Planet Calypso News: Marcimex Unrest

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  1. Breaking News - New hordes of Marcimex, the giant spider-like pests of Calypso, are crawling up from their underground habitats and are swarming several locations across Calypso. Highly alert and aggressive, these insects have already attacked several groups of colonists!

    The Calypso Defence Force (CDF) has issued a High Alert Warning for areas around Boreas, Cyclops Volcano, Jurra Plateau, and Twin Peaks, where the infestations have been most intense. Scientists from the Colonial Xenobiology Institute (CXI) also expect the infestations to spread to additional areas if not contained swiftly.

    Senior Xenobiology researchers theorize that the Marcimex infestation is related to increased colonist activity on the planet and as the insects’ breeding season is approaching, their aggressive behavior has intensified.

    Colonists are advised to approach the Marcimex hordes with caution. However, fighting off the Marcimex from cities, outposts and roads should be a priority for every combat-capable colonist on Eudoria. All Marcimex kills will earn credit in the Codex reward system.

    We wish all brave colonists that dare to fight back against these insects good luck and happy hunting!

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    This is from April or May
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