Laudanum's sponsors NEVERDIE 500 -- A new player oriented opportunity to win big!

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    NEVERDIE 500 - The Newbies Chance to Win Big is a newbie oriented circuit race around the track at Club NEVERDIE. Its oriented towards the newer player, giving them a chance to have some fun at no cost to them, with the potential to get Global / Mini Global value prizes that help them get started on the Island.

    Laudanum society has picked up 8 Valkyrie MK1's for this event. Currently theyre all the same color, but we want to get them painted all sorts of different colors for the new folks to enjoy.

    We will call out the race over the Next Island Public Chat, so people can get a live sense of actually being at the race track, and checkpoints will be set up where people will pass us data on who is coming through when.

    Gas will be provided, 8 cars will be provided, and new players will get to sign up here on these forums to participate. This event will be formally opened when Next Island opens. To prepare we need people willing to scan the attributes of contestants to make sure they are new players, we need people who will hang out at checkpoints, and of course we need a few judges in case of a photo finish who can take screenshots.

    I will be acting as a reporter throughout the event, keeping tabs on the race and broadcasting it live.

    Prizes will be 50 PED for the winner, 30 PED for 2nd place, and 20 PED for 3rd place. Everyone regardless of winning will get to have fun!

    For more info on this event PM me here.
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  2. Soloman

    Soloman The Replacement Archon

    Very cool Magyar. This is the sort of thing that will help the NI community grow.

    I'm excited to participate in this, hopefully I'll still qualify as a newbie when NI goes formally live!
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  3. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    I will donate time to help out...
  4. Sweet! Thanks Enzo. Im gonna do a consensus with a group of veterans to determine what is an acceptable way to determine who is a newbie and who is not. We have a little bit of time to get this settled. When it is I will post the qualifier here on this thread.
  5. Magyar, I shall participate as a checkpoint updater and/or photo finish guy! Let me know when its gonna happen!
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  6. The Guild would like to add to this event. We can not promise time to contribute so we will donate ped. Consider the prize values doubled.
    Magyar, pm me to set up a time to transfer The Guilds donation.
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  7. Corey Greyfox just donated 100 PED to double the prize amounts for this event. All prizes are doubled for first, second, and third place.

    Thanks Corey!
  8. Just bumping this up for new players to see :)
  9. +rep to corey and magyar for making an already "new player friendly" island even more friendly :)
  10. So I guess the official launch was on the 28th --- according to interviews in ET. I wasnt aware the product had left beta stages, but I am a rather busy person lately so its possible I simply missed the announcement. Anyone feel I should host this race ASAP, or should I wait until Greece is resolved?

    I leave it up to you all. Post your feedback here.

  11. How about hosting it last Saturday of March if contestents can make that time.
  12. Weekend after next works for me. I'll draw up a flyer and let my soc know so we can coordinate checkpoints along the raceway.
  13. the idea of a race sounds great, but i think you will have much more trouble implementing it. a few things block your progress. : a.) if you use the suggested 100 hp max rule, there will be a tiny pool of possible applicants b.) the track is not the best for racing 1 speed cars with the huge hills, you will need 10+ laps in order to have the driving skill of choosing your path make a difference. c.) the current state of the game's stability will not allow transport via TP's, and while taking 2 people from CND to jungle of dreams via hovercraft, both of my passengers disconnected. I tried to explain that normally the world works better than this.... but have not seen them on since. d.) there has been a huge drop in players, hopefully our friends, in Japan and the surrounding areas are doing better, but that's not the only cause for the drop. there are more issues, but if some problems are worked out, you time spent on organizing will come to fruition. otherwise 20 hours of prep for 3 people may callus you towards what should be a good fun game.... i hope it all works out for you. sounds fun if it can work. if you need help in any case i'm in. we all need to work together on this rock.
  14. Noted, and youre probably right. I'd like to go over some rules with folks. Enzo, Corey would you guys be willing to chat about this over PM and help me come up with some basic rules that are fair to everyone?

  15. Hungwell Motors is donating a Valkyrie MK2 to the winner of the race. You can choose from one of my pre-colored cars or the basic un-colored one. I will be showing off all my cars at the race track if I can be in-game at that time.

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  16. Any descision on whether this is going to happen or not?
  17. [​IMG]

    Volunteers needed. I put this event far ahead so we could organize the volunteer pool for people who are interested in helping make this event happen.

    PM me if that is you.
  18. Can I be the flag girl? :)
  19. Haha yeah sure. Do we have flags in EU? You can be the sparkler girl :-)
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