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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Sorven, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Well, I've decided that it was in my best interest to remove a source of pride. Being a non-depositor gave me room to gloat and I do not need extra temptations in life, and so towards the end of last month I made my first $20 deposit. Man, it was nice having some funds in game and trying some different things, I'm barely surviving again after using it up, but at least I got to do something different and remove the curiosity I had towards a project. That's the first change I made, the next change I made I will share after some basic game news.

    I have a new highest rookie gear sized find, I got an XI size find! Woo! A couple days after that one I got an IX, not as exciting but it helps survive longer, at least until I can deposit again which could be a couple months away, lol, I budget very carefully and have to choose between things when I spend my money each month. Speaking of spending, that brings me to the next change... or maybe it's just a new thing...

    I created another (are you surprised?) blog, this one is about finances, IRL stuff. You all are welcome to look at it, I have set up my anonymity on it as well, there is a new Other Blogs section on my Sorven blog, I will be adding a couple of others there when they are ready. I was inspired to write it after talking to someone at work, they are aware of all my little projects that I do and thought I should write a book. Obviously a book is a lot of work and so I decided I'd just blog about it. Currently I have just 2 posts, one with any real information in it, but it's a work in progress. So, if you're financially/environmentally minded like me it may be of some interest to you. Other things I plan to post there are recipes and projects that I'm working on.

    Anyway, I anticipate other changes to come, they're just slow, trying to plan them as carefully as possible. I do have one possible change coming up that is exciting, when it is confirmed I'll let y'all know. ;)
  2. An interesting twist i have to admit :)

    So before i read today's installment of Sorven's adventures (detected!) i have to ask one simple question: Where can we find your new blog? I feel i'm missing a clue or a link, but i just can't find it anywhere :D
  3. I have links to my blogs on each of my blogs now, to the right you can see a section called Other Blogs, this has a link to my blogs as well as another one that isn't mine, I'm sure you will be able to tell which ones are mine though, I have a particular writing style.
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