MindArk: MindArk PE AB approved for listing on Spotlight Stock Market

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by NotAdmin, Jan 11, 2023.

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    "The offer

    The company will not offer any new or old shares for sale, but will carry out a so-called direct listing of existing shares. A subscription price has thus not been determined."

    In other words, MA shareholders are trying to do a pump-and-dump.
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    Do keep in mind this comes from the company that unsuccessfully tried to launch a mobile game, then failed to drum up support for some virtual property, followed by an ICO that did not work.

    But SURELY, this time, they are onto something.

    What the actual fuck? Just when you thought these assholes couldn't sink any lower, they try and offload their shares to the very players they already fucked over for 20+ years. They cannot tell you at what price yet, but surely some "secret" investor will swoop in at the last minute to save this dying company while facing an amazing loss.

    If you DO chose to invest in this, right before you do, please reach out to me. I am selling bridges in the Sahara desert, and I promise you a better return than whatever MindArk (who recently diluted their profits even more) can.

    This announcement (in my humble opinion) confirms MindArk is a sinking ship, and the very people who have been wrongfully stealing money from their playerbase, are now jumping to leave the ship and shift their losses to anyone gullible enough to buy into this.

    David Simmonds and Jan Welter Timkrans should be prosecuted for preying on people addicted to gambling. The Swedish Gambling Authority should be investigated and most likely reformed for failing to take action on this scam.

    Frankly, I think anyone who ever fell for MindArk's bullshit should join a class action suit against each and every one of their management team, in order to recoup the losses they sustained due to false marketing and false promises. I particularly think this should apply to the "planet partners" who were tricked by MindArk to sign onto their "platform".
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  4. So MA are hoping that hype or BS will make potential investors believe that they're worth more than they really are, instead of offering shares through this Spotlight Stock Market? I think they'll be waiting a long time imho, and pump-and-dump schemes are potentially illegal anyway.
  5. San


    I don't feel qualified to opine on the wisdom of this decision, but if one is concerned about a lack of supervision, then this step will only increase the grip of regulations on the company. I must assume that possible impediments to existing core concepts have been considered.

    To #3, are you still engaged with rendering services to some of their planet partners? Just curious.
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    I host cyreneforum.com on a VPN I have. I'm doing this for free, at my own expense. I don't know if that qualifies as rendering a service, or whether I'm doing some friends a favor.
  7. San


    Okay, that's nice and sorry it was really just a question. When I was in a business environment I was not at liberty to make such statements about my partners or even their associates without risking repercussions, although often enough I wished I was. I was curious how you handle that.
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    There's no business agreements whatsoever. As said, I host them as a favour, out of my own pocket.

    Ed has always been a favor of free speech, and I cannot recall he ever asked me to retract anything I wrote on here. I'm sure MindArk will have tried attempting to pressure him, tough.
  10. San


    Assumption is a common source of trouble. Good luck out there.
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