MindArk: MindArk Annual Report 2013

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    MindArk Annual Report 2013

    Some "highlights":

    Number of players/depositors

    First estate of a new type

    The actual financial facts

    For the outlook on 2014 the roadmap seems to be more up-to-date.

    Further info

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    I'm a financials noob but there must be some experts in the community out there, right!?

    So are the figures good/bad? The development over the years good/bad? The outlook good/bad? And why that?

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    my quick thoughts on report. the words at the top don't usually match the numbers at the bottom which takes a lot longer to figure out.

    -They greatly reduced their costs last year. from 73.3M in 2012 to 47.9M. But that included the writeoff for the castle of almost 6M
    - They actually made money if they didn't take the loss for the castle? Remember that sales for them include what the PP pay and I expect with Toulon coming on that made a good bundle of cash.
    - the last 2 years numbers are both full of asset sales (large ones) which make a quick look hard to figure out.

    But overall looks like the are saving on costs, got rid of a shitload of assets (last 2 years. The cash balance is stable. They do owe a lot but what small company doesn't these days (I know I do). They already made cost cutting in employess/offices so that will continue to decrease.

    as for the player base its decently hidden, but they got more either deposits/depositors last year. They didn't deposit more though. More new players but retention is ignored (And they would mention it if it was good).

    so overall its not great its not terrible, looks like most small companies in a bad global environment trying to survive.
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