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  1. Introduction to Mindforce
    Mindforce is the Entropia Universe's mental alternative to physical items. Mindforce energy is a product of the mind, but it is channeled through physical items called Mindforce chips. Mindforce chips may be used to attack, regenerate health, teleport, or temporarily alter an avatar's normal abilities. While each type of Mindforce chip is used for a different purpose, the process for using them is similar.

    Preparing to Use Mindforce
    Before you can equip a Mindforce chip, you must supply a medium between your mind's mental abilities and the physical chip. This medium is called a Mindforce Implant. To insert a Mindforce Implant, simply click and drag it onto an Implant Inserter in your carried Inventory, and then equip and use the Implant Inserter. You can purchase a Mindforce Implant and Implant Inserter at any Trade Terminal or Local Trader.

    Once a Mindforce Implant is inserted, you will be able to equip any Mindforce chips with Profession level requirements that do not exceed the numeric label of the Mindforce Implant (i.e. a NeoPsion 10 Mindforce Implant can be used to equip any Mindforce chips with Profession level requirements of 10 or lower; to determine the Profession level requirements of a Mindforce chip, click "Show Detailed Information," [the button with the image of a magnifying glass at the bottom of the Item Info window] and note the recommended levels for each Profession related to your chip). You may only have one Mindforce chip equipped at a time, but there is no need to remove the Mindforce Implant in order to unequip one Mindforce chip and equip a new one. There are a number of ways to equip an item; perhaps the simplest method is to right-click the item in your carried Inventory and select "Equip." At some point later on, you will learn to create keyboard or on-screen shortcuts. When you decide that taking the time to do so is worthwhile, you will be able to equip items more quickly, which will be useful when you acquire multiple Mindforce chips with different functionality, and would like to switch between them during a battle. When you are done using a Mindforce chip, it is a good idea to unequip (right-click the item in your carried Inventory and select "Unequip") it, in order to prevent accidental use.

    Using Mindforce to Attack
    As is the case with equipping, there are a number of ways to use a Mindforce chip to attack. One possible technique for attack and strike Mindforce chips is to right-click the mob and select "Use Tool," but this will make a battle quite tedious, as you would be required to right-click, move the cursor a bit, and left-click, in order to initiate each individual attack. An easier technique is to target the mob by left-clicking it, and left-click it again to attack. This method does not require the use of a popup menu. If you use Aim Mode (toggled by pressing the Space Bar while Aim Mode is enabled in the Options menu), you can attack using left-click without targeting the mob first. You can also use right-click while in Aim Mode, which will only initiate an attack if you are aiming at a mob or other object. Alternately, you can use your Mindforce chip with the same keyboard or on-screen shortcut used to equip it. It is possible to use your Mindforce chip in both first-person view and third-person view; the choice is left up to your preference. Depending on the method you use to attack, you might need to aim at the mob manually. It is important to consistently hit your target when hunting with Mindforce, because Mind Essence is used up regardless of whether your shot hits or misses.
    Sometimes clicking a moving target is undesirable. If you do not wish to interact with a mob itself, you can interact with its stationary health bar instead. A health bar can be created by clicking an object, such as a mob, and dragging the cursor in any direction before releasing the mouse button; just click and drag. Now you can interact with the mob's health bar in many of the same ways you would normally interact with the active mob. Using this approach can help you avoid unnecessary misfires.
    If you kill a mob, you can acquire any items it was carrying by targeting its carcass and clicking it. Alternatively, you can right-click the carcass and select "Loot," or right-click the carcass while in Aim Mode.

    Using Mindforce to Regenerate Health
    Using a Mindforce chip to heal is procedurally similar to using a Mindforce chip to attack. When you use such a Mindforce chip, you will heal the avatar directly in front of you. If there is no avatar directly in front of you, you will heal yourself. Some very rare Mindforce chips allow you to resurrect dead colonists. You cannot resurrect yourself.

    Using Mindforce to Teleport
    Teleportation is unique in the sense that it may be considered a Mindforce-exclusive feature; there is no way to teleport using a physical item. Of course, teleportation is actually just a means to travel from one location to another, which may also be done with a vehicle, or simply by walking. When using such a chip, the map window will open and allow you to select a teleportation destination. Some very rare Mindforce chips allow you to create wormholes. A wormhole is a special object which hovers above the ground for thirty seconds before collapsing. During this time period, any number of colonists may Operate the wormhole, which will relocate them to the teleportation destination.

    Using Mindforce for Special Effects
    There are a few Mindforce chips that temporarily alter an avatar's normal abilities. For instance, this type of Mindforce chip may increase or decrease running speed for a few seconds.

    Mind Essence
    There are three types of Mind Essence in Entropia. Mindforce chips used for Teleportation, resurrection, and special effects require standard Mind Essence. Chips used to attack or heal normally use Synthetic Mind Essence. Chips used to attack or heal over an area of effect use Light Mind Essence. To determine which type will work with your Mindforce chip, click "Show Detailed Information," which is the button with the image of a magnifying glass at the bottom of the Item Info window, and note the "Mind essence type."
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