Lazy Sunday DnB Blog #2 - Pukkelpop Special

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    #2 - Pukkelpop Special

    Thanks to the publishing function I can make this thread now (17/08) And publish it while I'm at pukkelpop.
    Pukkelpop is an alternative music festival in Kiewit, Belgium.
    There are a lot of good DnB DJ's there, so I'm doing a special about the festival.
    Today, I will post some big tunes from the Pukkelpop DJ's!

    First off is Netsky.
    Netsky is my all time favorite DnB DJ.
    Born and raised in Belgium, he wasn't really expected to produce DnB.
    But now, a bit more then a year after his first tune he is already called the God of DnB.

    Secondly, there is The Prodigy, one of the headliners this year.
    The Prodigy is known for there special, old-school style of DnB, which is actually breakbeat.
    Played with live drums, guitars and vocals.
    It has been a while since they had a tune in the charts, at least in Belgium.
    But i think a lot of people remember Firestarter and songs like that?

    Another big name this year is Pendulum.
    I don't really like their mainstream tracks of the last few years.
    The tunes from before they went mainstream is way better
    Something notable is that they use live drums and guitars, which is a big plus for any band nowadays.

    Number four. High Contrast.
    He isn't as popular as he used to be,
    but he has some big, big, big tunes. Very smooth and liquid.
    Signed to Hospital, he has made this label to what it is today.

    Last but not least, Nero.
    They are known for their Dubstep tunes, though they have some wicked DnB too.

    There are a lot more big names at Pukkelpop this year,
    if anybody wants to check out the line-up; >>Clicky<<

    Please listen these tracks in 480px, otherwise the quality will suck.
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