Looter Profession

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  1. Basic Skills are

    Reclaiming for Robots
    01 Reclaiming.jpg

    Scourging for Mutants
    02 Scourging.jpg

    Skinning for Animals
    03 Skinning.jpg

    Unlocks :

    Butchering for Animals
    04 Butchering.jpg

    Reaping for Mutants
    05 Reaping.jpg

    And apparently Salavaging

    "salvaging is the advanced ability to extract valuable resources from robots and machinery"
    Definition pm'd by Girtsn
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  2. It is good to notice that those new skills and professions are directly linked to the Scanning Profession,
    and NOT to the Ressource Gathering profession.
    Pretty funny that MindArk claims they are under the RG prof since they volontarily destroyed the Scanning Profession.

    Skills and unlocks are found in the Information tab.

    Also notice the definition of the "Salvaging" definition :
    "Salvaging is the advanced ability to extract valuable resources from robots and machinery"
    Simply saying that you need to scan Vehicles to get Salavation skills, or may be MindArk made Vehicles lootable now ?...

    So the definition above CLEARLY say this new prof is directly linked to the scanning profession,
    and NOT to the Ressource Gatherer profession, that....
    i'm sorry to repeat for the 2nd time, MindArk DESTROYED years ago !

    BRAVO MA !

    PS : Remember that the new Scanning way, is you have to scan 25 different targets before beeing able to re-scan the same one, or you have to wait 5 MINUTES before you can re-scan the same one... which i'm sorry to tell is completly DUMB.
    I did myself some scanning test to see how often i was getting the basic scan skills but also the unlocks since I have Xenobiology, and Robotology... and it appeared to be nothing else than a HUGE waste of time, crazy boring, and a Big Rip off...

    LooterProf VU15.16.jpg

    "An avatar's relevant loot profession will improve actual loot returns as it increases"

    What is this supposed to mean ?

    I'm sure old players will remember the box to check in the login page for the Adds,
    saying if it was unchecked, it would decrease the loot return...
    Then MA removed it (it is gone today), probably because this was just (another) fucking lie...

    So what to think about this ?

    Let's do a test, we take exactly same gear, i'm sure i get less loot even I got high Looter prof levels...
    Or may be mindark can explain me how a total noob playing since a year and depositing 20 euro per month (i know we had a chat and he told me), can get 8.7k feffoid uber hof, when me after all i deposited and cycled in the game in 14 years playing, i could never get something better than 1908 ped atrox given in 2011 (which was my 1st HoF after 7 years without a single) ?


    Cool, he told me he ran a withdraw of 7500 peds.
    But i guess he will hit another uber soon...
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  3. Here are some more infos for this new Looter Profession :

    At first I want to point out that after reading PCF and the 141 posts in 15 pages, noone noticed what I am going to show below, that's pretty frightning...

    So to the attention of Mr Ludvig/Mindark there is no Ressource Gathering Category.
    I find pretty strange that an official mindark who have been a player for years in the game (before we realise he was belonging to mindark - which suddenly makes sense for his incredible luck to get HoFs and find by 2 times in a row CLD from stupid mobs) is spreading wrong information about the game he have been playing for years and that he is defending now as an official member of the society (mindark) promoting it.
    To my knowledge, there is and have never been a Resource Gathering category, so it was VERY EASY to check and make sure what was the right label for this profession category.

    01 Ludvig.jpg

    I am not astonished when I see that Mr 711 copied STUPIDLY and edited the announcement without a minimum of intelligence what was posted before him.
    And that's you who talk of professionalism after lol...

    02 BerthaVU15.16_Known_Issues.jpg

    Just drag your mouse to the icon, and magically !!!!! you see it is...

    03 Resource Collecting Category.jpg

    Resource Collecting is the right name of the category.

    Now to mindark's attention :

    Ok, The Looter Professions are in the wrong category, this was said, and you will move them.


    The skills also are in the Information category in the skill panel, which is wrong also.

    At first we can think it is normal since the icons of the 6 new skills, since you kept existing icons instead of beeing a minimum creative and "create" new icons, are already used for the scanning skills in the Information skills category.
    Now if your design team is so lazy to create 6 new icons, well that's sad, but it is up to you...

    Anyway, sorting those skills in the Information category brought even more issues as now when people are reaching the L30 in Animal Looter category, they are unlocking the hidden skill "Xenobiology", and by pure logic, if the process is the same, people will probably unlock the skill "Robotology" by getting the Level 30 in Robot Looter.

    When I heard about this unlock, since I got the Xenobiology and Robotology skills unlocked from the past, I went hunting animals and robots, and I could see that I never get any Exp of those skills, and I understood that it was because the 6 new skills have been added to the wrong skill category tab. As simple as that.

    So the professions were added to the wrong profession tab,
    the skills added to the wrong skill category leading in people unlocking skills they should not,
    no specific icon created for new skills in a new feature,
    no correct coding and testing,
    all i can say is WOW !!!! that's really a lot for something which was announced like 2 months ago... You understand the message ?
    "very high bar for quality" where did I hear about this ?...

    It appears then to be more accurate and appropriated to place the new skills in the "mining" skill category, which btw should now be renammed into "Ressource Collecting" skill category.

    04 Skill Categories.jpg

    And btw, if your "design team" is not too busy,
    create new specific icons for the 6 new skills could be cool, but take it easy guys...
    Dont risk to have an accident by moving the mouse too fast on your computer...
    "the excellence" where did I hear about this ?...

    On side to this, what do you plan to do for the players who unlocked Xenobiology when they should not, and may be Robotology too ?
    I imagine the frustration of those players when you do your fix patch...

    Excellence and very high bar for quality ?


    05 excellence_my_ass.jpg

    Since 15 years and we can see it again today in this Version Update, everytime you add new features, they are completly bugged and released with tons of mistakes, which is saddly showing that no solid pre-testing have been done before upload it and offer it to the players, who are real cash customers (who are PAYING with their money).
    All i see, yes with really a lot of sadness, from people who are displaying themselves like super heroes who are doing things in the swedish tradition of excellence, is just lies, lies, and lies all the time, to hide their incredible incompetence to bring new features to their final application, which is again saddly translating a total lack of professionalism.
    Where is your "very high bar of quality" honnestly ?
    And I am far not the first or the only one saying it, just read PCF during the years.

    That's me mindark that you should hire to lead your "product" to the success...
    * Calling your game a "product" is reminding me a story, or to be exact a whinning story to take the words of Mr "Rimmer"...

    Mr "Rimmer" who had so much no balls to talk to me with his real identity (I perfectly know who you are), have been using an alt account to insult me in PCF forums because I was telling THE TRUTH (and not a whinning story).
    Posts #38, 51 & 65... and read the disgusting and abject comments Post #49 of this contemptible "Rimmer".

    I just have something to tell you Mr Rimmer ;
    Honnestly, who would you be without your father and his society ?
    Are you that much useless that it is why they sorted you at the end of the list on the website ?... Pathetic.
    * LOL, pretty funny to realise the name sorting have been modified during the week...
    You are not anymore at the end, you certainly called your dear daddy again...

    But when I see all I have done in the past to improve your game to help you, all the support cases I did, or the private website that I did especially for you MindArk with accurate pictures and creative ideas which have been implemented in the game later, to finally realise that my account was CURSED for years with the impossibility do get a HoF...
    please Mindark, tell me where is your level of excellence by behaving this way ????

    I was lucky to get my first and apparently the highest HoF in 2011 just after a phone call from the player Ogi Mini, phone call that he did so much HE COULD NOT BELIEVE that I was telling him I never had a single hof for 7 years, but I never had better than this given 1908 ped from 2011 with all the money I used and cycled in the last 7 years until today (yes next june 28 that's 14 years that I play in your game/product), tell me how this can be possible ?...

    4 days after his first global, Tork Fractal Angelshock is getting 2669 ped HoF,
    more than what me i never had in 14 years playing and cycling money with now near 450k total skills.
    How can this be possible Mindark ?

    For his 1st swirl, George Orw Orwell is getting a 1857 ped HoF, turp stalker = less than 100hp mob.

    But the cherry on the cake, Paulo Manique Santos had TONS of uber loots, pretty cool for a non-depositor,
    who after winning so much money (money that other players like me deposited), even did a 2500$ withdraw.
    And continued to get huge HoFs, while me I was getting NOTHING !!!!!!!
    9716 Drone 03, 3686 drone 02, 13479 Mining (amps were not existing at that time), and the list is long
    A total of 558 998 ped (at least for what the tracker recorded since it exists ), why would he deposit when you mindark have been so incredibly generous to him...

    And me after all the money i deposited, I do not deserve to get 1 HoF ?
    How do you explain this MindArk, in your tradition of excellence ??????

    All players have the same chances, are you really sure ?

    So that's cool to name swedish societies in your website,
    but do you really think they will name yours to valorize their names ?,
    in the name of the swedish tradition of excellence...

    I have doubts...
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  4. Akbar many thanks, no surprise that MA doesn’t appreciate you but as an ordinary player, thank you from me for all your selfless work to build fantastic community resources.

    Clicked on a few links...will definitely look at them again. I have no words left.

    Lol at MindArk comparing themselves to SAAB and Volvo!
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  5. Thank you.
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  6. ty akbar!!!

  7. Everything has been said. A dozen times already...

    1st of all, thank you Akbar, for once again proving what kind of lazy (yet clever) numbnuts are still working at MindArk
    and demonstrating, how even the fanboy-community slowly splits up even further, into "Fuck you mindark!" and "Oh, how beautifull Mindark!". Maybe this is the ultimate MindArk psycho test ? SEE how far they can go with negativity ? Just to call it a swedish-master-prank in the end ? ;) I still cannot believe, how many blind addicts still follow this complete bullshit. But lets go on...

    2nd MindArk is scamming the sh!t out of its own community, that is official since the Compet scandal and the ND ICO and the DeepThroat Token.

    3rd they fully suck at communication since 2009...but single posts of Ludvig still lead to multiple orgasms to some readers. x'D

    Those who havent realized that by now, are rich fanboys, either just scared to loose their gigantic, so called investments, or those that dont care at all what happens to their money.
    The sad rest still doesnt accept too much of negativity and would either love to SEE you stfu or leave the game for good.
    So they can continue to be addicted numbnuts as well, without any interruption.

    Those hardcore fanboys & scared investors never realized, that it is NOT just a simple "I dont like EU"...and they never will understand.

    If EU should go offline one day, Im sure there are at least 2 people left, that would go to MAs HQ and start...asking questions.
    Also a nice final for a great PR stunt. Who will rob the MindBank 1st...MindArk...inside job ? x'D

    Now and then, fanboys or MA internal avatars, show up on forums, just to "repeat themselves" or, if you hit a nerve, make you become silent, by banning you, or trolling you the professional way. Sometimes they even only do 1 single post... Fuck you MindArk ! Fuck you ! And thank you for making me enjoying this show, of how you abuse those blind addicts. Should I really feel sorry for them ?

    As I can still play for free, I will keep watching this show, where idiots and $-addicts are surrounded by other idiots and other $-addicts.
    Just like in the real world. Just believe everything you hear and read. It will never end, if you wont open your eyes.

    Honestly, kudos to MA, still beeing able to scam the sh!t of their "beloved" community, with dozens of bullshit promises and lies.
    Again and again and again. NOT ! You destroyed a great game...knowingly, fucking with ppls reallifes.

    Keep doing your thing. I will keep doing my thing.

    Anyway, hooray for the looter profession, here comes the...meat extractor from 2001...NOT...but wrong icons and once again, promises of "it will affect your loot" bullshit. Fuck off !

    meat extractor 2018.jpg

    Cant wait for the next announcement.
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  8. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Well, to be fair, MindArk states those qualities and attributes were developed in Gothenborg. They nowhere state THEY are using any of them (and I believe there's good reason for it, because the playerbase would very quickly call them out for it).

    Also, Leo Welter? Isn't him name Kim Welter? And doesn't Kim work for Planet Calypso? Which was claimed no longer to be associated with MindArk?

    Lastly, Akbar, I appreciate everything you have done for EU. However, I don't think there's such a thing as a parameter flagging players for low loot. I think you simply have been unlucky in your past. Have you ever tried participating in the Longtooth event? In that, I had more HOFs than I ever had in the rest of playing EU/PE. It was actually fun (if you got over the kill-stealing scumbags), and the HOFs made up for other losses during the event.
  9. i'm afraid, but i think everything is possible ... and mindark said there's so much more to come.. :cautious:
  10. San


    If that's how they like to be seen... Both went the way of the dodo. Chinese looted the corpse of the first and the brand name of the other.

    Although in a way, the feeling of being an Entropia player has some likeness to the Swedes here who stubbornly and with much love keep these sturdy old cars on the road against all odds.
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  11. "Hurt and bitterly crying, the mice kept gnawing on cactus"
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