Laudanum is recruiting

Discussion in 'Entropia Societies' started by Magyar, Jul 22, 2010.

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    Check out our website at

    Also check out posts from our members at's Entropia Forum

    We're a mainly US based guild, mature players ranging from 18-60 years old, very helpful to new players and fun for veterans too. Events are listed on our website as they come up. Leadership staff is growing and enthusiastic, and we have a solid core group of people ingame as well as a good amount of casuals who keep conversation fresh while still knowing how to avoid drama.

    I personally am looking for people with a talent for writing, news reporting and information gathering. This isnt for any huge project, I just think our site could be better informed and I could use a break from time to time! Also if you have a programming talent be sure to let us know.

    Let videos past and present made by members speak for us:

    Stop by our website and apply via our recruit forum. We're looking for personalities that fit well with us. We dont stress about PED, we stress having FUN!
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