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  1. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    OK that is kinda nice, but 2000 PED for +20 item points !!
    I can buy 3 apartments for that.
  2. I dont know. It looks like MA is desperate for cash. Supose MA employees need to make payments, for the cars, villas, horses, yachts, etc. The whole thing is awfully suspect.

    Do you actually believe theres gonna be a sudden stampede of rich, depositing gamers? Cmon! I dont!
  3. Buy one Teleporter, get one free!

    I think that will bring some changes to the value of far-out LAs - go grab 'em while they're hot!

  4. Natasza

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  5. I like the fact people can potentially add custom audio streams to their estates. Means anyone can set up their own "virtual night club" and hopefully do something better with it than ND did with "Club Neverdie". Bit pricey though. TPs on LAs will be good too (assuming LA owners actually invest in them). I hate using ME just to get around on Amethera.
  6. Alot of landareas is not worth the 150k ped investment of adding a teleporter even if they are far away. Most landareas have shit DNA so people wouldnt bother going there anyway

    Also..come on..the prices is just insane, MindArk seems extremely desperate for any type of income right now. For instance, adding a teleporter to a landarea takes about...20minutes including a coffeebreak and for that its a minimum 10.000$?

    I can see repair terminal and trade terminal being a great addition if the price was 2500$ for BOTH as a bundle

    "Quetesh" must be happy though with the freebies worth over 500k ped already existing on his LA (unless MindArk removes them lol)
  7. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    New opportunities are now available to purchase a range of extra functionality for Estates. Read the Estate Development details here.

    An estate on Planet Calypso is any form of property where ownership is claimed through possession of a unique deed specific to a property. Properties include land areas, shopping malls, shops, houses, apartments and shopping booths. Deeds to various Estates may be traded between colonists on Planet Calypso and can often be found on the in-game Planet Calypso auction.
    Opportunities are now available for estate owners to develop and customize their estates through the purchase of added functionality.
    Below you'll find a list of development opportunities that can be currently purchased for each type of estate - just click the title to expand the window and find out more. At the bottom of this page you'll find details about ordering and terms.
    Welcome to a new frontier.

    • +20 item points â?? 2,000 PED
    • Live streaming with music of your choice â?? 25,000 PED

    Land Areas
    Teleporters *
    • Large Frontline Battle Teleporter â?? 150,000 PED
    • City Spire Teleporter â?? 125,000 PED
    • Calypso Classic â?? 100,000 PED
    • Custom Teleporter Name (Teleporters inherit by default Land Area names) â?? 5,000 PED
    Service Center (Terminals not included) *
    • Octagonal Settlement Service Center (6 Terminal, 4 Machine capacity, 1 Auctioneer capacity) â?? 150,000 PED
    • Frontier Drop Container (4 Terminal capacity) â?? 50,000 PED
    • Forward Support Pod (2 Terminal Capacity) â?? 10,000 PED
    Service center add-ons
    • Trade terminal â?? 25,000 PED
    • Repair terminal â?? 25,000 PED
    • Revival terminal â?? 25,000 PED
    • Society terminal â?? 25,000 PED
    • Storage terminal â?? 25,000 PED
    • Manufacturing machine â?? 25,000 PED
    • Auctioneer â?? 25,000 PED
    Shopping Booths
    • Calypso Classic Red Shopping Booth â?? 20,000 PED
    • Live streaming with music of your choice â?? 25,000 PED
    • Tailored Chat Message for HOF/Global on Land Area e.g. John Smithy Smith killed a creature (Atrox Guardian) worth 100 PED at the Hunters Paradise land area. â?? 25,000 PED
    *Teleporter and Service Center upgrades include an automatic buy back of previous model e.g. Upgrade cost to City Spire Teleporter from Calypso Classic Teleporter is 125,000 PED â?? 100,000 PED = 25,000 PED

    Shopping Booths
    • +20 item points â?? 2,000 PED

    Shopping Malls
    • Live streaming with music of your choice â?? 25,000 PED
    • Custom Name â?? 10,000 PED
    • Exterior Texture Renovation â?? 25,000 PED

    • +20 item points â?? 2,000 PED
    • Live streaming with music of your choice â?? 25,000 PED
    • Exclusive Custom Name Sign (Non interactive) â?? 5,000 PED

    Purchase Information
    To purchase added functionality for your estate:
    1. Compile a list of added features you wish to purchase.
    2. Send an email to including
    - your added feature list
    - full avatar name
    - name of estate you wish to customize

    A representative from First Planet Company will contact you regarding your order.

    A 30% discount is available right now for orders placed and paid for during December.

    Payment for all added functionality shall be made up-front in PED. Your First Planet Company representative will provide you with details.

    Your First Planet Company representative will inform you which Version Update will include your extra estate functionality.

    Prices subject to change. All trades are final. No refunds.
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  8. If you have a mall shop with 40 item points, another 20 for 2k is cheap.
    The alternative is a shopkeeper which adds 14 slots for 3.5k.
  9. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

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  10. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    That just makes me think the value of both shops and shopkeepers is way overrated. Shopkeepers will most likely drop in value due to this change, and come out at between roughly 1k - 1.5k I would think. Sounds more reasonable to me.

    But shops just seem amazingly overpriced, as it takes a lot in order to earn back the initial investment already.

    Then there's the issue of LA sheds, houses, and hangars being left out for these new features. Guess those wanting to sell from apartments, sheds and houses will still require shopkeeps, though now hopefully cheaper.

    Nice, though, to see MA finally allowing us to actually make out estates stand out from others. Too bad it took so long to implement it, and too bad it's so horribly costly. But maybe this will be the beginning of a better use for real estate :) Hopefully similar updates will follow where all these things can be crafted together out of carefully gathered and collected components. That way it'd be not just MA getting anything from this.

    (even with the 30% "ooh, help us close our yearly books on a semi-positive note" discount, the whole deal seems incredibly overpriced though, and I'm really not sure how many people will spend their hard-earned PEDs on this stuff)
  11. Atlan Leticron

    Atlan Leticron Postmoderna pixel pusher

    Actualy, a shopkeeper add's 20 slots.

    A booth has 11 slots, ad 20 to it and you have 31 slots.
    Use one slot for a add sign.
    30 slots left, that room for 5 shopkeepers.
    A shopkeeper takes 6 slots
    That 5 x 20 = 100 item slots and no monthley fee.

    And 100 item slots and a add sign is worth considering.

    Althoug, current prices are a bit steep though, and out of my current budget.

    And the live stream might be very interesting for the club.
    But very pricey atm.

    Prices are steep indeed, but if you own a shop or booth it sure is worth considering.
    20 extra slots is quit a diference, especialy in a booth.

  12. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    disagree somewhat, every LA just normalised in value. any LA can have TP for additional 100k, negating alot of the premiums some attract. no DNA is shit if you market it or run events. those who bought one recently for 100-150k can sink another 150k and have a decent income generator.

    i'd agree the fees are steep though. however, as a business model, this is precisly how things should be done: if you invest in apartments, shops, LA, you should be able to upgrade them. i'd would have prefered some sort of activity based point allocation system, so its not just who has deep pockets, but i think its welcome addition.
  13. Yep, very interesting. Imagine how many TP's colonists might have to get in the future:eek: Why would LA owners want additional terminals though when service centres already have them?
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  14. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    The basic 10k ped pod only has two terminals, which might be revive and trade? Add 25k for a repair terminal and that is cheaper than the 50k container, yet will help encourage hunters/miners to remain on that land area longer, as they can repair/resupply/tt unwanted oils/skins/ammo etc.

    I think it allows the landowner to choose which terminals they will add, so for the same price one owner might add a repair terminal, while another owner might add a storage terminal instead. Would be interesting to see which proved more attractive to entice players onto that land area.

    I'm not sure why a landowner would spend 150k peds to place a Service centre on their land, as I doubt that they would receive any direct peds benefit from having crafting or auctions performed on their land. But a 4 terminal container (assuming it includes repair/trade/revive ) might be very worthwhile for a landowner to encourage players to remain in that land for longer.
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  15. Yes interesting, and a little scary that they can fetch such a price.
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  16. I would say 70% of all landareas dont even make 50k ped a year, even ones that are only a minor tp jump from a TP. Now how can you justify adding a tp when it takes several years to pay it off?
  17. I don't get why you have to earn something back... If you buy a shop or tp or whatever, it will hopefully not be worth 0 peds once you have bought it? Unless you have taken a loan from hells angels, there's no need to immediately get that money back is there? :headscratch:
  18. If you are holding a landarea simply for hoping it increases in value you are in for a treat, most landareas are down 50% in value if we go by the last 2-3years of sales. Even if you add a TP for lets say 100k ped..doesnt mean people will want to pay 100k ped more for the land.

    Even with a TP,most landareas are NOT worth more than 150-180k. Only spots that would benefit from their own tp would be lands with specific good DNA. Those lands might increase their revenue of 100-200peds more a day...most of the other lands wouldnt
  19. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    is that a fact or a guess? eitherway, its not what im talking about. the comparions is that this LA is worth more than that because its closer to a tp is now moot. if LA q with a TP is selling for 250k then LA p which is more remote is worth 150k all else being equal. people will go to a LA for a better quality of spawn, even if its Exa, people will go to an event if its easy to get to. my point is now the valuation of LA is focus on DNA and managment.

    Not worth 150k? depends how long you are willing to wait to see return.
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