Maybe MA could hire this person...

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Wistrel, Jun 15, 2021.

  1. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I mean... they've already got a chunk of the game done,... on their own,... in 10 months.... on a more modern platform...

    Just sayin...

  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Oh maybe this person for just one week to make an area like this for Calypso

  3. Entropia is dying. Slow, but sure.
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  4. No !!!!!!! Mindark will release a new interface that noone cares as usual (while they improve the bugs to be worst and screw more players).
    Tons of asslickers will post jumping emotes on PCF.

    Mindark are always so creative to add (dishonest) contents to do cool profits...
    MindArk takes the security and integrity of Entropia Universe very seriously : Are you really sure this is your wish Mr Henrik Nel ?
    Such exploit is appearing under your REIGN, Never I saw SO MANY cheats since your are the Supreme Guide...

    In the swedish tradition of...
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  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I might regret asking this.... but where is the exploit here? All I see is a mob casually walking away after killing you... didn't they always do that? I'm not even sure why you were so concerned that this particular mob moved away as it looked like it had no damage at time of death... what am I missing here... I can see from the all the swearing you're upset about it... I just don't get why.

    Random aside... watching this does kinda hit home how ludicrous hunting big mobs in this game is... I mean... here he have a dinosaur with a small person scratching away at it's leg with a knife... and somehow eventually killing it... meanwhile the mob does over 100 damage to the person in single hits... I guess I'm just saying with the fixed animation and everything else... it looks kinda.... "pre alpha" by modern standards.
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  6. I was hitting the mob so YES it had damage, but you cant see it since the new mindark (Henrik Nel new CEO) removed the health bars so that's harder to see now (cool features are removed while cheats and exploits are dramatically added, a GREAT move from MR CEO who brags on forums to be someone with a high Intergrity...).
    And NO, mobs are NEVER doing this run away out of radar movement, this is CLEARLY AN EXPLOIT.
    Are you really sure we play the same game ? you'd know if...
    And then me I ask you, why do a reply if you do not even know how the game works ?
    Honnestly, you should join PCF, they need people like you who have no knowledge of the game and bash on honest people...

    You really believe i would bother to do a video saying mindark are fucking cheaters just for the fun ?

    This hapened to me 6 times in 3 hours, and my mate told me he had it 3 times too.
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  7. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I was right... I did regret it...

    I've been a member of PCF since 05 iirc... probably one of the longest there - I still post from time to time. My memory is that mobs wonder off after they've killed me... I don't think they always did that mind you... but have done for some time now... it makes sense since... y'know, they killed you already... "nothing to see here, move along" kinda stuff.

    I suspect we have different ideas of what an exploit is. In my book, those days where we all stood on top of the wing of an old spaceship wreckage and sweated mobs that couldn't reach us. Now that was an exploit. I'm not sure it is possible for MA to introduce an exploit of the players really... after all, it's their game they make the rules and what they say goes.

    As for why I replied... well... you did kinda hijack my thread which was about hiring new talent for level design... to post a video of you dying and swearing a lot. So it's only natural I ask what your beef was. If you'd started a new thread and posted that and I asked you what it was about, I grant you, it might have looked like I was trying to wind you up but since you posted it in this thread I think I have a right to be confused about why mobs walking away from you after they kill you is a problem.

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  8. You show me you do not even know how the game works and pretend we do not have the same vision of what is an exploit...

    "my memory" which sounds like ... i think...i remember...may be 10 years ago... lol, nothing accurate.
    I talk about the game today, about something I experienced with other friends on Arkadia and RT, but never on Caly.
    Mobs can move a bit meaning 10-15m if it really takes you time to come back, but at the point to run away like if they had fire on their ass and go off radar is something which NEVER happened in the past, i play since june 2004 VU 5.7, so I think I know what I talk about.

    May be you should try to go hunt yukas (i guess you never did (so how can you talk ?)) and die, come back and realise your mob is gone since he "magically vanished" because he went out of radar and you cant find it to continue to shoot it. If for you this is not an exploit to be clearly robbed at such level, I understand the only exploit you talk to me me is this sweat thing in PE times that you used. (wanker icon).

    LOL, I replied to McCormick, so I am hijacking nothing, if you dont know how a forum works...
    All I see is you trying to accuse me just because you refuse to admit you are completly wrong as you show everybody in this forum that you do not even know how the game works, really pathetic and fucking hypocrisy.

    And the cherry on the cake :
    Are you living on a pink cloud ? (wanker icon again)
    McCormick and myself (at least) are witness that YES THEY CAN, and since day 1.

    EDIT : I removed a sentence that was not necessary.
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  9. 12 Sweaters at Spaceship.jpg


    What will be your next question ? "I don't think mindark controls the loot" ? ...

    Give uber loots to non-depositors for fake advertising or give UBER loots (ATH) to selected people on a TV show which happens excatly when they want showes they can do whatever they want in the purpose to gain an advantage, which is again the definition of an exploit.
    Exploits have various faces. But the goal is always the same.
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  10. San


    Of course they can - technically. In software you can do anything you are capable of imagining. Whether they would, what their assessment of likely consequences is or what motivations they have for or against doing something like that or anything else, is anyone's guess of course. Some people just will never seek truth beyond what they already believe.
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  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I can personally vouch for Wistrels' understanding of how forums work, and would appreciate it if you'd drop the hostility.
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  12. Funny how such answer reminds me so much why i left PCF...
    All i can say to this is just a pathetic lol.

    I was agressed by i can say it lowdly an ignorant and hypocrit beeing.
    I f you dont see it like this, then this is your choice.

    I was answering to McCormick, for those who are blind, then find a way to see or read better....

    Stay on topic or I call my daddy.
    I remember our last pm together, you felt to agree about mature behaviours... you changed your mind definately.

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  13. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    How were you "aggressed", exactly? Wistrel asked a simple question. She did not call you any names, nor did she seem to judge you. You're the one who chose to make a big issue out of it. My reply was a simple request to keep things civil. Again... No big deal. You somehow chose to make it personal.

    For what it is worth, I just watched your video, and I can see why you would consider this an exploit. Whenever I get killed in-game, the mob would stay roughly in the same area, meaning I can use the coordinates to easily and quickly locate it and finish it, if I am so inclined.
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  14. Thank you.

    PS : Now you would be nice Mr Henrik Nel and your team of dark-creative developpers who certainly forgot to read the EULA rules that you wrotte yourself, to remove this disgusting exploit, and while you're at it, also remove the desaligned aim exploit, the new disgusting target system and camera angle making us shoot another target instead of the action to loot, without forgetting the famous ninja exploit in game since a good 10 years. All those exploits have been clearly designed against players using bots since mindark "now allowes" people to use bots and we can thank again Mr Henrik Nel for his very high Integrity. What affects a few will affect all others...
    Btw, dont get me wrong again, but many of the 24/24h bot users that I know are swedish (and are long time players in my friend list), so i guess this is why botting is allowed now (when mindark used to lock people's accounts and steal the players before). The same way that mindark bypassed the swedish laws about loot boxes by introducing craftable keys.

    Fantastic integrity on the paper indeed, but follow the rules and respect your own country laws is not your cup of tea.
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  15. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I'm sorry. Yes I guess it was a tangent brought on by McCormick's comment and indeed yes stuff can go off topic that is indeed how forums work. I wouldn't have even mentioned it had it not been for the "verbal face punching" (for want of a better description). I "blocked", can you blame me? OK I guess you can...

    Anyhow, I really did only mean to ask about what appeared to be an apparent disjoint in level of upset over what to me just looked like a mob moving away after killing you. I get that this can be annoying if you've spent time/money/effort trying to kill it... I've had that experience too where I've played the "where's the mob gone that just killed me?" game, I guess I just didn't quite correctly gauge my understanding of just HOW annoying/upsetting this can be and for that I am sorry.

    Also yes, I grant you that my "style" of play over the last 17 years may mean I'm not totally clued up on everything (or even a lot of things) about the game and indeed in those 17 years I've had one or two large breaks (vu9-11) and also have (pretty much) been absent since the UI nerf i.e. most of the last year. When I say "that I recall" I mean maybe from a year ago as I've not paid much attention to the mobs that have killed me in the last week or so that I've been "back". Sorry if my recollection is vague, it's just not something I ever paid much attention to.

    That said,... I do remember a change from some time back where MA made it so that the time it takes to revive increases if you die successively quickly. This was presumably to try to stop people "punching above their weight" so to speak by "revive killing" a mob that they otherwise would have no chance against. I only mention this as, if they've changed something to make the mob move away "post avatar death" (and indeed your video implies they have), I wonder if this is simply a further step towards that goal. i.e. to stop people "revive killing".

    Of course though I understand in your video you were absolutely NOT doing that, and clearly have a lot of high skills and gear suitable to that particular mob. I guess maybe it's just an unfortunate side effect of extra measures maybe to try and stop "revive killing". It's sort of a shame that they don't have the interest to program it to only move the mob if the avatar has died more than twice or something during the battle... but this is MA of course... I can't imagine them bothering with anything so complicated...

    ... case in point... I can't actually imagine, even though I've mentioned they've already put efforts in to stop revive killing, that they would deliberately alter the mob movement/animations that occur post death to try and avoid this problem... it just seems far too detailed/complicated for them. Gun to my head, I'd bet that what actually happened is that, as part of the ongoing work to update the models and animations of all the mobs, more likely they just changed the animation and probably the new animation runs something like "move some way in a direction, then stop and noodle about for a bit, then repeat". That way, when a mob moves from "attack actions" to "default actions" it starts at the beginning (move). They probably didn't even think of what happens when the animation triggers "post fight" or that a player may want to go back and find it again.

    Anyhow, that's just speculation on my part. I'll grant you in advance I can't really know what I'm talking about. It's only a guess.

    Once again, sorry if my earlier comments were inappropriate. I've been on forums/ingame for 17 years now and I have no interest in trying to piss anyone off. So really, sorry.


    PS big thanks for finding and sharing the screenshot of the crashed spaceship sweating. That made me smile and brought back a few memories of my early days in the game.
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  16. Thank you. You are answering honestly and I appreciate.
    I feel we are a good team on EP, so fight between each others do not please me.

    Some people are getting killed over and over to get "free" defense skills mainly at Zychion (Calypso), and this is this kind of playing that motivated mindark to release the double revival countdown, which double up from 10 seconds to 20, 40, 80 and even 160 seconds if I remember. This is directly impacting the real players who are hunting and it makes a disgusting penalty, they do features against a few which are affecting all others. Saddly nothing new, saddly classic mindark.

    But i was not in this case. I was hunting.
    So above the reviving penalty, mindark certainly think this is not a disgusting enough feature that they told themselves,
    oh this would be so cool to make the mob run away while the player is reviving (clearly a fucking dishonest exploit at the mindark sauce).
    Well I gave all the description so no need to explain again.
    But above that, the subsidiary question is : Why is this happening on Arkadia or Roctropia, and NEVER on Calypso...
    Is this a way for players to tell themseleves, Ark mobs are "bugged", let's go back to Caly. Like if mindark was not doing enough efforts to make sure all players stay at calypso... We call for Partners but make sure they die as fast as possible...

    Anyway, feel free to start a new thread "Maybe MA could hire this person..." and i should have materials for you.

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  17. San


    They did this to stop the exploit of death skilling, i.e. people getting themselves killed over and over again as quickly as possible to accumulate free skills which could be sold. You could observe this often e.g. at Zychion, like someone with no armour or weapon repeatedly running straight from revive into the next high-level mob. I can't remember when it was changed exactly to find the relevant patch notes or adjacent discussions but it's there if someone wants to dig it up.

    The switching between a mob's two behaviour modes, aggression and peaceful/aimless wandering both ways when it survived an attack, is obviously not recognized as an exploit and I haven't seen anyone else complain about it so much. If this was seen as a problem throughout the community, you'd find a lot more leverage behind it. The lack of such leverage should send a signal to re-examine the premise, but not everybody is able to receive such a message. This is what my previous comment was aiming at and rating it "Winner" was either a misunderstanding or inconsistent.

    The things I dislike most about this game are my own conclusions I have to draw when they make decisions behind the curtains and leave everybody in the dark, especially those who invested in something and they reverse it seemingly at the drop of a hat, sometimes adding insult to injury with flimsy corporate-speech excuses. Maybe you can do that in a normal game where such things have no real consequences, but not where real money is involved, and since they come from a financial industry background, they should know better. However, in each such case I'd be much happier to find I was wrong and learn how it makes sense. This is what I mean by seeking truth beyond one's own belief. I think this approach would suit some people a lot better if they want their views taken seriously.

    On topic, the call to switch to the new Unreal engine was heard already more than once, and it's the same every time something is released which surpasses what we have. Nothing unusual about it, evolution happens all the time. Just recently I responded to the same question here.
  18. Lucky owner of a RTX 3070, but my next graphic card will be a RTX 3080.

    We are still getting stuck on trees, walls, underwater rocks, this is clearly a mindark feature they do not want to "fix"...

  19. Btw, I did this recently, and I confirm that me also I know how to do transparancies !
    So I can be hired by mindark in their creative team !!!! (but not in the exploit department !)
    Actually work in progress...

    150_Persp POD Opened_1h06m54s.jpg

    159_Cam Dispenser 03_2h30m57s.jpg

    186_Cam Porte M├ętal 01_1h01m18s.jpg

    188_Cam Porte Ronde 01_1h17m30s.jpg

    191_Cam POD 05_1h08m36s.jpg
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  20. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    Wow very nice work. Is it in a Games Engine? if so which one?
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