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  1. Missions!

    FPC released the awaited Mission Content Release yesterday and the players are as busy as ever before. If you haven’t already, read the Content Release notes here.

    Missions FAQ

    Of course, players still have many questions regarding the Mission system. Here’s some of the frequent ones

    Will mobs killed in team be counted if I have a mission for that mob active?

    It will be counted -but only for one of you. That is, the one of you that does the killing shot. Team missions might be implemented later on, we’ll have to look into it.

    Will there be any missions for other professions then hunting in the future?

    We are still working on our Mission system, which in the future will allow us to make more complex missions and more variety. We want to be able to create missions to appeal to everyone.

    Does everyone gain one full attribute point (from certain missions)? Doesn’t that make it better for already high skilled individuals?

    Yes, everyone gains a full attribute point from certain challenges (which I am sure some dedicated players are mapping as we speak). This does indeed mean that players with high attribute points will have more use of it as the attributes progression slows down on higher levels.

    If you want to hold out and do the missions at a later stage when you feel it’s more worth it to you, you can. Missions on Planet Calypso is not a necessity for progress in the game, and thus you aren’t forced to do them. It’s up to you!

    But some missions will only be available for a set amount of time?

    Right now there’s no missions implemented that is set at a limited amount of time. If they are intended to only stay a certain amount of time, we will make sure to make that information reach the community (for example in the cases of event missions.)

    If we however decide to remove a permanent mission figure, we will also inform of this, giving you enough time to finish the missions.

    There are of course the possibility that we have to remove a mission quickly if there’s a critical issue with it, but under normal circumstances you should have enough time to complete the missions after being informed.

    Is the skill value also the same for everyone?

    The volume of the skill gains are the same, but it won’t show as the exact amount of points for everyone. So yes, this means it won’t make a difference if you do the skill-reward missions now or later.

    Why are there no missions for newcomers in this batch?

    Our last Content Release had a batch of newcomer missions located at the Port Atlantis Swamp Camp. This round the missions are directed towards lower midlevel to uber players. More newcomer missions will arrive in our next Content Release, which will focus largely on the newcomer experience.

    Will there be different types of rewards in the future?

    Yes, there will. The plan is to have special mission-items as rewards, we just need the tools to do it. It is a tricky balancing act giving out items with TT values due to the Real Cash Economy, but we are expecting MindArk to open up for this in the near future.

    Will the rewards for the current missions change?

    No, even when new mission-items are implemented the rewards for the already implemented missions will stay as they are.

    Do I need to be in a certain area to kill creatures I am asked to kill?

    There are no missions with such restraints. Kill them wherever you want!

    If a future mission has such rules, then the quest log will let you know.


    Turps had problems with their texture and are now taken out of Planet Calypso’s wildlife while they are getting stitched back together.

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    Ah great :) new rewards will be added new missions!!!
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    Aww. Even my pet turp Turpentine? What will I do without him? :cry:

    Oh, I know... :alcohol:
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    This was missing from first post:

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    These last rounds of VU from 11 on are just too fucked up for words.

    Think more then the next 5 minutes ahead and you will see why.
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