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Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by cantbe, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. To all NOTM entrants for March 2008 - please post your acheivements, stories etc. in this thread.
    The Diary is scored by three Judges and the average mark taken

    All other posts will be moved and you may have points deducted, if you are not in the competition and wish to reply to an entrant's diary messages, please start a new thread.

    Gratz and rep are fine
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  2. hi, i started this game a few weeks back, probably close to a month now. Just sweeting myself to death like everyone else. about a week after playing i pick up my first rifle and started hunting around the swamp pulling mobs off noobs that where sweeting, so far ive managed to git up to laser lvl 5. About the same time i started hunting i picked up my first disciple, Aralis speedy mcspear, it was a unique experience teaching and learn at the same time but hes doing well and is currently at 77%. Went on my first tp run not to long ago with a random group from port atlantis swamp to twim peaks, it took the majority of the day but was fun.Went on a tp run with society to neas....not so much fun way to many deaths but a good learning experience. Ive just started to dabble in crafting i have my mining,drilling etc all at lvl 1 and have also picked up tailoring. i figure i might as well put the items i git from hunting to good use. i like to explore alot n i help ppl as i run into them either by directing them where to go, helping them farm or giveing them advice. I have yet to git a global but came close yesterday killing outside of twin peaks i picked up a gun and other mics items that came to about 40 ped
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  3. Hey everyone. I am a member of the tkoc. I joined Entropia about eight months ago. Unfortunately, I was not an active participant. I would just run around (and run around MMOS). Now, I have become fully involved in the game. Sweating, Trading, Crafting, Hunting, Minning are all high skills (but not too high) on my avatar. Hunting, Minning, and Sweating are my favorite activities. Recently I have been on teleport runs, shown beginners how to participate in the game (from sweating to minning) and been skilling up my avatar mainly. I am glad to participate in this event. I have been on Team hunts and received two globals with my soc. I have had 1 spaceship in my minning, but no beacon. Also, I have had 3 solo globals. All off of argonauts forth of TP mall. Ill be checking in later to tell of what i have been doing. Cya Later

    Went Minning and Crafting. Mined some Oil 50 peds of probes made 9 ped profit tt. Crafting basic filters made about 12 ped profit tt. pretty exciting till this next thing happened. :0
    Well...checking in, I got scammed hardcore a couple of days ago....I am back down to a noob in my equiptment and stuff. Had a friend who was selling gear for me, I let him use my armor and weapon (shogun 2a plates & breer m2a OA 102) and he never logged on again. Lost about 550 peds. For a couple of weeks, I will be seen at the swamp (sweat) camp North West of Port Atlantis....Feel free to help donate :)

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  4. :search:
    it was a long an dangerious travel, deep into molisk territory, hen i discoverd the wreakage of a four tracked truck, it was there i met a friend, who showed me an anchent art, a art of molisk sweating. with a short deminstration, i was off, learning this art, today i mastered it. i am a molisk sweater........ :hehe:

    evor sence i was scanned iv bin skilling up, mostly sweating but im hopeing to hunt some snarks tomarrow, :hunter:i heard a rumor they had a possiblility of droping hunter armor, and i thought to my self; 'hay that be nice to have' so hopefully me and my buddy 'robold' be able to go on that hunt after im off work:yeah:

    :jester:happy HOF's to you all and many skills as you continue in the contest:jester:
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  5. Re: March 2008 Entrants - NOTM

    Scaned by Red Red Sonia. HI my name Name in game IS *********************HOT SEXY DANCER***** ***************************F. Hi I am Rokie in Society named Night bane for some time nau. I bean playing for ower a month and really enjoy the game. latley ibean douing come crafting from Blueprints. Right nau i haw 5 blue prints and book for them . My best one is Basic filter lev qr 10.0 . I mainly do components but haw weapona dn pants too. My Tp list that i wisited are as fallow.
    1. Ageis mound.
    2. Billys space ship.
    3. Camp Echidna.
    4. Camp phiinix
    5. Chimera canyons.
    6. WEast scylla mountains
    7. Fort Ares
    8. Jason center
    9. PA and M
    10. Twin peeks
    11 Twin peeks mall
    12. Zychion citadel.

    Also 2 zones.
    1. PVP east north of PA
    2. Contamitated zone south of camp edina.

    My revival centers are as fallow.
    1. Port atlantis swamp
    2. Chungs hideout
    3 Linadian District.
    4. Outposts 3.
    My major skills are as fallow. 1Atributes
    1. Agility 20
    2. health 90
    3. Inteligence 8
    4 Psyche 2
    5. Stength 10

    2.. Combat
    1. Aim- medicore 100
    2. combat reflexes- unskiled- 128
    3. hangun weak- 58
    4. heavy mele weapons interpet 11
    5. Inflict range damage- Unskiled 141
    6. Longblades unskiled 117.

    1. laser weaponry tech- amatuer 534
    2. BLP weaponery tech- medicore-88

    1. Evade medicore 86,
    2. Dodge newbie-?

    1Alertnes- Intempt 18
    2. Athletics weak 48
    3. Brawado intempt 18
    4. Courage medicore- 121
    5. Dexterity medicore-87
    6. perception medicore 92

    1. Frist Aid medicore 92
    2. Diagnosis poor 22
    3. Anatomy amatuer 468

    1. Serwying weak-63
    2.Prospectng medicore- 107
    3. Mining medicore-83
    4 genelogy Medicore-99
    5. Driling Weak 56

    7.. Science
    1.mechanics newbie 2
    Enginering Newbie 8
    Computer Interpt-14

    8.. Mind Force
    1.Sweat gathering weak-44
    2, Concentration newbie 4

    Achived [profesions 49
    not archived 21.

    Well a bit about me i tryed my luck inhunting and mining though they are all wery dificult. Nau i trymy luck in manufacturing. While sweating all day long lol.
    Please pick me for newbie of the month tx

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  6. :smokin: welp today i started off with a short little hunt, for a few hours with a friend of myn; 'kimo' we hunted a little bit of atrox, mollisk, and agronounts, :ok: it was ok, skills were high and it was a blast hunting with granades :grenadelaunch: and so, afterwards i sweated a bit, and then my friend 'cat' or 'catalexious' came on and i asked if she'd like to join us in the NOTM contest and did some scanns for her, im just waiting for her post of entry; so that i may post the scanns for her.:D, so far so good, skilling up and reaching for them levels .....

    :medalofhonor:as always many HOF's to you all:medalofhonor:
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  7. I was in PA and i saw an advertisement for what looked to me like a free event, how could i refuse? so i had a word with Noyce and got my scans done so i guess i am now going to be skilling like mad. Maybe some rifle skill would be good so i can graduate for my mentor who has been particularly helpful to me. But also filling my map with teleporters seems an appealing prospect to me, but then it doesnt gain skills, so maybe i will put that on hold. i am pretty confident i wont win, but ill be skilling anyway, nothing to lose in entering.
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  8. At first i went to Nea's but then i decided if i wnated any real skills i need to be hunting without armour, so i scraped together some PEC and cashed in my chips for some ammo, i might get lucky with loot but it's not likely. i also managed to trade sweat for a VIVO FAP, so i wont lose loot from death.
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  9. :rolleyes: so today i spent most of my time looking for people to join us in this grand compatition know as 'NOTM' :eek: it was fun, i did manage to finde some time between shouts to sweat, and i attempted to gun down 4 cobi's with granade's, but alass''' i was pwnd! mob'd to death i recoverd and went back to sweating, and shouting the good word of the 'NOTM' contest.... hope all of the rest of you are HOFing well, :Sniper:
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  10. So ive been hunting with my trusty opalo and a BLP (L) pistol i managed to get my mits on. it's a stretch to find enough ammo, so i may have to return to the wet days of sweating like a pig. maybe some Swunting (sweat-hunting) as a compromise. I figure that the average loot gained for me from hunting is about 50% of the PED spent on ammo, maybe i will have to shop around for good deals and i will definitely try to run myself to some tps to break up the hunting/ sweating sessions.
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  11. Simon just came on talking about a free event for Noobs, i AM THERE! maybe i can win some lovely loot. I'll repost to tell my progress.

    its at 5707 8362 (south PA) at 15.00 UTC, if anyone wants to come and compete.
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  12. So many things have happened...

    I arrived a month... almost five weeks ago. It seemed the logical thing to do. Life on Earth wasn't promising, while Calypso was full of opportunities. It's true that I didn't know much about the place, wasn't sure what to expect and so had no certainties about how I would make a living. But I wasn't afraid, I was open to whatever life could set in front of me.

    Well, it was a big explosion. Our ship was attacked by robots. Later I learned this is not uncommon, and fortunately we were duly rescued and healed, but my luggage -meager as were my worldly possessions- was lost, made at one with the atoms of ethereal space.

    So there I was, alive and kicking in Port Atlantis, but without a dime, spare clothes, my personal computer or anything else. Oh, well, time to look for a job and living quarters.

    I paced the mall district, and climbed the glass buildings. I found lots of offices, with desks, chairs, computers... But nobody seemed to be working there. I went to the mall, and all the shops were automated. I found a crowd at the plaza. It seemed a stock exchange, except they were voicing diverse animal parts. ¿A farmer's market? Puzzled, I talked to someone wearing what I mistook for a law enforcement uniform where the job office was, and he started to laugh, muttering something about sweating amidst his giggle. I didn't like that, I was not going to earn my bread with my sweat, I was a white collar, educated professional, and I wasn't going to ... uh, work at a furnace or the like. Sweating? Not for me, thank you.

    This was a month ago. In the interval, I learned what sweating actually meant, I've come to enjoy life in the open and learned a bit about Calypso's flora, and a lot about its fauna. Oh, yes. Which beasts graze the soil and which chase your flesh. Which look deceivingly cute and furry, and which are rather harmless despite their monstrous looks. And, when in plains and flatlands, to avoid lone red dots. I still remember the first time I saw an Atrox. My legs failed me, my pants went wet and I spent ten days at the hospital, having horribly vivid nightmares despite sedatives.

    I met a kind entrepreneur who took me as his disciple. He charged me with visiting all the settlements in Eudoria important enough to have a teleporter. If someone tells you that traveling is an education, believe it. I learned why the hard way. I got wounded so many times that I got to think that, if one could make a living out of being hit, I could have a nice apartment and a car. Well, wanna know something? Such a profession does actually exist in Calypso,and it's called "Evader". You stand in front of some animal, he charges at you and you leap at the very last moment. The public roars, but I've come to think they actually expect the Evader to get hit. I'm sure they're there for the bloodshed. Today I reached Level 1 in the Evader profession, but I'm not going to take part in that sport. Instead, I'll put the prowess I'm developing to good use while in the wild. Boy, I've forgotten about the white collar thing. I want to live in a log cabin, to roam the countryside, and to shoot wildlife documentaries.

    I only have to collect enough sweat to purchase a camera...
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  13. havent posted in long time not to much new going on school is kicking my..well you know, got my m3 today trying to scrap 2 ped together to make a third. i did make it up to sniper lvl 7 yesterday and am almost to tailor lvl 2 im hopeing to make that today if the loots are friendly to me
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  14. today was my first beacon run...very interesting experience unfortunately nothing in loot at least not much to speak of got sniper(hit) lvl 8 today and got lucky hunting and fround a meduim heal chip....didnt git a global though unfortunately
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  15. Hi, I'm still discovering TP's in Eudoria and Amethera. My objectif is having all of them by the end of this event.

    MAN! What a big city in the middle of nowhere, and it's empty (Hadesheim). Strange... Iv'e been running N from Orthos and met some nice Atroxes and Argonauts that kindly showed me where was the next revival (nice mobs) :mad: All western Eudoria is done, now have to get some middle-east TP's. Today i ran from Chimera to S to see what was this kind of crater and found... AN ORB!!! In the middle of nothing :o. Never seen one, only in pictures, i approached and everything turned red and darker... but nothing more happened. I really wasn't afraid of beeing looted or something like that since I'm poor :D Next TP will be Camp Echidna where another crater is located.

    2 days ago i was standing at PA trying to sell some stuff and watched a newbie saying "looking for pixie parts"... He repeated this several times, and although there were some pixie parts sellers at TP, none of them approached this guy to sell him anything :shock: I think that sellers act like bots typing again and again the same phrase in the Chat windows and waiting someone to approach them. Then I decided to talk to this guy and told him that i had some parts in my storage that i looted some days ago from snables. He came with me, watched the parts and although i was waiting to have a full set in order to sell the armor at higuer price, i sold to him my pixie parts and at a good price (half markup). He was so happy that he equipped immediatly tha parts :rolleyes: I explained him that there is a decay each time you wear it, and to be careful with this point. He thanked me and ran. I was happy too since it remembered me my fisrt weeks on the game when i was looking for armor parts with my few peds earned by selling sweat :)

    I've discoverd too that Feffoids o Maffoids (Can`t remember) NE from Argus don't like me, and man, how ugly they are :D

    ok, more stories this week ;)
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  16. Over the weekend... I did more (guess what) SWEATING!! At one point I went back to Atlas Haven to do sweating and hunting combined. It can be lonely out there, so I will only stay for about a day before returning to PA where there is more activity.

    I have found in this game... patience is an important part of this game. You don't always get sweat, don't always get loot, or a buyer that is offering the price you want. I like this game because it resembles life. You work hard to get what you want.

    I bought my first Solomate Opalo also. Several people tell me it is a good gun, though it shoots slower then the Jester D-1 I was given. It takes getting use to.

    Also I know this is a game, though I have a thing (when Hunting) that if an animal gives me sweat without attacking me-- I will leave it alone and hunt something else. Strange though seems fair to me. Hunting is not my first instinct. Also I found out that mining may not be my thing either because I hear it is solatary. And as I said earlier I don't like being alone for too long.

    I have made a deal with another Avatar to sell my sweat at a higher rate. When I get more $ I would like to do his job part time. I need to find a regular buyer to buy it from me at 6 ped/1000. I will keep my eyes open.

    That is it for my journeys so far. I hope everyone reading this will have a great day.
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  17. just bin sweating it up, in the dagerious realm of molisk sweating, and attepting to make some ped threw the auction, that and trying to make this mounths NOTM contest as big as possible... im so happy so many contestants joined this month =-) Gratz and HOF's to ALL
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  18. Ive bin Sweating my self Sick, for past few day's, :cough: but all the nasty work, has left me with a few ped's after the famous sweat buyer 'Maca' made a stop by sweat camp, and purchanced evoryones sweat at .6, wich then left me with some peds to play the auction with, i know not many skills in the auction house, but i had fun.;) so wich brings me to today... today ive bin doing some last min shoting, trying to get a few more NOTM entry's befor tomarrow...:D and ofcoarce ive bin doing the SweatCamp-Hippy thing, running around naked sweating mobs smelling like dung.... ahhh it's good to be a hippy :D hope your all HOFing well and i'll post up soon... looking forward to all of your posts =-)
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  19. I am very proud of myself. I was shaking, though I put out my first ad of buying sweat. I had someone come over, though with a small amount, said they were new, and asked if I offered a good price. Of course instead of buying from him, I gave him a lesson in the best way to get the best price for sweat. Noone else answered my call and I got bored just standing there, so I went sweating.

    Also went hunting today around Atlas Haven. Though while hunting I found a bridge and crossed it. I died soon after... but it put the exploring bug in me. I found C____ Canyon, The contaiminated area, and Fort P____. I forgot the names, though they were east of AH.

    I am finally back home at PA sweat camp. Ahhh Home Sweet Home.

    Tomorrow I will try to buy sweat again. I will tell you how it goes. Hope me luck that I actually get some this time. :) And good luck to you!!!
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  20. yesterday i got a fair bit of hunting in. i had been bummed out because i've gotten relatively few drops of non oil/skin type items, but i guess my luck seems to have turned around. as usual i went out hunting near atlas haven and the first snable i killed dropped pixie arms and a bunch of other junk. a while later i got some gnome shins and pixie gloves. as my axe was running out of life i got an emik. guess i shouldn't complain anymore. ;)

    the unfortunate thing about my hunt was that i had a bit of a weapon discrepancy. i hit level 4 swords(wo)man the day before, and was thinking that 4 was the appropriate time SIB wise to switch to the cutter two.(it's actually 4.6) i was a little surprised that they, at ~ 122ped, are over twice the cost of a cutter one. meh. i wouldn't care so much if it was a UL item.. but anyway, i bought one at auction. when i went out to hunt with it, i got a message that my skills weren't good enough to use it efficiently. boo. i killed one daikiba and put it away, switching to my 2x0 axe and breer. now i'm kind of stuck.. i have about 5ped left, my axes are broken, and i need to
    skill my longblades, but don't want to waste the new sword. i have an old enblade in storage that i may put a little repair on and see if i can make up the difference in skills.

    also notable - i LOVE the goblin armor i bought earlier in the week. i was thinking that it was pretty close to pixie, but it seems to do way better for me and doesn't decay as fast as i thought it would. i'm a little ansy to finish my shogun set to see how it does. (still need arms, feet and mask)

    another also - i just started playing with mindforce stuff and find it to be pretty cool. i have a minor TP chip and a minor nerve blast. the TP is super useful. I had to use it to get my last TP on eudoria.. would have been really helpful in my run from oxford to akmuul a few weeks back!

    anyway, thats all. hopefully i'll at least make it to level 5 swordsman before the contest is over. hehe.
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