May 1st Content Release

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  1. Mindark’s next scheduled update is May 1st, 2012, and we expect to be publishing our next content release on that date!
    We’ve got five new missions currently in test, and planned for release in the next VU. One of those begins with our friend Arthur, and revolves around his secret crush. Another one is a hunting challenge with Helen Venture. I’ll be posting more on the missions, with screenshots of characters and more information as we get closer to release.
    We expect to be releasing several new blueprints, including a blueprint for Hoplite Gloves. Like the rest of the Hoplite Armor set, these will be colorable, unlimited and usable in ancient Greece. (I don’t anticipate Hoplite Sandals on May 1st, I expect those will be released in the following VU.) We have some island clothes and Elysian components coming your way in this next release as well.
    We’ll be making some small fixes to the game experience, and some additions to the loot, and some adjustments to the loot as well.
    More on everything as we get closer!

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  2. Great to see things moving forward nicely lately ^.^ I hugely enjoy my armor set and look forward to finishing it for sure XD

    Now we need an upgraded Herb kit called a Salve Kit XD
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  3. Too bad that for a month we won't be able to craft Hoplite Arms or the new UL swords due to missing loot :( ... due hope that get fixed on May 1st.

    Will be a tough release date, with Cyrenne coming as well, so all best wishes to ya guys and hope the NI release will be well worth the waiting ;)
  4. You reffering to the Cyclops Head

    Its not missing , just very rare, Im positive I have looted it in the past, it drops off Stereopes Cyclops Slow, 279 ped hof if i recall. When the Herb Fap was just fixed around then, Still took some revive killing though
  5. Hmm ... Agis, u might be right but think I'm right too :D
    What I mean is ... maybe cyclops head were in loot in the past, maybe ... but for sure they're not in loot anymore. Killed a gazzilion of small ones and a fair share or Brontes, Arges and Stereopes without ever seeing a cyclop head. Never saw one in AH, never heard about any1 looting or selling such ... but the aspect that makes me say 99% sure that cyclop heads are not in loot right now is AH, as browsing through Orders -> Available items you'll find only the 6 existing cyclop parts, no head ;)

    Also the ammount required per click in those BPs is rather high, so if cyclop heads are such a rare drop then Hoplite Arms will be the Shadow armor of NI :roflmao: and the UL swords ... don't wanna even think about it :roflmao:

    To be honest, my guess is some1 did a small "typo" and put in "cyclop head" instead of "minotaur head" :D ... and now they need to fix it by most probably adding cyclop heads in the next release so people can actually craft what they advertised so highly in the previous release :rolleyes: ... just my opinion
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