Lazy Sunday DnB Blog #5

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by khaos, Oct 3, 2010.

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    I changed the blog's name! It's called "Lazy Sunday DnB Blog" now :)
    This means that I will - try to - post a new entry every Sunday!

    Today I will present to you 4 chilled out tracks and a 1-hour mix by InDivision.

    We start off with Defo's latest tune. The Finnish Defo is new to the scene,
    but he has already released 4 quality tracks!
    Defo's YouTube channel: YouTube - Spectronicbass's Channel

    Next one on my list is TwoThirds with his latest release: September Streams
    He started producing January this year.
    Some nice Dnb and Dubstep on his channel!
    He is also planning to release an album soon.
    TwoThirds' YouTube channel: YouTube - dranner123's Channel

    Number three is some low-tempo stuff by Phaleah and Soundmouse.
    Music can't get much more chilled-out as this track :)
    Perfect for your Lazy Sundays!
    No YouTube channel for them :(

    #4 Is an experimental track by Fracture Design, also known as SkyReach.
    The intro is a bit weird, but when the drums kick in, it all comes together!
    Fracture Design's YouTube channel: YouTube - fracturedesignDNB's Channel
    But most of his tunes are on other channels

    And last, but not least is this amazing one hour mix by InDivision!
    27 tracks, everything from low-tempo over chilled-out to energetic and atmospheric!
    Just love it!

    Please watch them in 480px or higher, else the quality will suck :)
  2. Enjoying this at work today. Thank you.
  3. khaos

    khaos DnB'addict

    It's a pleasure for me to entertain people with the music I like :)
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