Let me introduce myself to my Ak's Artwork

Discussion in 'Akbar Creative' started by Akbar, May 27, 2022.

  1. Let me introduce myself to my Ak's Artwork

    I will centralize here some of my 3D work
    Feel free to comment in Good like in Evil :)
    EP is freedom, EP is GREAT !​

    I could take a bit of time yesterday, and improve my Passenger Medical Room

    276_Cam Dispenser 07_3h45m55s.jpg
    Pic rendred with my actual computer, VRay 3h45min55s.

    276_Cam Dispenser 07_Filaire.jpg
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  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    nice render. What is it?
  3. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    I think its a reconstruction of the medical room from the movie, "Passengers". It's focused onto a wall area with a sink for some reason.

    It's good but personally the whole room view looks better imho.
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  4. Here is a selection of other renders I did.
    I learn and try to improve my technics, saddly I know noone who can teach me what I lack, and watch video tutorials is no fun...
    I reduced the JPG compression to make the weight of pics lighter in the forum.

    Enjoy !

    I prepare now, I go watch stars on telescopes with my astronomic club.

    004_Vue Porte.jpg

    005_Vue Sur Porte.jpg

    036_Cam Dispenser 03_03_38m16s.jpg

    055_Cam Dispenser 04_53m51s.jpg

    064_Rotor Test.jpg



    157_Cam Roulette 02_2h12m09s.jpg


    186_Cam Porte Métal 01_1h01m18s.jpg
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  5. 188_Cam Porte Ronde 01_1h17m30s.jpg

    222_Cam 01 SE_1h05m43s.jpg

    223_Cam Cadran 01_1h19m17s.jpg

    238_Cam Boites Plastiques 01_6h41m18s.jpg

    248_Cam CYPO 06_3h01m17s.jpg

    258_Cam Corner Left 01.jpg

    266_Cam M_Light 05_1h23m17s.jpg

    268_Cam Barrère 01.jpg

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  6. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Some amazing stuff in here, Ak. At some time in the very near future, we might end up with new realities where it's impossible to tell whether something we are watching was rendered, or actual real-life footage.
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  7. Thank you !

    Already today all movies are made using computer graphics and layers are at such level of realism that it is (quite) impossible to know they were made using computers, unless for people awared like me and many others.
    Anyway as I belong to early 3D lovers, I still enjoy watching old videos from that time, like "Stanley & Stella" "Locomotion" or "Eurythmy".

    I wish good luck to mindark in improving the game with the Unreal 5 Engine, I just hope they stop to make crossable trees and rocks, and solid but invisible trees and rocks in a disgusting cheat purpose, but I guess I ask them too much already...

    Here are at least to me some antologic videos :
    (and there are many others).

  8. Pretty interesting !
    And all objects are solid (sorry mindark, cheating is disallowed, but you'll find a way i'm not worried)

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