.

    In my PERSONAL world, non of this was necessary - things didn't work out, ok, then we move on! But I'm not you.

    I'm gonna lock this thread now - I don't find there should be any reasons to discuss this matter anymore in public - it might hurt both of you more than it's worth.

    I also find it unfortunate, that a soc moved their name from the society list in the ANF-programe, only because one adoption went wrong - then again, as we say in Denmark "Burnt child hates the fire" - I just hope other societies and newbies can see, this is hopefully a one-time-'event'.

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