MindArk: MindArk Cultivating Online Immortality in Entropia Universe by Incorporating Advanced Artificial

Discussion in 'MindArk' started by McCormick, May 23, 2018.

  1. MindArk plans to...naahhhhhh...just some students that played Entropia for some weeks, students that decided, it would be a good idea to transfer your consciousness into Entropia one day...god forbid...jesus fucking christ...*sound of a global*

    What sounds like the epsiode "San Junipero" from NETFLIX Series black mirror (go, watch it !!!1), turns out as a project by students, that played Entropia for some weeks...and they decided the human consciousness should not go to some place like "San Junipero", but glitchy and bugged Entropia. Fook...foooOOooOooook... x'D

    What sounds like a nice headline in indeed...iggi having well known companies/games tested...migh turn out as a nightmare for you one day...500.000 PED, to play Entropia...forever...buy it now !!!!!!!

    ...but it only gets announced or only gets introduced half ready...as always...
    poor consciousness. x'D Lovely, hu ? :) x'D





    By now everything about deeptoken and comept has been forgotten...your consciousness can pay with deeptoken...and MA will fuck you every single day. :)
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  2. Tass

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    I'd rather die young than doing iron missions forever.
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  3. The comments on "the other fourm"...pure gold x'D
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  4. NotAdmin

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    I think my consciousness is buggy enough as it is. Thanks, but no thanks, MindArk.
  5. After playing Entropia for some days, some students decided, that Entropia might be a good place for your consciousness.

    This is so dumb and overhyped...people on the other forum didnt even read the story.

    They just take it for grand, that MindArk has this plan. (or Neverdie again ? x'D)
  6. IGGI students spend at least 8 weeks working with one or more of our games and technology industry partners,
    tackling genuine challenges, (How to get even more $ out of people pockets?)
    bringing their expert knowledge to the business, (How to code properly?)
    and increasing the impact of their research.

    (Online Immortality in Entropia Universe)
    Didn't I read that on the Statue advertising?
    They even have a hard time doing that.
    They shouldn't even consider to try to upload your Mind to the Ark..

    Ok back to reality.
    I need to grab some :alcohol:
    :dunno: what to say.
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  7. San


    That transhumanist newsletter, yea it's actually popular. The philosophical ramifications are interesting, when you have time for such stuff. To believe it will be possible within foreseeable time requires some serious substance abuse, though. The very different kind of science this requires is nowhere near developed, not even known whether it can at all. I will think positive and assume our CEO is busy selling Entropia to these crackpots, which is good.
  8. Wistrel

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    I've seen that Black Mirror ep - it was indeed quite awesome! I should watch more episodes of black mirror really.
  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    OK just read... now... lets be clear on this.... afterlife?... in entropia?.... Mindark can't even manage statues anymore!
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