Massive space battle in EVE is getting a memorial

Discussion in 'EVE Online' started by NotAdmin, Jan 30, 2014.

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    You might have missed it, but earlier this week, EVE saw a battle of epic proportions. Over the course of several hours, more "Titans" (The biggest ships available in EVE) were destroyed than ever before, with just the winning side losing more Titans than was considered possible.

    The battle started when someone forgot to pay a bill that ensured some space base was protected by a shield. A faction saw this as a great opportunity, and decided to attack the base while it was vulnerable.

    What's the big deal about these Titans? Apparently a Titan is the end-result of literally thousands of man hours to produce, and requires no less than hundreds of hours of training before it can be flown. The real-life value of one of such ships is estimated to be several thousands of US Dollars.

    The previous record for the these battles saw 12 Titan ships destroyed. The battle from this week saw no less than 75 of these mother-of-all-ships sent to the eternal space havens. Along with the Titans, scores of lesser ships were also obliterated, causing the total damage from the whole battle to be estimated to be around 11 trillion ISK (EVE's currency, bringing the real-life cost of the battle to somewhere ranging from $300,000 - $330,000 USD).

    In total, over 7,500 unique characters took part in this 21 hour long battle. Here's a screenshot released by CCP. Every red or orange dot represents a ship or a drone:


    CCP now decided that this battle was so epic that it literally wrote history, and they will be working on a permanent in-game monument to ensure that this story will never be forgotten .Aptly named "Titanomachy", construction has already begun, and the monument is supposed to be released in-game during maintenance time January 31st.

    CCP's official recap of the battle and the announcement of the monument can be found here:
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  2. 7,500 unique characters spending on a avarage 40 dollar for one of the most epic battles in the history of Eve-kind.
    Worth it?
    Hell yeah!

    Doing a solo run with 40 bombs and a amp in EU and loosing 40 dollar as usual...
    Worth it?
    Hell no!

    Should fit nice in a mastercard commercial...

    Not sure but think enough has been earned also on this battle by participants, like not all goes lost, salvage stuff ect...
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    A very good point!
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    To tell you I am considering starting playing EVE, but I fear that it is fun to watch it on youtube, fun to read about it, but not so fun playng it. And the thing with skills and I must log in everyday to put them on queue. While in Entropia If I don't play a week I loose nothing. That preasure in EVE is too much for old man like me. So thinking reasonably (and I tried to play it for a week) it's better not to start EVE career. But then I read some news like this and I feel like missing the greatest spaceships game ever. May be if Star Citizen was ready it will fill the void for space flying in me. But I have to wait a year there. But if someone is givving 2 months eve subscription or something I can try it.

    BTW that commercial is hilarious.
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    I'm also more and more inclined to give EVE a try. It seems to be run by people who understand their community, and seems to attract and keep a really decent amount of players.
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  6. holly shit; that's one epic battle :eek (2):
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